Eric Trump: ‘We Need More Businesspeople in the White House’

President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, told Fox Business on Thursday that his father’s business experience has led to the U.S. having the “greatest economy on Earth.”

“This country’s doing amazing,” Trump said. “I don’t think this country’s ever done any better, and I think it’s all due to smart thinking and pragmatic thinking and a businessman being in – I think we need more businesspeople in the White House.”

He added, the chaotic Iowa caucus and the president’s acquittal in his impeachment trial has sealed up his re-election.

“I told my father, ‘I think they won you the election this week,’ between the debacle in Iowa, between the support that’s out there for my father right now,” Trump said, adding, “Outside of New York, you wouldn’t believe the support there is for my father.”

“We watched State of the Union the other night,” Trump continued, adding, “you had all [the Democrats], they’re slouched back in their seats, and my father’s talking about record-low African American unemployment, he’s talking about environmental things he wants to do, he’s talking about how great the economy is, how great the military is. He’s reuniting military families.”

Eric Trump went on to say socialist policies like the ones supported by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, would “bankrupt our country the next day.”

Trump said, “Look at the jobs numbers [Wednesday] – 291,000 new jobs when they were predicting 160,000 jobs. My father is doing everything that needs to be done. My biggest fear is one of these wackos getting in because they can destroy what he’s created overnight, with these incredibly ridiculous socialist policies.”

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