Pelosi Fires Off on Reporter Asking About SOTU Tantrum: ‘I Don’t Need Any Lessons from Anybody’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still feeling the aftershocks of her tremendously bad idea to rip up a transcript of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address seconds after the speech had concluded Tuesday.

Now, even reporters run the risk of being snapped at by Pelosi when bringing up her tantrum.

This is exactly what CNN’s Manu Raju experienced when he decided to ask Pelosi about the stunt during a Thursday news conference.

“You often counsel your members to be dignified in their response, to take the high ground,” Raju began. “Did you step on that message by tearing up the speech?”

Before Raju could even finish his question, Pelosi jumped in.

“No I did not,” the House speaker said. “No I did not — I tore up a manifesto of mistruths.”

Pelosi then turned to chastise the reporters, complaining about how difficult it supposedly is to corral the free press into covering topics that make Democrats look good.

“It is very hard for us to get you to talk about the issues we are working on — H.R. 3, infrastructure and the rest,” Pelosi said as she slammed her hand on the podium.

H.R. 3 refers to a Democrat-sponsored bill that Pelosi claims will lower prescription drug prices.

The House speaker then launched into a tirade against Trump, proving her feelings on the president haven’t changed since her State of the Union tantrum.

“And I don’t need any lessons from anybody,” Pelosi continued, “especially the president of the United States, about dignity. Is it OK to start saying ‘four more years’ in the House of Representatives? It’s just unheard of. Is it unheard of for the president to insult people there who don’t share his view, as well as to misrepresent, present falsehoods?”

“Some would use the word lie — I don’t like to use the word lie — about what he is saying.”

Pelosi’s stunt, which looked to be planned and scripted instead of a spontaneous event, is sure to follow her around for the foreseeable future.

The speaker’s party was at the center of a failed attempt to remove Trump from office, a plot that likely didn’t earn Democrats many fans among independent voters not interested in partisan politics.

Unfortunately for Pelosi, this likely won’t be the last time she’s reminded of her disastrous decision to tear up a piece of history.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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    1. Nancy Pelosi, the insecure female of the leftist cult is continually doing her ‘brazen act of retaliation’……..Its wonderful that she shows her empty headed acts and complete stupidity.

  1. PELOSI give new meaning to the term BITCH!!! She and all of the POS criminal dems need to be removed and jailed!!! Go TRUMP, go MAGA!!!

  2. The hell you don’t! You are acting like a four year old!!! As a matter of fact, four your olds have more sense than you do!!! You belong in GITMO!!! Then you should face a firing squad!!!!!

  3. No, she just needs her arse taken down a few notches. Like out of politics and charged with destroying government property. She is supposed to e a leader and she is far from it. The old bag has more than exceeded her limit and should be in the pasture worrying if her tail can still ward the flies off!

    1. She is a leader what do you mean. She lead the Schitt show. She leads how not to act. She’s lead Trump to being acquitted. She leads in being an irrational bi*ch on a mission to destroy the USA.

  4. Right now, Nancy is the best thing for DT come Nov. Let her keep spouting her crap, and she with her party look like sore losers. We need more info on Becks secret war with Russia and Bidens involvement

  5. Pisslosi is a dumbass bitch with shit for brains. This cocksucking whore with fake tits should retire to an old folks home. The American public hates you Nancy, baby.

  6. I guess “nervous nancy” cannot read, after all the REAL NUMBERS do not “lie” The numbers the POTUS gave were PROVEN and truthful. It is morons like her that just cannot believe even after they tried every trick in the book and continually “obstructed” to stop the country from prosperity, and keep the people on their “plantation” and CONTROLLED… HOWEVER the country is still doing better without the DEMOCOMMUNISTS. (HINT) Do we need these taxpayer-money wasting SCUM sucking up OUR tax dollars for doing NOTHING? Perhaps the time has come to vote them ALL out because they have done NOTHING for the American People for over 3 years, and WE the People are doing better now than we ever have. BTW read 18 USC 2071. Willful destruction of government documents carries a FINE, JAIL, REMOVAL from your office, and never be allowed to hold a government position ever again.

  7. Ms Pelosi, I certainly hope my grandchildren don’t think your actions are appropriate guidance for a Christian citizen of our great country!

  8. I feel like both Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump could benefit from Anger Management Coaching. Then go to arbortration sessions to deal with getting along. Maybe never like each other but learn to be adults, civil and get along. My mom used sitting in a chair looking at each other until we got over our argument, you should end up laughing on how ridiculous this whole argument is. But these two “bull-headed” individuals is hard to see this ever happening.

    1. They both do need some coaching. Trump has a builder, construction worker mouth and attitude. He can piss people off but he will get it done. Pelosi is a power player. Bow down or be destroyed. She is a multi millionaire on the government dime. Trump built his wealth. Actions speak louder than words.

  9. Time for this old “unhinged” hag to retire to San Francisco, and be on the pickup syringes and fecal matter detail.

    America deserves better than this lying bitch.

  10. yes you do need a lesson you need a lesson in you are not the only one in town, you are not the new sheriff and you need to learn how to be polite and have some since of dignity to which you have none, you acted like and have in the past , like a girl from a street gang. You need to be removed and investigated for your actions , political and financial. You are a 3rd rate politician and a fraud.

  11. So then, it’s clear that you know that you are STUCK WITH YOUR LITTLE STUNT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE …You see, NANCE …. THE CAMERAS DON’T LIE. That video will be living proof that you are hateful, vain, contemptible, and vengeful (and that’s just the short list, GIRL !)

    Off hand, I can’t think of a thing that you have done FOR YOUR COUNTRY. So let me help — TURN IN YOUR RESIGNATION, LOSER ! TRUMP IN 2020 !

  12. Pelosi needs to be censured and removed permanently from political office. She has been in politics for far to.long. Her arrogance towards Americans and our way of life is totally on display. She acts like someone suffering from dementia, a druggie or just a plain old sloppy drunk. She is an embarrassment to the United States and needs to be removed permanently. The democrats will go down in history as the sorriest losers in the history of the United States.

  13. Pelosi had the whole thing planned before she even sat down. Just like she had the impeachment all planned before Trump actually took office. She is a disgrace to the position of Speaker of the House.

  14. She continues to use the term untruths without clarifying what was said that was a mistruth. The problem right now is the Dems took a belly punch & don’t know how to recover, so their answer is to be vindictive & try to fight their way out instead of being dignified & being honest & congenial. I’m not a fan of hers, I don’t know how anyone is, but if she would’ve taken the high ground & said, it was not what I stand for, my emotions got the better of me, I would’ve respected her for that. Now they all just look like whinning babies who didn’t get their way, so they took their ball & went home.

  15. Ripping up the SOTU was NOT a stunt, was NOT a “ridiculously bad idea,” and was definitely NOT a tantrum!! Trump’s SOTU address was definitely not an historic document!!! I thought Pelosi showed remarkable restraint. The entire speech was a “manifesto of mistruths.” In other words, Trump LIED all through his speech!

  16. No class bullying Nancy…… She sure should take a lesson from someone… and the President could do it…hands tied behind his back… not because everything he does is right……but because whatever she does is sooooooooooo wronggggg!!!!!!!!

  17. Pelosi is an 80 year old lunatic whose time has come to step down or have a major heart attack, she needs to drop dead, can’t force and old hag to water and force her to drink, Adam Schiff should follow soon after

  18. Nancy nonsense has got to be the biggest lyer and scatterbrained that’s ever been in goverement besides Hillery,, Her and Soros must have daily meetings on what to lie about next to play the press! We know they never fact check! Obama did nothing for America but give our money to camel jockeys and polute this country with rag heads! and pad his pockets being a Soros puppet! Hes a weak corrupt pos and belongs in Gitmo! He did nothing for industry, jobs or America! Nancy is one that needs to go too along with Adam Shit, Jerry Nadler, and Shummer.

  19. She doesn’t realize her second childhood of senility is showing for the world to see…..but, hell, that’s true of any aged demonrat and the younger ones are continually proving their common core education which guarantees a 5th grade education through college shows also.

  20. Nothing she nor ANY other member of the anti-American, socialist &communist party does, says or believes in should surprise any of us. They are turds and so are their voters! And their I’lk(or more to the point…Icks are trying to infect the rest of the nation! This is what Nazi Pukelosi represents.

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