DOJ Confirms Giuliani Providing Evidence In Ukraine Investigation

US Attorney General William Barr acknowledged on Monday that President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, has been providing the Department of Justice with information collected during a months-long investigation of Ukraine.

The former New York mayor has been interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence to shed light on what the Bidens were up to during the Obama years, and get to the bottom of claims that Kiev interfered in the 2016 US election in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Barr said that Giuliani’s Ukraine findings must be carefully vetted to ensure accuracy and authenticity, according to Bloomberg.

“The DOJ has the obligation to have an open door to anybody
who wishes to provide us information that they think is
relevant,” said Barr during a press conference in Washington, adding “We have to be very careful with respect to any
information coming from Ukraine
. There are a lot of agendas in the Ukraine, there are a lot of cross-currents and we can’t take anything we receive from the Ukraine at face value.”

Barr didn’t specify what kind of information Giuliani has been providing. Trump’s personal lawyer has previously said he has been collecting information about the activities of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in Ukraine. Giuliani’s efforts became a central factor in Trump’s impeachment for pressuring the Ukrainian government to announce investigations into the Bidens to help his re-election. -Bloomberg

Giuliani has been providing conservative news network OAN with regular exclusive interviews from his travels:

In December we noted that Rudy has been working on this project for a while. In late January, he conducted phone interviews with former Ukrainian prosecutors Viktor Shokin and Yiury Lutsenko. On the call was George Boyle – Giuliani’s Chief Operating Officer and Director of Investigations. Boyle started as a NYPD beat cop in 1987, and was promoted to detective – eventually joining the Special Victims Squad. In short, the ever-grinning Giuliani has some serious professionals working on this.

When he believes he’s right, he loves taking on fights,” said longtime Giuliani friend, Tony Carbonetti.

Giuliani challenged Fox News senior specialist Bryan Murphy to a debate, after Murphy recently wrote an internal memo titled “Ukraine Disinformation and the Trump Administration,” in which he suggested that some of the network’s top commentators were misleading the public.

Murphy accused Giuliani of having “high susceptibility to Ukrainian disinformation.” The former mayor responded by saying, “Fox owes us an opportunity to respond to this attack.”

“I can prove what I’m saying, can he?” asked Giuliani.

The memo went on to target network correspondent and investigative journalist John Solomon. Murphy said Solomon “uses unreliable sources, focuses on stories (that are) part of the disinformation campaign and also misrepresents his sources.”

The final two victims, couple Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova, are attorneys who frequently guest star on the network as commentators. Murphy argued they have ulterior financial motives related to their non-disclosure agreements.

Giuliani said if he gets the opportunity to debate, he may bring Toensing and DiGenova to support him. He added, “All facts are backed up by witnesses, documents and tapes.” –OAN


Perhaps AG Barr’s team will get to the bottom of it. Whether it amounts to anything is an entirely different story.

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  1. Witnesses, private investigators, law enforcement provide evidence—That’s what they do. Some detectives working on specific cases must investigate possibilities or what their gut tells them? Your gut instinct won’t hold up in a court room, but evidence obtained by investigating the possibilities does! As long as the evidence is true and accurate. Attorney General Barr or anyone enforcing the law would not admit evidence unless it’s collaborated with facts, witnesses, paper trail evidence. Each man is doing their job and no one, with the exception of Adam Schiff, would like egg on their face!

  2. Giuliani was a US attorney who should know how to investigate intricate cases. Lying and getting the facts wrong does nothing for his worth or to support his cause behind the president. I would trust him farther than any democrat … that much I know for sure !

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