MSNBC’s Katy Tur Gets a Nasty Surprise at Bernie Rally

 MSNBC just accidentally exposed its viewers to what a real American ‘man on the street’ actually thinks about the 2020 race.

Interviewing voters outside a Bernie Sanders rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday as the primary vote was underway, MSNBC’s Katy Tur pulled aside a man who was watching their broadcast in a parking lot.

As MSNBC’s chyron broadcast Sanders’ lead in the polls, Tur asked the man ‘who did you vote for?’

“Donald John Trump,” he replied. Tur smiled, and seemed somewhat taken aback.

Tur then asked what the man thought about Bernie Sanders and his socialist beliefs.

His response was surprisingly articulate, as the man concisely listed the biggest conservative criticisms of socialism.

“The whole ideology would be destructive to the country,” the man replied as Tur tried to maintain her smile. “It’s anti-growth, it’s anti-family, it’s anti-American, and as a Roman Catholic, it’s anti life.”

Of course, the man is hardly alone in renouncing socialism, even if it remains the ‘ideology of the moment’ among the young and hip.

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  1. We need to fire all the socialist “professors”. They couldn’t get real jobs so they took their sob stories to school and have now ruined multiple generations of younger people.

    1. I want to know where their parents were? We raised two kids to be upright citizens and patriots. We taught them that communism is deadly and that capitalism is what made America great. They stand for the flag and kneel before God. Where are the parents who raised kids like this? I’ve been screaming for years for parents to get their kids OUT of public schools~~ from K through PhD. Communism doesn’t ever work! Never has, never will. Where are the parents!?

  2. I agree with you, H Manuel. Our country has been under attack from leftist socialist factions for over 30 years. The goal was to disseminate their agenda while dumbing down the public. They have been successful to a large extent. And, again, this started well over 30 years ago.

    What strikes me as very telling is that we have all these indoctrinated younger people. Where are their parents? Did their parents teach them nothing?

    However, this crap is now out in the open and libertarians and consevatives are the new resistance and they will prevail. Please, ALL, spread the word and the light. The one world order folks want to take down the USA so all other countries will fall. We MUST be vigilant and ready to fight for our country.

    1. Amen to that and to the people who KNOW THE TRUTH about the Democratic Party! Communism DOES NOT WORK Period! Capitalism is the way America has been, envied by all for who and what we stand for! I stand for the FLAG and KNEEL TO GOD! It cannot be any other way! As AMERICAN”S We MUST stand for TRUTH. NOT LIES!

  3. Now we need to actually do what is said. We need to bring the crooked politicians that have been taken into custody and incarcerate them as treasonous as any other non political taxpayer would be.
    We also need to determine where funds are coming from to determine if legal. Then we need to remove media

  4. want socialism ? just go live in a socialist country for one year.Yep, just one year .(it may not take that long) but after that “experience” I assure you our good ‘ole republic ,land of plenty,ain’t gonna look so bad..

  5. She been fired for outing the truth? 😂Take it from a “real” Vermonter, Bernie is just arrogant and delusional enough to believe he can be the first in history to make it work!


  7. Sanders is a dumbshit for thinking a Americans will vote for a socialist for president and Buttifuck isca dumbass for thinking Americans will vote for a faggot for president.

  8. President Trump will surly beat any Dem that runs against him as long as ALL Republicans get out and vote! The challenge and the most critical thing will be to flip the house and keep the Senate!! Also the best way to protect our way of life comes into play with the “LONG GAME” that is to appoint as many conservative appellate and supreme court judges in the next 5 years. As they serve for life that should by a couple of decades or so.

  9. My sentiments exactly! Socialism is a lousy form of government. Ask the people in Germany (National Socialism), Italy (Fascism), and Russia and the countries in Eastern Europe (Communism) what they think of this form of government.

  10. Bernie you are a Communist disguised as a Democrat. Your ideas are as old as you and your beliefs are archaic and not meant for the citizens of the US of A. Why do you not wear a US flag on your lapel/shirt? Are you embarrassed? Why do you want to instill Communism on the US citizens when it doesn’t work anywhere else in the world? Why would you not condemn Iran, Russia etc. Bernie there is something wrong with you and your philosophy. I pray to God you will not get in because if you do the Democrats may support your ridiculous ideas.

  11. Obama worked hard to ensure that all his views were being installed , as in college professors , to sway kids into thinking Democratic way is the only way. He also installed demons in the FBI CIA NSA everywhere he could. Flooded the USA with thousands of syrians ,their in every state , we got the good with the bad. Sleepers maybe invented. And now that’s not enough , there’s Burnies socialism / communism who knows anything about him ? Congratulated by Russia , honeymooned in Russia , who does that ? I sure don’t . I’m a veteran I stand for the flag and kneeled to God , Jesus Christ help us .

  12. it has been nothing short of COMMUNIST BRAINWASHING , straight from COMMUNIST RUSSIA and COMMUNIST CHINA. And the traitors need to be rounded up and un-brain washed on a water board.

  13. Globalism is the new name for Communism, so was Progressivism, and Liberalism, Socialism, etc. They have to change their name every few years, when people find out what they really are. Mankind has traded the institution of Monarchy for Communism, only to find out they are only trading only one tyranny for another. Ask the French what they got for their proto-communist revolution. The guillotine. What did the Russians and Chinese get for their Bolshevik-Maoist revolutions, millions and millions murdered, and the ‘State’ confiscated everything. But it took care of its worst murderous ‘members’. To get promoted in Russia, it wasn’t because you were good at your job, no, the criteria for advancement was pimping for the leaders, and snitching on your fellow Russians. When the Soviet Union fell, what happened to Russian resources? They were not distributed and offered to the Russian public, but immediately gobbled up by ‘former’ comrades and foreign interests who had inside information. The ‘former’ comrades who are now billionaires. The Russian Mafia, just a new name for the old communist comrades.
    To the public, there never are any freebies. The government’s minions, gets everything.
    The greatest promoter of communism then and now, are the colleges and universities. We need to get rid of tenure. When it was first inaugurated, it was promoted as protecting freedom of speech…. yeah, we have seen who gets the freedom of speech, only for the Left as we found out, to the country’s detriment.
    Whether Russia or anywhere else, even at communism’s beginning, it has targeted young people, especially colleges and universities as the front line of terror. Kids with misguided ideals, and no experience in living, no empathy, but plenty of pyschopathic terror. Lenin endorsed terror. In China, Mao sic-ed the Red Guard, the college kids on the population.
    The Pol Pot were the the ultimate. They nearly killed their whole population. Interestingly, the first to be annihilated were the people with any education, even just wearing glasses marked you for extermination. It was so bad, Viet Nam military had to step in, and bring the genocide of Laos to an end. The leader of the Pol Pot was given asylum in Communist China. Communism/Socialism has a hatred of humanity. Only the ‘Elite’ are worthy of existence and special benefits. Everyone else is exterminated, other then the few necessary slaves. Yup, its a ‘worker’s paradise’…..I think that was the credo of the Nazis. Nazism, a.k.a. socialism /fascism was born out of the same stew pot as Communism. And that stew pot came from Gnostic utopian sects and their dreams. Free Love, is an old trope that originated from those old Gnostic sects (Rasputin belonged to one of those sects), and it might be interesting to note, originally free love was defined as all women were the common property of any man. I see a future, where there will be no rape laws, because any person can use you. Consent will not exist. Abortion also came out of Gnostic sects.
    Communism states that they will create such a perfect world (their definition of perfect), that governments will no longer need to exist. Now, do you think the Clintons, the Bernie Sanders, the Obamas, the Rockefellers, the Adam Shiffs, Nadlers and Pelosis, etc., will ever consent to hand over their power and wealth to you, the masses they disdain? Well if you believe that, I will give you the rest of the uranium reserves on U.S. public land that the Clintons and Obamas didn’t sell.

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