Biden: ‘I’ll Be Damned If We’re Gonna Lose This Nomination’

Former Vice President Joe Biden sought to reassure supporters, saying he was “confident” he can win the South Carolina primary, Politico is reporting.

His comments came in a 13-minute call to backers on Wednesday, according to Politico which obtained a recording of his remarks.

He also expressed optimism about a victory in the Nevada caucuses.

Biden said he was “confident we can win South Carolina. I think we’ll win Nevada, but it is a caucus which is a little bit different.”

And Biden added: “I’ll be damned if we’re gonna lose this nomination, particularly if we’re gonna lose this nomination and end up losing an election to Donald Trump.”

His phone call came after losses in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“Obviously I’d have rather won both, don’t get me wrong,” Biden said.

“The point is that, I want you to know (is) that things haven’t changed in terms of responses we’re getting, in terms of whether it’s contributions online or whether it’s endorsements since both of those primaries have taken place,”

“I think it’s going to be fairly hard for people like (Pete) Buttigieg to go South. I think it’s going to be awful hard for Amy (Klobuchar) — and they’re good people — to go South.”

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  1. if biden still thinks he has a prayer, something fishy is going on behind the scenes. the ‘rats’ are always up to something unsavory … and barry obama/soros are behind it all. see? if biden gets in, barry gets another chance of being a powerful ‘man’ within the government. watch and see. if not biden, ‘shelly’ or ‘killery’ will sneak in there at the last minute. it all stinks and TRUST NO ONE except our president.

    BIG EGOS, SMALL PETTY MINDS are in our government now ~ both sides needing attention. pathetic. no honor. no integrity.

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  4. THE DNC IS A Criminal Organization! How can a person representing a Criminal Organization become POTUS? When the Law Enforcement Agencies refuse to do their duty, after acknowledging a crime was committed, that makes both the criminal, and the Law Enforcement Agency Criminal. James Comey acknowledged, Hillary Clinton had broken the law, he had an obligation as a Law Enforcement Agent at that point, to bring her in! Comey cannot be both agent, and judge, therefore Comey became criminal as well. The law does not give one man, the ability to be both arresting officer and judge!

  5. The DNC has committed enough crimes to be classified a criminal organization, how can a criminal organization be a political party? Harvard lists both Obama Sr. and Obama Jr. as Kenya born! The DNC knew it, yet proceeded to represent a foreign born individual who was Constitutionally ineligible to run legally. That makes both Obama and the DNC Criminal. When someone is ineligible according to the law of the land, and you know it, yet you proceed regardless, then you become criminal as well. It is not your place to move forward after acknowledging a crime was committed! The People are who you politicians work for, that means the laws cannot be broken by you when working for the people!

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  7. When the knowledge, hits your brain, it makes you aware of a fact. Once you become aware of a fact, if that fact tells you that act was illegal, you then have an obligation to report it, not get the media to assist you in making others who want to abide by the law look and feel ridiculous! No matter how bad we wish something was different, we can’t act in a manner to change it, or block right from wrong! Calling people birther does not change the fact, that Obama was born in Kenya no matter how much you wish he wasn’t! I shouldn’t have to break this down to you suited geniuses, but you can’t just keep a goin and making things worse! Grow up!!

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