Biden: ‘I’ll Be Damned If We’re Gonna Lose This Nomination’

Former Vice President Joe Biden sought to reassure supporters, saying he was “confident” he can win the South Carolina primary, Politico is reporting.

His comments came in a 13-minute call to backers on Wednesday, according to Politico which obtained a recording of his remarks.

He also expressed optimism about a victory in the Nevada caucuses.

Biden said he was “confident we can win South Carolina. I think we’ll win Nevada, but it is a caucus which is a little bit different.”

And Biden added: “I’ll be damned if we’re gonna lose this nomination, particularly if we’re gonna lose this nomination and end up losing an election to Donald Trump.”

His phone call came after losses in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“Obviously I’d have rather won both, don’t get me wrong,” Biden said.

“The point is that, I want you to know (is) that things haven’t changed in terms of responses we’re getting, in terms of whether it’s contributions online or whether it’s endorsements since both of those primaries have taken place,”

“I think it’s going to be fairly hard for people like (Pete) Buttigieg to go South. I think it’s going to be awful hard for Amy (Klobuchar) — and they’re good people — to go South.”

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