Bloomberg Considers Hillary For Running Mate

In another classic Drudge Report scoop that is bound to dominate the Democratic Primary news cycle from now until South Carolina and Nevada, the conservative-leaning aggregator reports that Mike Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as a potential running mate.

Drudge added that, as part of the deal, Bloomberg would likely change his residency, since the electoral college math would make it harder for a Presidential and VP candidates from the same state.

Sources close to Bloomberg campaign tell DRUDGE REPORT that candidate is considering Hillary Clinton as running mate, after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be formidable force…

DRUDGE has learned that Bloomberg himself would go as far as to change his official residence from New York to homes he owns in Colorado or Florida, since the electoral college makes it hard for a POTUS and VPOTUS from the same state.

We’ve taken screenshots of the tweets, given Drudge’s longstanding policy of deleting his tweets not long after publishing.

The news comes amid a surge in the polls that has put Bloomberg closer and closer to taking first in Florida, a key part of his strategy.

And sure, Bloomberg wasn’t even on the ballot in Iowa, but who needs the electoral process when you have money and deep-state Clinton power? After all, nobody knows how to rig a primary like Hillary.

And of course, Steve Bannon predicted that something like this would happen.

REGAN: Let me turn to 2020. Let me turn to the Democrats. Bloomberg’s now in on the mix. By the way, just to remind the viewers, this is the guy that broke the news here. Watch.

BANNON: They will throw Biden away. They’ll throw Biden away to get to Trump and hope Elizabeth Warren or I even think Hillary Clinton or Bloomberg or some centrist comes in here. All these other people that could have been the centrist candidate for whatever reason haven’t materialize. And that leaves a huge opportunity for two people, I believe, Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton.

Here’s the clip:

Notably, just as Drudge was breaking the news via Twitter and his website

…Bloomberg tweeted this. It’s not a confirmation, but it certainly sounds like a hint to us [Editor’s Note: It’s actually a response to a WaPo investigation about Bloomberg’s history of treating women brusquely in the workplace. The investigation was published a little more than an hour ago.]

Meanwhile, CNN is continuing its scare campaign to convince the world that Bloomberg is the only one who can save the country from Trump.

Some might argue it’s a smart move: Bloomberg is going all-in on winning the backing of the Democratic establishment. By winning the Clintons as an ally, he can make inroads with their army of loyalists who still hold tremendous sway over the party apparatus, while appealing to more middle-class women and others who supported the Democrat last time around.

In other words, to the DNC, Hillary is still a ‘safe bet.’

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  1. Not at all sure why Bloomberg would choose a proven liar, a loser and an antisemite as his running mate. Still, it won’t make any difference.

    1. Hillary will jump at this chance.
      Poor Mike will die in office, within months.Murder anyone ,not those Clintons.
      Oops she becomes President. It’s in the Constitution.

      Mike don’t do it.
      There’s a 79% chance you won’t be president more then 6 months.

  2. The DEMWITT BOOMBEG will FLOAT anything to try and save his investment. THE REAL REASON BOOMBERG has entered the race is C H I N A ! Where do you think most of his BILLIONS come from C H I N A, who are his biggest friends and supporters C H I N A ! And who is putting HIS FORTUNE in JEOPARDY but D J Trump and his new trade deals with C H I N A! And who will stop Trump, but BOOMBERG!

  3. What an idiot! First, no one wants her in politics anymore. She gives politics a bad name and that says a lot! Then, think about, rich man! When the Clintons want stuff, like removing a president so she could become president, they just get them to disappear, Mr Bloomberg! Doesn’t matter how rich you are! Wham, you’re gone!

    1. Yup, bout the only way Hillary Clinton could become president is being considered for VP they have the President knocked off!! Beware of Hillary anyone inher way disappears! Bad idea Bloomberg! Not that you have a chance in HELL anyhow!! GO TRUMP. 2020

  4. Having Herpes Rotten Clit-on as VP is equal to Bloomberg checking into a cell on death row.
    He’d be one tragic “accident” (ordered by the Hill-Billy Clinton’s)
    away from her moving into the Oval Office.

  5. Oh good, two fucked up losers together. Hellary will probably blow his cock. And he won’t even charge her. A billion and a whore. Good combination Demodickheads.

  6. Bloomberg will live to see his terrible mistake in allying himself with Hillary. Given an inch of political power she will, no matter the cost, ultimately seek to run the presidency. Big, Big, Super big mistake in having her anywhere near his presidential run for office!

  7. Michael bloomberg is so heavily invested in china that he will do anything to try to kill trump china trade negotiations. I bet bloomberg asked obama first!.

    Hey bloomberg. Nobody wants you for president and even fewer want that lying murderous Chilton whore for vice president.

    Liberals/ Democrats are always liars, always sleazy, always stupid.

  8. Yup. He has been investing against america for 35 years.

    He is definitely the person all those stupid union people should vote for. Idiots.

  9. Hasn’t Bloomberg ever heard of Arkancide? Well make Hillary his VP and he will find out first hand the meaning of the term. The man must surely have a death wish to think of such a proposal. How lame can you get?

  10. If he runs with Hillary and they win he will die. He will be in an accident or commit suicide so she can become President. He needs to pause and look at the Clintons history….. By by little Mike.

  11. Like the hole in his arse, he needs one in his head.
    He is frecking brain dead .
    Hillawitch is no damn good!!
    BAD, BAD choice BLOOMBUSH!!
    HUMPY TRUMPY will blow your arses away!!
    Watch ALL the CORRUPT DEMODONKEYS come together and get destroyed.

  12. that would be his worst decision of his mortal life!! she is a proven liar, crook, and the most dirty mouth bitch there ever has been, just ask the secret service guys….she treats everyone as expendable to get what she wants….just ask anyone that was around during the White Water scandal in Little Rock…even a state police officer…

  13. Hillawitch will be Mike’s “bimbo explosion” cock sucker like Monica was to “I did not have sex with her” Billy Boy.
    Very, very, very, very, very bad choice BLOOMBUSH!!
    The lying Bengazhi bitch will make things worst for you and the DEMODONKEYS!
    But that is ok you DEMODONKEYS aren’t gonna be there in the end.
    The upcoming POTUS race winner is already in the WH.

  14. Michael Bloomberg is actually choosing her as her means to her ultimate death. ANY political campaign for her to run will hasten her hidden medical condition due to the stress.

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