Anti-Trump Woman Allegedly Punches Retired Cop on His Birthday Over MAGA-Styled Hat

A New York man visiting Nashville for his 50th birthday was allegedly punched in the face at a downtown bar for wearing a hat emblazoned with a play on words of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan.

Daniel Sprague, a retired New York City Police Department Department officer, was at The Stage on Broadway, a bar in downtown Nashville, for his surprise birthday party on Friday night.

According to WSMV, Sprague was proudly wearing the “MAGA”-inspired hat that his wife got for him at his birthday celebration, and received compliments on it throughout the evening.

Instead of saying “Make America Great Again,” the hat said, “Make Fifty Great Again.”

“People were just coming up to me and, you know, just loving the little word play on the hat and taking pictures and wishing me happy birthday,” Sprague told WSMV.

To the retired policeman’s surprise, he said one woman was not enthralled by the witty hat, which she allegedly mistook for a “Make America Great Again” cap.

Sprague said the woman took it upon herself to take off his hat, hit him and berate him verbally.

“At one point,” Sprague said, “a female came up from behind me, spun me around and punched me in the face and then grabbed my hat off my head and was just yelling, ‘How dare you.’”

He said he didn’t know if she was wearing a ring or had keys in her hand, but the punch left a bloody gash on his face.

According to Sprague, after the woman punched him, the two were quickly separated by security and she left the bar, WKRN reported.

However, Sprague did later file a police report.

He also shared photos to Facebook of his bloodied face and the articles of clothing he was wearing at the time.

“People have different views, but we’re not supposed to take it out on each other,” Sprague told WSMV.

“To get that upset for what she perceived to be a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, just to lash out at somebody, there’s a problem there you know?” he said.

“I mean it’s just not right in any form or fashion. She obviously has a lot of anger and issues and before she, you know, does something that’s really going to change her life I hope she is arrested and she gets the help she needs.”

The Staten Islander told the New York Post that he couldn’t imagine getting so upset with someone because of who they support politically.

“I love Trump, but I wouldn’t hit someone who had a Bernie hat on,” Sprague said.

He continued, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

“I wasn’t an Obama fan but if he walked into a place where I was, I would show him and the office respect.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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