Moscow Mules: NYT Secret Sources Claim Russia Backing Trump Re-Election

The New York Times would like everyone to know that if Trump is re-elected in November, it wasn’t because of his accomplishments, the economy, or packed stadiums full of dedicated supporters.

Nope – Putin’s at it again!

In an unbelievable Thursday report, the Times claims that five anonymous sources leaked the details of a Feb. 13 briefing to House Lawmakers by intelligence officials warning that Russia has already been interfering in the 2020 election.

So – the Kremlin wants the president who, according to political analyst Ian Bremmer, has been tough on Russia – instead of, say, Bernie Sanders – the Democratic socialist who honeymooned in Moscow and would likely crash the US economy, thus weakening it, with his draconian socialist policies.

The Times report gets better; the House briefing reportedly angered President Trump so much that he berated outgoing director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, and that he was particularly irritated that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was included in the session. The report implies that Maguire was replaced with pro-Trump ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, as a result of the incident. 

During the briefing to the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. Trump’s allies challenged the conclusions, arguing that Mr. Trump has been tough on Russia and strengthened European security. Some intelligence officials viewed the briefing as a tactical error, saying that had the official who delivered the conclusion spoken less pointedly or left it out, they would have avoided angering the Republicans.

That intelligence official, Shelby Pierson, is an aide to Mr. Maguire who has a reputation of delivering intelligence in somewhat blunt terms. The president announced on Wednesday that he was replacing Mr. Maguire with Richard Grenell, the ambassador to Germany and long an aggressively vocal Trump supporter. –New York Times

Moments after the Times report was published, CNN immediately picked it up for their dozens of viewers.

And of course, the hot-takes:…

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  1. So Comrade Schiff is the petulant schoolboy who is mad he couldn’t get his way. He is a real threat to national security along with the other California Dem miscreants in public office. And, of course, Soros.

    1. Don’t forget former CIA Director John Brennan and his Merry Band of Liars in the Deep State AND Barack Hussein Obama who quietly leaned forward to the Russian Ambassador and said, “I can be more flexible after the election”.

      President Trump has done NOTHING, but the Deep State is working overtime to try to convince the people that Trump is colluding with Russia. With the help of their buddies in the left wing media.

      1. It doesn’t have to be the Russian Government that is doing the hacking, it could just be anyone in Russia that can get in to Official Gov. computers and make it looks like it’s coming from the Russian Government. Someone in the US Government should be intelligent enough to find where the hacking is coming from. If they need help, have them ask a fifth grader.

    2. So isn’t about time for the government to step in the the News People and say, you must back up your statements with proof or you will lose your license to report or broadcast. Confidential sources don’t mean anything, if they can’t sign their name to the information it doesn’t get reported.

      1. Exactly. I’ve written Trump and ask him to request Congress to examine putting a clamp on this freedom of the press….there are consequences to fake news, and I’ve suggested to him that when the (next) Congress gets in session, that investigations into this crap be done, and a $409,000 fine for EACH occurrence be tapped to the media, AND to the editor in chief for allowing it.
        Write your congressman..

  2. This Russian mishmash hacking conspiracy is a fake distraction being used by Adam Schiff the felon. The real threat is China hacking our elections with their advanced technologies to put their man Michael Bloomberg as President through international illegal means. This is the real threat to watch for. Adam Schiff and the Deep State spies from the DOJ and FBI heads are using their mickey mouse Russian and Ukrainian nonsense to keep us from the real threat of Communist China. They have much to gain when our Constitution Republic has been destroyed.

  3. Damn ! I didn’t realize how many of those folks at the rallies were Russians. I guess the black one’s were
    “black Russians”.

  4. Who could believe all the lying bag of rotting manure that comes from NYT? They are run by a Nazi-socialistic band of democrats and willing to print manure about anyone who does not follow nor believe their damn socialistic pile of manure ways.

  5. Oh, c’mon, face the facts! Trump has been GREAT to Russia, doing everything Putin wants like his little bitch. What President would say he believes the head of our arch-enemies over his OWN intelligence services? What President would suddenly pull his forces from Syria, allowing our enemies (including Russia) to swarm into the area and take over? But I forget, you idiots belief whatever these right-wing sites tell you, no matter how obviously bullshit. Remember when Trump said he liked “uneducated voters”? He was talking about YOU! He likes you ’cause you’re easier to scam!

    1. You are a piece of trash, you speak with no,knowledge of what you are talking about. Putin’ s bitch try ,Hillary and that scum bag Obama, your hero, I have an,idea why don’t you pack your socialist bags and get the hell out of our Great Country, you little bitch!

    2. “Independent & Proud of it”…….. YOU are a left wing jackass. President Trump has imposed LOTS of sanctions on Russia. Obama imposed NO sanctions on the Russians AND told the Russian ambassador during his reelection run that he could be more flexible after the election. There is NO evidence that Trump has EVER colluded with Russia. Who is spreading this manure? John Brennan who SHOULD be in prison for life and James Comey and their stooges at the New York Times and Washington Post. America has finally wised up to you leftists.

      Do you always advertise your ignorance? Or your leftist propaganda?

    3. You obviously have your left wing so far up your ass that it impeads your thought process. Not that you have one anyways!!!

    4. You are nothing but an ignorant tool of the lying Democrats. Now, tell me why Russia would back President Trump who has put SANCTIONS AGAINST THEM? We Conservatives aren’t STUPID, we certainly have a mind of our own unlike you uneducated morons who allow the DEMOCRATS to do your thinking for you. Why don’t you study our Constitution, Laws, and history instead of listening to POWER HUNGRY TRAITORS who wants to tell us what to say, how we should live our lives, what we should eat, kill babies and the elderly, take over the your healthcare, and take your hard earned money? Of course, you may not care because you already allow them to rule your life. Well, I have no interest in being told what I can do, how I should live or die, or, as Nancy Pelosi says, “the government should control what people say on the media.” I find that disgusting and belittling.

    5. indie–that was hillary that you are quoting -when she was caught talking to someone and did
      not realize she was on a “hot” mic–

  6. You know that Trump guy sure has an odd way of showing his appreciation to Putin for helping him out in his re-election. Cutting off Putin’s oil sales to Europe and aiding Ukraine’s self defense etc. By the way Libtards Trump has all the help he needs to win the election from the DNC and their hapless field of candidates.

    1. “Trump has all the help he needs to win the election from the DNC and their hapless field of candidates.”

      At this point, how could anyone trust the Democrat party?

  7. My sources tell me shift is a homo and Pelosi gets gang banged by 5 Mexicans once a week. My sources are close to these 2 scumbags. Remember what Nancy said it’s the accusation not the truth that counts

  8. Who is NYT’s source? John Brennan who voted for Gus Hall in the 1976 election? Gus Hall was head of Communist Party USA then (in 1976 at the height of the cold war). Why should we believe John Brennan?

  9. The Russian interfering again is so secret that the Russians don’t even know about it yet ! Just another Democratic LIE to disturb our elections process. There most likely to back comrade burnie Sanders. He’ll never denied it. And Warren’s the biggest lier that’s running , how could you ever trust someone who’s lied over and over again.

  10. This is soooo original! The Dumbocrats and NYT can’t come up with anything new to defeat POTUS Trump so they do a rerun changing the dates and names to their current actors! It is what people possessed with hate will say and do.

  11. Again! When will did these lying corrupt SOBs ever learn. We know it’s sell their useless rag, however, it also proves how anti Trump they are and how low they will sink to harm him. Get over it. Trump doesn’t need any help except ffom all His American supporters. No matter what lies you print, he will be re-elected. Period.

  12. Even when the Obama DOJ aggressively investigated leakers who offended the Powers that be, it would overlook leaks that violated the same law when different men were responsible for them: Political bitch games, bottom line if your a leaker, informer of misinformation for any kind of gain in work place or politics your still a snitch/bitch piece of Shift…Now Shift being a Homo, I would bet my paycheck that’s accurate information!!!

  13. Here we go again with the “anonymous”, secret, “unnamed” informers. The COMMUNISTS in this country just don’t want to give up trying to destroy this Constitutional Republic.
    BTW the “Russians” and Ukrainians tried to”help” HITLERY in the last “election” so who’s lying and making up more stories now?

  14. Just by looking at the NYT headline and remembering the NYT’s track record, I conclude that the NYT is fabricating more FAKE NEWS to support whichever Democrat actually runs against POTUS Trump this November.

  15. The AMERICAN HARD WORKERS elected TRUMP. Not the damn Russians, I wish the media would tell the facts and not conspirital BS! Even if Russia did attempt or influence the election by buying adds. There’s no difference than SOROS buying adds. Oh. I forgot he also buys politicians. He’s a treasonist and deserves the maximum punishment. DEATH!

  16. The communist democrats keep complaining about Russian meddling in Americas elections but never mention , worry , and actually encourage illegal alien meddling and voting in our election . I just don’t know why PRESIDENT Trump and conservative media and Republican politicians don’t start mentioning and using it against the communist democrat machine .


  18. The NYT has proven over and over it cannot be trusted. They have made up “facts” in the past, and nothing in their article is now any more true than any other ‘report’ they’ve put out.
    Putin would rather have Bernie over Trump any day.

  19. If RUSSIANS are behind President Trump it just means they are smarter than all the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrats in America. Putin’s pick and support is for Clinton and backs anyone who picks it for Vice President. They want more uranium deals for weapons and to sell some to their ally, Iran. Of course whoever picks her will suffer a mysterious death in office. Whoever picks her only proves how unqualified they are to be in any Government position.

  20. Interesting how little innovation or creativity that the democrats have…..same old worn out story….perhaps it is from the ‘Hollywood” screenwriter who really is from Burbank…..aka Schiff!

  21. It’s all BS coming from the sore losers on the left to again keep the Russian hoax and lies going knowing full well Donald Trump will be reelected. They want to try and delegitimize his reelection by the American people by the overwhelming and continuous rerunning of the false narratives of Russian interference in our election process attempting to helping Trump win. The facts are, Trump is a very real problem for Putin’s Russia and he or they will do anything to prevent his reelection. They would like nothing more than to see Bernie Sanders take the Oval office. A devout Socialist/Communist that would fully embrace Putin and his Russian comrades. The negative and abusive propaganda coming from the left with the help of the leftist media is on an all out attack against our Constitutional Republic. These actions are extremely dangerous by the left and could lead to very serious consequences that may well provoke violence and chaos throughout the United States. They know theycm can’t beat him at the polls, so they have chosen to beat him down in the public arena with false narratives and negative assaults and with relentless regurgitated narratives that he is dangerous and destructive to our country. They know he is winning over the American people not just with his words but with his actions showing that he really cares about America and believes in America’s greatness. The left are reeling with fear and hatred and will stop at nothing to destroy his agenda because his actions are proving the left have never really wanted to work to resolve the real hard issues we face as a nation. They only want to continue the same play in politics of doing nothing and make the appearance of acting as though they are working for the people, while only enriching themselves through their elitism using their propped up pay for play scemes with foreign governments. They have been exposed and it scares the hell out of them! The swamp creatures are corned like wild animals and are acting out as to stop Trump at all costs knowing full well it could destroy this great country! The left be damned to pursue only power and control at the expense of losing our great nation. The American people are smart enough to figure this out but the left are hoping and wanting to believe they are not. None of them on the left can hold up to someone who is true to the cause of working for a better America and improving the lives of all Americans. His actions are much louder than his words! The left’s actions are louder than their words and America does know the difference!

  22. Wow! This sh.t here is straight out the the Kremlin. Best yet it doesn’t even try try to hide itself. It’s blunt and on your face bs.
    If any accomplishments by Trump should be recognized is his excellent command of the power to deceive that has made fools out of believers, and vice versa.

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