Is AOC About To Lose Her Job?

The fact that Nancy Pelosi and her fellow establishment Dems aren’t too fond of AOC and her ‘squad’ of female leftist ideologues is hardly news. And now that AOC has launched the first Democratic Socialist Super PAC (whoever thought we’d be writing such a sentence five years ago?) to back ‘progressive’ primary candidates, oftentimes against candidates backed by the DNC, including several longtime lawmakers.

With Bernie Sanders now on track to win the Democratic nomination and avert a brokered convention largely thanks to his dedicated core of fanatical supporters who believe Bernie can do no wrong, the DNC is finally being forced to confront the socialist threat on its left flank.

AOC is doing all of this to push through her nightmarish and neo-communist agenda of reforms that will ensure a much bigger government and restrictions on business that are seemingly tailor-made to tank the economy, like a federal jobs guarantee.

“It’s time to elect a progressive majority in Congress accountable to strong, grassroots movements that push support for issues like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, racial justice, & more,” she said on Friday.

She also recently told the New York Times in a piece dedicated to her new campaign arm is to become “a little less lonely” in Congress

And in keeping with the left’s preference for gimmicks and fixation on identity politics, AOC is launching an “All-female slate of progressive candidates”.

It’s all evidence that AOC is trying to “leverage her influence among activists to try to reshape the Democratic Party.”

But as the world has learned in the months and years since President Trump triumphed over Hillary Clinton, the DNC has no interest in ‘changing’ the Democratic Party, and it mostly views this insurgent leftist threat as a bunch of loudmouthed clowns and soyboy leftists whose most strident quality is a pervasive sense of entitlement.

As the NY Post editorial board pointed out in an editorial in Monday’s paper, AOC is already in trouble with the leadership over her refusal to pay dues to the Dems’ fundraising arm.

It ended the review with a warning: Don’t be surprised when the party’s powerbrokers move to eliminate her seat during the redistricting that will follow the 2020 Census.

If this does happen, and it’s looking increasingly likely that it will, we could soon see CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera on Capitol Hill.

And it would certainly make for an interesting twist in AOC’s inevitable best-selling autobiography about her rise from behind the bar to Capitol Hill.


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  1. The little Dumbo has overstayed her welcome , same as burnie Sanders. Focus is on our kids today, because they don’t know that socialism is a mismanaged government. They live in luxuries that nobody else has. You’ll be feeding out of trash cans eating rotten food , ya even your pets , just to survive. Even Russia failed at this type of thinking. A loaf of bread cost $1,000 dollars . That’s just great burnie you’ll destroy America , and children too! But Democrats don’t care about kids they are killing them. Abortion an obvious crime against God’s children.

  2. AOC gives really good head. She’ll blow your weeny for just $2.55, much cheaper than Kamala. Just contact to set up an appointment. She likes to take it in the ass too. What an amazing cunt.

    1. Actually, AOC doesn’t go for male equipment because she’s a LESBIAN! AOC either has a pu$$! in her mouth or her pu$$! is scissoring another pu$$! or both! She sleeps with more than 10 women in a week – usually in groups!

  3. If everybody this site said was about to lose their jobs actually DID, there’d be no Dems left in DC!
    But, like every other right wing site, you’re just like Dump and LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING!
    And Randall, btw, Repugs obviously care DEEPLY about children as they are putting them in CAGES! And what you don’t know about socialism could build Dump’s stupid wall. If you knew anything about ANY form of government, for that matter, you’d realize that The Orange Horror is dead set on being a dictator and destroying OUR REPUBLIC!
    What you don’t seem to get is people JUST LIKE TRUMP caused your lousy wages, dismal education, insanely expensive medical coverage, and pretty much all the things you hate. And he hasn’t done a damn thing for anybody who isn’t rich, except for some black-hearted jerks he sprang out of prison!

    1. At least you didn’t use disgusting, crude language. My brother John is just like you…OBSESSED with Trump hatred. But he’s a good guy. I can’t believe the language on this site, today!

  4. The only people who benefit from socialism are the government officials. The higher up they are the more they benefit. Bernie touts Fidel Castro -ok – look at Cuba – Castro lived like a king while the people lived n poverty. Sanders lauds Cuba’s education system. Where are the jobs? Cuba may have the best educated unemployed? If Cuba is so great why did so many lose their lives trying to escape in rickety boats and rafts?

    1. She’s the perfect example of why stupid people should not be allowed to vote. What qualifies a lousy bartender to be in that office?? Evertime she opens her trap shows how stupid the commie bitch is.

  5. One part of the article sum it up about right, the part where their some loud mouth clowns like the idiot Read Books, go back to drinking you’re warm Unicorn milk while grandma Maxine rocks you to sleep…

  6. Let’s hope so – on AOC.

    But on Socialist Sanders – he has only won delegates in 3 elections – there are 51 more to go (including US territories.

  7. What a sack of crap. She wants to re define this country. Are we to stand by and let this freshman stick it to us.

  8. Anyone in their right mind should be ashamed in paying AOC, Talib, Omar, and Pressley for doing nothing but creating HAVOC in DC. Its bad enough without these 4 IDIOTS running around spouting COMMUNIST and SOCIALIST MANAFESTO’S, we don’t want that BERNIE GARBAGE in OUR USA. And GOD HELP YOU ALL if it happens!

  9. Little Ms. Occasional-Cortex should dust off her bartender’s manual; she will be needing it in January 2021. While she is at it, she should contact Boston University and ask for a refund on her tuition. All that fancy education hasn’t done her any good!

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