Watch Horrific Moment SNL Comedian Calls For Assassination Of President Trump As Crowd Cheers

On last night’s episode of the rarely funny, often “woke” sketch comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’ comedian John Mulaney jokingly implied President Donald Trump be assassinated.

While we’ve become almost numb to vile “woke” comedians like Mulaney what was shocking was the audience reaction.

Many in the audience laughed and cheered at the thought that the President might be assassinated.

Mulaney started the whole despicable thing off by saying “It is a Leap Year, as I said. Leap Year began in 45 B.C. under Julius Caesar. This is true.”

“He started the Leap Year in order to correct the calendar and we still do it to this day,” he said to setup his so called “joke.”

“Another thing that happened under Julius Caesar, he was such a powerful maniac that all the senators grabbed knives and they stabbed him to death.

“That would be an interesting thing if we brought that back now,” he said as the audience disgustingly roared with applause and laughter.

I asked my lawyer if I could make that joke and he said, let me call another lawyer and that lawyer said yes,” he said.

This is absolutely vile and beyond the pale.

When Obama was president a rodeo clown was forced out because he wore an Obama mask.

Now, in this era where the “resistance” has been normalized, so called comedians openly call for the assassination of the President of the United states, while the crowd laughs and cheers.

Vile and disgusting but entirely predictable.

Wonder if the media would be so happy with similar shenanigans if a Democrat were President and conservatives were calling for that president’s assassination?

Maybe John Mulaney and the producers of Saturday Night Live should get a visit from the Secret Service.

Anyone who openly threatens or instigates violence against the President of the United States deserves to be investigated and possibly even prosecuted.

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  1. No one should be surprised by this. I do have a question for that so-called comedian, that I have never heard of until I read this article. Does he know who Kathy Griffin is? A think a visit from the Secret Service would be appropriate.

    1. I think jail time would be appropriate. Lots of it. And a list of all the people attending so that they and their attitude of subversion could be monitored. This was clearly against the law.

      1. I agree this has been going on too long and needs to be stopped. a few people in jail might get their attention.

        1. This is TREASON! We need to start arresting those who think this is funny !! This is not to be tolerated.

      2. A threat again the President should definitely mean jail time, Rowdy. It may even fall under the category of “Domestic Terrorism”???DY3N


        1. Ever heard of a call for violence not being covered by First amendment or are you one of those leftists who think it only pertains to conservatives. Robert you are a P***y.

    2. I believe the comedian should be visited by the secret service. SNL should be sanctioned or fined for supporting the comedian. It is just wrong, especially with all of the nut sases out there.

      1. I agree there are lots of idiots crying to protect the EOTUS in the Oval office. One don’t complain when he’s the one making these statements. Sad

    3. This guy deserves incarceration, and it should happen soon. Not only he should be incarcerated, but both lawyers who participated in the utterance of the statement should have their licences revoked because they advised him to break the law. If this type of garbage is not stopped soon, there may be some real ugly things happen sometime soon.

    4. The fact he is a (so called) comedian will give him a pass. Never heard of this guy before in my life, and I further can’t believe I just wasted 8 minutes of my life watching this pathetic video. I can’t believe SNL is still on air. They lost all credibility decades ago.

    5. Exactlty! This behavior is abominable in what should be a decent, cultured society. It is high time that we stop allowing this to go on anymore than we would permit a sketch of someone being raped for laughter from the audience. I say that people need to boycott SNL. Remember too that the women who did/said such things were fired. This male counterpart should be treated no different than the gals. And SNL “knows” beforehand and is complicant!

    6. This guy should be in jail. I quit watching snl a long time ago. They have gotten so political and they certainly aren’t funny anymore. If someone had said such a thing about obama, they would be in jail or harassed by some left wing liberal. The secret service should visit this program while live on the air!!!!

    7. John Mulaney, Is no comedian but he is a joke!

      President Trump has done more for America the American people and the World since his election than the previous four presidents did in 28 years and all in the face of diversity never experienced by any other president!
      Since President Trump was elected millions of new jobs have been created, hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs, over seven million people have been lifted off of welfare and food stamps! The lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in more than 70 years, a robust stock market, a booming economy, historic tax cuts, he got rid of hundreds of job killing regulations! Negotiating better trade deals for America and the American people and negotiating with other world leaders in an effort to bring world peace! President Trump’s policies added more than 100,000 jobs in October, 266,000 jobs in November and 145,000 jobs in December for a grand total of 511,000 jobs for the last three months of 2019!

      Under President Trump’s leadership and willingness to let our military operate unrestricted by Washington bureaucrats Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the most wanted terrorist in the World was easily located and annihilated! Now that same unrestricted military force has taken out another terrorist, Iranian general Qassem Suleimani! President Trump is serious about protecting Americans and his America First Agenda!

      Note: While President Trump has accomplished so much despite democratic resistance, the USMCA Trade Agreement has finally been signed into law after sitting in the House of Representatives for more than nine months because Pelosi refused to bring it up for a vote because she says there are things in it that aren’t enforceable! I am proud to say I didn’t vote for dimwitted Nancy or any other democrat! If all three countries sign the agreement what is not enforceable, Nancy?

      Remember Little Rocket Man, Kim Jong Un? The main stream media said, Trump’s going to ignite World War III! Didn’t happen! Then when he ordered the drone stike that killed Iranian general Qassem Suleimani they said the same thing, Trump’s going to start World War III or would that be World War IV? Again it didn’t happen whatever it was, so on top of all of his other amazing accomplishments, I guess you could say President Trump prevented two World Wars! Trump/Pence 2020 Landslide! Thank God for President Trump!

      1. You need to watch something other than Fox and last I saw the Market has lost more than half the gains under the trump regime for lack of preparation of the Viral out break in the last seven days. His business has collected more than 44 years of his salary just on his golf trips, which he stated he would be to busy making america great…Not. All does trumpers that thinks he has made us more trusted in the world need only travel outside the borders to see the disgust for him. I served during Nixon thru the two Bush administrations, and none of them received the low regards of America allies. You keep thinking he can bully allies and enemies without repercussions.

        1. Idiot , how do you prepare for something that nobody knew was coming other than the people who perpetrated it ? The trouble with the stock market is inevitable because it is the result of greedy little sheeple panicked by something that is out of their control.
          Just like every stock market crisis has been the result of greed and panic…

        2. You haven’t seen the market today. It bounced back, as it would be expected. It fluctuates with consumer spending, but a dummy-crat wouldn’t know that. For someone who portends to know the market as a calamity only, must not have any thing in the market.

          “Served under Nixon and both Bush’s” combined with your grammar concludes ideocracy, or an old fart who thinks he’s educated enough; especially with the golfing trips ‘cost analogy’.

          Trump takes no salary from the taxpayers. He does not charge the country for use of his resorts, and the only travel expenses incurred are the use of Air Force One and security governed by federal law. That can’t be said of Obama, Biden, Bush-1 or 2, or Clinton.

          ” . . . there are lots of idiots crying to protect the EOTUS in the Oval office. One don’t complain when he’s the one making these statements.”

          The President was elected. He is not an emperor. He has never offered or suggested anyone be assasinated. That’s reserved for Hollywood libertards who expect their fame to protect them. It’s funny when a liberal comedian does it. It’s the end of the world when a conservative does it. Comedy died under Obama. It’s “Sad” when citizens don’t want to revere their country, knowing that anywhere else on earth they may be put to death for speaking out against their leader.

          You call Trump supporters idiots. Does that include all the democrats who thought he was the ‘lesser of two evils’ in 2016? If they voted for Obama once or twice, surely they were intelligent at one time?

          ” . . . received the low regards of America allies. You keep thinking he can bully allies and enemies without repercussions.”

          What rock have you been living under? There are only a couple of countries who openly despise Trump and America, and they are not allies. The rest may grumble about having to pay their fair share of the defense budgets they all agreed to, many years ago, but they know Trump is right; and they have all started to contribute more. All our ‘allies’ have been taking advantage of America for decades because of poor past presidential leadership who did not care how much taxpayer money was wasted. If you actually pay taxes, it should piss you off. Welfare babies don’t get pissed off about wasted tax dollars . . .

          Be grateful you live in America, and value the current President for what he is doing to improve the country. He works for ALL Americans, not just his supporters. No one HAS to LIKE him to appreciate what he can do, or has done.

          ANYTHING President Trump does is better than what we had under OBAMA.

    8. Any threat against a sitting President of the USA is a threat the SS should investigate. One correlation I’ve seen is that every President trying to do good for the American People is either Assassinated or the attempt is made. For example look at Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan, and others. Just my opinion but one noticed time and time again.

    9. Its nice to know that all those “comedians” (?) are mentally unstable…..Never watch any of those midnight chaotic dramas since Johnny Carson……..They are actually brainless…….

    10. Mulaney is just as sick as Adam Baldwin . I don’t see any humor what so ever .They are the most disgusting people on earth .. And they think they’re funny and call themselves comedians I call them low life buckets of s**t. And the audience thinks this was funny ,they all have their due coming four-fold … And I don’t watch SNL either ,matter of fact I haven’t watched it since Steve Martin, Gilda Radner and Eddie Murphy were on the show ..

  2. There is something seriously broken in present day society when the likes of John Mulaney and the producers of Saturday Night Live are allowed to perform acts that advocate violence toward our President! Anyone that finds this kind of humor to be entertaining and/or funny, should seriously question their morality!

      1. John Mulvaney is a no talent hack, barely hanging on to a job at SNL, he needs an attitude adjustment and maybe going back to busing tables at some crappy Village dive bar is where the extent of his talent belongs. He isn’t funny, smart, or relevant.

    1. The majority of sheeple who are in today’s society completely lack morality. It is impossible for them to appl2zA4y it.

  3. When will this bullshit ever stop. The democrats are the ones that are instilling hatred in our country. With all the violence in this country going non stop it is such a shame that this is so tolerated. The Secret Service should pay Saturday Night Live, The View and whomever for constantly saying or wanting to do such a thing.

    1. I agree! I wish the FBI would arrest the him and ALL others that continue to harass and threaten the President! Nancy too needs to be arrested!

    2. Cookie , you’re right , it is All coming from the democrat/socialist/Nazi party
      Big problem for them is We Will Keep the White House and Senate , and regain the House back ! Meantime yes I think these radicals should face prison time for advocating for violence against Our President !!

  4. He should be pulled in by secret and held and questioned for a week or so. Then he should be fired and SNL should be held accountable for what they say on there show. This is totally uncalled for. Just look at the Elizabeth Warren supporter who shot up his work place. The left and democrats are a HATEFUL party and they need to start condoning this type of retoric

  5. Mulaney is going to get his sorry ass kicked. We’re coming for you Johnny boy. Hope you have health insurance.

  6. Someone at SNL should be receiving a visit from the Secret Service . Publicly threatening the life of a sitting US President , even in jest is a crime . This cannot be allowed to continue , it is time for a public arrest to show it is still a crime to publicly threaten the life of a US President .

  7. Making a dead treat Against a sitting president is punish by the federal laws. This is the time to send a message to theses clowns who’s thinking that they have the right to say whatever they can without the consequences of their actions. Thinking that they are protected by the 1st amendment rights of freedom of speech (WRONG) SNL SHOULD ALSO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF THE CLOWNS THEY FAILED TO MONITOR THIS NO DIFFERENT THAN YELLING FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATER AND I MYSELF FELL THAT THEIR LICENSE SHOULD BE REVOKED THEIR NO BETTER THAN A TERRORIST ACT *€#}~#%>*

  8. As each day passes and I read articles such as this, I ask myself what has happened to the American people? When I was a child growing up, I was taught to respect my elders, regardless of who they were, and especially my president, regardless of what party he belong to. Through those years I witnessed several attempts/threats to assassinate our president and the secret service stepped in and took care of those criminals. However, today I see that these attitudes are normal thinking and this runs a chill up my back, because if people can get away with threatening to kill the president (King) then there is no protection for those of us who respect the office. Not only has the people of this nation become immoral they have stooped to killing those who get in their way.

  9. I dont think ive watched SNL in probably 10 yrs. Maybe longer than that. All they have are a bunch of no talent hacks as guests now. Hasnt been funny in many yrs. They are probably loving this free publicity.

    1. I stopped watching SNL probably 25 years ago show has never added any actual value to my life. So I turn my television off and read.

  10. Here is a scenario that Mulaney might consider if he continues to go down his current despicable path.
    Someone might just take his crap seriously and decide to defend the president by taking out Mulaney. Wonder how that person would fair in court with the argument that he was defending the life of the President? Mulaney is definitely NOT funny! He is planting the seeds in hopes that some mentally ill person will take action.

    SS, do your job!

  11. Comedians are not like they use to be they were funny not, like these imbeciles we have today. Have not watched SNL in years. Bring back Jay Leno that was comedy.

    1. SNL stopped being funny after BILL MURRAY AND EDDIE MURPHY LEFT worse YET THEY HAD A Canadian on who couldn’t make it as a singer in his only country and is a bad Influence on the youth of the US How many U S arrest DOES THIS 26 year have to many deport him

  12. He and the two Lawyer’s should have to pay the price plus the show. Will be sad if they get away with it !!!!

    1. The only snowflakes are youi little leftist pricks who can’t handle a President who has done everything for true Americans and not you socialist left communist loving lazy arses. SNL has been nothing more than a waste of TV as are most of the late nite shows you love to watch because you got no real life.

  13. You republican SNOWFLAKES have absolutely no sense of humor. He’s a comedian…it was just a joke. No one is call for the assassinate of Trump. Where was your righteous indignation when right wing preachers were call for the death of President Obama. Come on, it’s not that serious.

    1. Not funny. I was no Obama fan, but he was the President, and someone threatening his life is WRONG. Kathy Griffin, another monument to por taste , learned the hard way. Mulaney isn’t funny. And SNL hasn’t been funny in 20 years.

    2. you dumb ass Democrats just do not know when to quit this BS and now in 2020 election the Republicans will take the House back keep the Senate and the President and then Todd you can all go suck rotten grapes and see how funny that is. SSL is not that funny quit watching 25 years ago. Have a good day Todd.

    3. At a minimum you need to return to school to learn how to speak. Your grammar, like your thought process, is flawed. Anyone that threatened Obama was called out for it.

    4. Post 1 single link to what you purport fuckwit. Nobody threatened your terrorist demi-God during the 8 years he spent trying to destroy America….

  14. I believe he should be prosecuted for even saying such a thing. If it was anyone else they would be prosecuted as a threat against our President.

  15. Yeah it’s always double standards for the Liberal Snowflakes, we’ve heard enough of it. You Unicorn milk drinking parasites have called President Trump every name in the book. Call Obama anything and your called a racist, that stupid asshole only had one key role in his live, being the co-star on Speed Racer, you remember Chim Chim??? He was smarter than Michelle or Michael whatever it’s name is…

  16. That is so sick. To threaten the life of anyone is to encourage the nuts to give it a try. I consider this so-called comedian and the audience a danger to the life of the president of the U.S. They are encouraging assassination. They should all be arrested for threatening the life of the president of the United States.
    If that was a threat against any of those Democratic morons running for president, they would have been arrested so fast it would have left a trail of dust. Shame on all who encourage such hate.

  17. Who is this Mulvaney wanna-be-comedian? I’ve never heard of him? As forthe unfunny SNL, I don’t watch it, (ever). I haven’t watched it in more than 20 years. I wonder what their ratings are today compared to 20 – 30 years ago? I would encourage anyone who is offended by SNL small minded dribble to simply not turn it on. Don’t watch it. Make their ratings go down. If you really feel ambitious about the whole SNL issue, collect a list of the show’s sponsors and write letters to them telling them that you will not buy their products as long as they sponsor SNL. You think your one letter doesn’t matter? Corporations who are large enough and have enough $$ to sponsor a national TV show pay very much attention to your letter because they know that if you feel strongly enough to write this letter of disapproval, that there are thousands more who feel like you do but just don’t have the gumption to write the letter.
    As for the SNL live audience of clapping seals, they are just that, “clapping seals.” They are there in the live audience because they love SNL. SNL could put anything up there on the stage and the audience will hysterically applaud, scream and yell in approval. All low IQ, mouth breathers.

  18. Any speech which advocates the overthrow or assassination of the president/government is an act of treason and is punishable by law. This comic along with SNL producers should have been arrested. Enforce the Laws America. No excuses.

  19. Liberals are socially-culturally, hatefully malignant. They have universally failed to assimilate.
    There existance under the US Constitution is antithetical, dangerous to liberty & freedom. Succession! We can’t lawfully “move them out”. But we CAN lawfully cordon them off-out of our new, Constitutional Republic.
    Think of the “Clinton Archipelago”. Then, think of our new name.

  20. Mulaney is a dumbass motherfucker with shit for brains. This cocksucker is going to get his sorry ass kicked. We’re coming for you Johnny boy.

  21. No one should be allowed to suggest a killing of anyone on television, radio, internet or written stories – it will just give the wackos an idea of how to become famous and get his name out in front of the public. We have so many wackos, not counting our illegal alien immigrants that are roaming our country killing anyone they decide on, that this is just as bad as teaching someone how to build a gun. Where are the Secret Service and/or the FBI??? Someone suggests an assassination of our President (or anyone really) needs to be picked up immediately & sent directly to jail!! Yes, the West Coast needs to be cordoned off from the rest of the country & not allowed out!!!

  22. This is the same kind of “Kathy Lee Griffith” non-sense again! The Lunatic Liberal WOKE Far Left is revealing its’ TRUE FACE. They unconcerned about what is GOOD for the American people! All they are really concerned with is how to gain TOTAL POWER over US by any means!

  23. Remember when comedy was actually funny? And comedians weren’t TOLD who to target, but most importantly, who NOT to target. Stupid little liberal pawns, plenty of room in Guantanamo thanks to the one they never dared make a joke about!

      1. Another libertard who thinks radical islam will never affect his cheeky lifestyle in America. It’s SO cool to be a unique protected class in a group bubble . . .

  24. Agreed, this was tasteless and crude, but when America decides to prosecute and imprison its citizens for free thinking, we may as well live in Russia or China.

    1. At the very least, the dipshit should be sanctioned like Kathy Griffin . . . There’s a huge difference between ‘free thinking’ and statements of threat!


  26. Stupid “wanta be” comics never learn! They just keep ruining their own careers with their socialist/communist political threats under the guise of comedy! No Republicans and few Democrats find that entertaining! Ask Kathy Griffin, Rosie O., Whoopie G./reduced to a panel member on The View, and I could name others but, why bother? They just don’t get it!
    They need to be intruded on in the wee hours by government officials and investigated to see what indictments and how much jail time is needed! When they get out of jail maybe they can find someone who will employ them, I sure wouldn’t!

  27. Anyone who threatens any President should go to jail,I think comedians and Hollyweird should stay out of Politics period as far as I am concerned. Our Country is in better shape than its ever been. They are a disgrace to our country.

  28. I joined the US Army did my service and fought for people’s right to free speech and choice. I did not fight for people to be calling for a Presidents assassination by stabbing or any other means. What I would do if I was in New York is get a bunch of my comrades in arms together and hunt this “comedian” down to show him some justice in the form of what he called for another group to do to the president. If liberals and ignorant idiots want to call for violence then they should not be surprised when people capable of violence show up at their location and give them what they wanted. It is just my opinion but this form of calling for violence will reach a point where two sides are fighting each other violently, possibly in a 2nd American Civil War.

  29. What a sorry state of affairs. This rhetoric is unacceptable plus illegal. But what was done to Madonna wanting to “blow up the White House”, or big mouth Maxine to “get in their faces”, or wanting Barron in a cell with a pedophile. What happened to Kathy Griffin, she suffered no legal backlash but her career tanked!
    The police are harassed, assaulted and vilified, with few if any arrests. Trump supports are attacked. Do you see conservatives beating up people they don’t agree with? What do you see on college campuses is it the conservatives beating up liberal groups! No. God help this country if a Democrat is elected!

  30. Now SNL just went the way of the NFL, Nike and others who disrespect our country and our president. Our household does not patronize these pathetic enablers. All Americans who love their country should boycott these entities as well as Hollywood celebrities who have no business staying in the USA. Hit them where it hurts them most …. in their wallet !

  31. Anther washed up has been wanna be celebrity making another threat on the President. I do hope the Secret Service pays him a visit and explains to him that even an indirect threat against the President will be investigated by the Secret Service. Like Madonna, Kathy Griffin, Maxine Waters and others with more mouth than brains their brand of humor, threats and such will backfire on them, What goes around comes around.

  32. We don’t have an idiot running our Country. We have idiots running their mouths and being called comedians. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd they are paid for it. Give me a break and give them jail.

  33. How nasty and horrible it is when they use their platform to spread hatred and terrible acts while speaking to the public !
    I for one am sick and disgusted with the undeniable underhanded ugly tactics used to undermine this president and put him through things that should put these people in jail!
    Despicable describes the people on the left!
    I still feel we should split the country in half and let them have what they want while we continue to live our lives with honor hard work and rules in order to avoid the chaos they are causing for all of us.

    We can watch while they crash and burn!

  34. Democrats seem to have immunity provided by Satan himself, take a look around. The Clintons for example, Obama for another. Back in August 2019 , at a Democrat political fundraiser for Illinois Martin Sandoval, there was a simulated assination on our president at the fundraiser. Anybody get arrested ?

  35. time for the entire SNL cast, producers, big dogs and all to have a crash course on etiquette given by little guys in black suits!! you don’t threaten assignation on the president, comedy or not!! the words have already been thrown out there!! no recall of those words….just like if you throw a rock, you can’t recall it and what damage it does you are responsible for!!

  36. I’m sorry I have Been hidden for so long. I wasn’t aware that this was the first leap year we have ever had. If this idiot is supposed to be funny, I think he missed the boat. If this is the best we have, I’ll sit on my deck and watch my cars rust. Sadly, the audience members that laughed are just as guilty. How pathetic!

  37. How about if John Mullaney was stabbed almost to death? Would He like that?
    These stupid, juvenile jerks that think they’re funny, are mentally disturbed. Very stupid to joke about something like this, and where is the respect for the President of the United States? These jerks will say the stupidest, most dangerous things cause they think they’re being funny. Personally, they should all be thrown off the liberal show and locked up for a long time..

  38. If I would have said those things when Obama was in his office, I would have immediately been arrested, tried, and convicted, and hung or shot.
    Do that to SNL and all their so-called comedians. There is no room for hate, divisiveness, and continuing to destroy our America (The one you hate so much)

  39. HOT DAMN ” i want a face to face with this SOB !!! ( do these idiots know that it is a federal crime to make threats or try to coerce someone to do it for him !!! if it were Obama instead of trump, this dumb ass comedian would be in jail on federal charges ) ” where are the feds now “

  40. First of all, SNL STOPPED being anything remotely akin to humorous after the ORIGINAL cast was all gone! These kinds of remarks are anything BUT funny and a nice, long visit with the Secret Service is in order! None of this surprises me….after all, what can one expect from people who “drink the Kool-Aid!” It is interesting that so-called “entertainers” NEVER made these kinds of comments when Obummer was in office. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds and I despise everything they represent!

  41. I hope that this comedian and people like him that we don’t forget, we don’t do anything until it’s time, but when that time comes, they will fear for life.

  42. What would you call anyone that is so much in favor of all firearms being outlawed and then they cheer when someone threatens the life of the President?

  43. lock John Mulaney’s sorry ass up and boycott SNL for having such trash on their show i know if you suggest something like assassinating the President of the United States is a crime, if the DOJ doesn’t do anything about it then they need to be replaced with ones that will

  44. under the Democrats in the WH my husband and I had to live from pay check to pay check and we worked two and three jobs just to make 36,000 to 40,000 a year both of us together now since Trump became president i don’t work and these last three have been the best we ever had for once in our life we have been able to save and do things we want to do. You people act like you don’t want a good life you just want a hand out from the government. My husband works his ass off for what we have, you will let the Democrats take away your pride and dignity for anything free you will find out in the long run it wasn’t free by then it will be too late to do anything. This country will not be any better than the countries the illegals are running from if the Democrats take it

  45. This assholes petulance and disrespect towards both his GOD and his nation is exceeded only by his cluelessness and delusion. He is just another unknown in a huge flock of indoctrinated sheeple….

  46. The Law should not wait. This moron was threatening to kill the president. He should be arrested, prosecuted and be SHOT AT THE PARK BY FIRING SQUAD.

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