“I Have To Plead For Tests” – NYC ER Doc Warns “There’s Going To Be 1000s Of US Cases By Next Week”

Dr. Matt McCarthy, an infectious disease physician at an NYC Emergency Room, and author of the best-selling book “Superbugs”, unleashed a storm of man-on-the-ground doom-speak about the Covid-19 virus spread across the US this morning on CNBC.

“Before I came here this morning, I was in the emergency room seeing patients,” he said on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

“I still do not have a rapid diagnostic test available to me.”

Alongside, former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, McCarthy pointed to problems identified with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) diagnostic tests for the virus. The CDC sent test kits earlier in the outbreak to public health labs around the country, but those kits were problematic and potentially inaccurate, CDC officials have since said.

McCarthy, a staff physician at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, says he still does not have access to test kits.

“I’m here to tell you, right now, at one of the busiest hospitals in the country, I don’t have it at my finger tips,” he said.

I still have to make my case, plead to test people. This is not good. We know that there are 88 cases in the United States. There are going to be hundreds by middle of week. There’s going to be thousands by next week. And this is a testing issue.”

In contrast to McCarthy’s “in the field” analysis, TV Doctor Drew Pinsky claims it’s “overblown press created hysteria.”

As Summit News’ Steve Watson notes, David Drew Pinsky, otherwise known as ‘Dr Drew’, has slammed the media for over-hyping the coronavirus, leading people the world over to panic buy provisions and medical supplies.

Speaking with Daily Blast Live, Dr Drew said

“Let me frame it this way: we have in the United States 24 million cases of flu-like illness, 180,000 hospitalizations, 16,000 dead from influenza,”

“Why is that not being reported? Why isn’t the message: get your flu shot?” he added.

In a previous appearance on the show, Dr Drew urged that “We are not overreacting; the press is overreacting, and it makes me furious.”

“The press should not be reporting medical stories as though they know how to report it,” he continued.

So, who do you believe, the TV doctor or the NYC ER doctor who wrote the book on epidemics.

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  1. IMHO, the left leaning press is using / will use the coronavirus to further their agenda. They will use this coronavirus to find a way to damage the presedency and the president. They would be thrilled if thousands were to die so they could manipulate the circumstances to blame the president.

    WAKE UP, PEOPLE!! The left leaning press, along with the Democrat Party do not give a damn about the people of this country. It is all about power and control to these leftist liberal elitists. If you cannot see this by now, you are blind, deaf, dumb, numb and totally without hope or a soul.

    YES, ABSOLUTELY, the coronavirus is something we should be deeply concerned with, but this panic and fear mongering will cause more deaths than the virus, itself!

  2. Take it easy Doctor and use some simple tests to eliminate the majority of patients by using the most common symptoms of Coronavirus: Fever, cough, and shortness of breath are the most common. Unless the patients exhibit these symptoms they probably do not have the disease!

    1. We’ve always had huge numbers of flu each year. This season, total of @4 months there have been 18,000 deaths and @198,000 hospitalizations in US. Puts a bit perspective give on this particular one. Being cautious about the unknown factors of this virus is the correct response especially when China had such an incredible bloom of very ill persons in a small area. China was not forth coming and this particular Coronavirus has been active for months before they came kind of clean about it. Ther are many Coronavirus’s which cause the common cold. They’ve been around for many many years. This yet not bad as other outbreaks like Ebola which has 90- mortality rate compared to the projected 2% for COVID-19.

  3. As someone who works in the medical field this was completely responsible of this physician. He was looking for five minutes of fame to sell his book!!!

    It has been widely known that masks do not prevent people from catching this disease or spreading it because the masks themselves are porous and within the pleats of the paper mask, the bacteria stick and become actually more dangerous.

    The media has been trying to present people hoarding food at super markets when in fact these photos are old stock photos of any Costco in a busy Sunday.

    The people who have been affected the most are the most vulnerable population of the elderly who are already sick.

    It’s just so unfair to cause a panic when commonsense tells you during the flu season you should be washing your hands with plain soap.

    People have destroyed their own immune system by eating poorly and ingesting processed foods.

    Another therapy that was found to work and is being used to treat patients is IV vitamin C which has been used to treat cancer.

    I feel sorry for late people who do not have a medical background and don’t understand how this virus spreads and the mechanism in which it works.

    The people who truly need to be concerned or those who work in the medical community and those who work in the operating room.

    The virus has already shown that it’s beginning to slow down in China and in California they’ve already come up with a vaccine as well as in Israel.

  4. Who do you believe, the TV doctor or the New York City ER doctor who wrote the book on epidemics? Wow, that’s a tough question-let’s try to analyze it: first, they are both actual doctors, so that’s a split; the NYC ER doctor sees and treats patients every day, while the TV doctor just discusses illnesses and ailments for the TV camera, so this point will have to go to the NYC ER doctor; and, finally, the NYC ER doctor is from New York so he is probably terribly liberal, probably hates Trump and he sees the “dog pile” started by the media and the Democrats (with Trump at the bottom)-is he likely to just pile on-I think yes (there isn’t a liberal alive who wouldn’t sacrifice everything they have to destroy Trump), the the TV doctor with no particular love or hatred for Trump can just call it as he sees it. This point definitely goes to the TV doctor and so does the game.

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