Swing State Judges Reverse Purge, Will Keep 200k Suspect Voters on Rolls

A Wisconsin appeals court Friday reversed an Ozaukee County judge’s ruling to quickly remove thousands of people from the swing state’s voter rolls because they are believed to have moved recently.

The decision affects over 200,000 who were ordered to be removed from the voter rolls until they re-register to vote to reflect their believed move or confirmed their current address, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The appeals court also overturned a contempt order against the Wisconsin Board of Elections for not removing the voter registrations.

The board faced a $50-a-day fine and three Democratic commissioners were also to be fined $250 a day until the voters were removed from the rolls, CNN reported.

The thousands of voters in question will stay on the rolls for the state’s April 7 presidential primary.

“We appreciate the Court of Appeals decision and will move forward with the process approved by the members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission in June 2019 for handling mailings sent to potential movers,” Meagan Wolfe, the director of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, said in a statement on Friday.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission notified about 232,000 people in October to update their voter registrations or they would be removed in 2021.

Three voters represented by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty filed a lawsuit in November asking for an Ozaukee County judge to force the commission to remove the voters sooner with the upcoming election year, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported at the time.

The lawsuit was based on a law that said voters should be removed if they haven’t responded to notifications within 30 days and there is reliable information that they have moved. The appeals court ruled that the law only applied to local clerks, not the state commission.

Attorney General Josh Kaul, a Democrat, applauded the appeals court’s decision.

“Today’s decision is a win not only for the Wisconsinites who were nearly purged from the voter rolls, but also for our democracy,” he tweeted.

Wolfe said that while she agreed with the ruling, people need to make sure they update their voter registrations.

“The important thing for voters to know is that if you have moved, you need to be registered at your current address before you can vote,” she said in the statement.

“No voters have been deactivated if they did not respond to the Wisconsin Elections Commission’s mailing in October 2019 to voters who may have moved. The mailing was to make sure that voters who have moved know how to reregister at their current address and to encourage them to do that before the election or on election day.”

After the appeals court’s decision, the people who filed the lawsuit will try again in the Supreme Court, according to the president of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, Rick Esenberg.

“Wisconsin deserves clean elections in 2020,” Esenberg said in a statement. “It is our intent to seek review in the Wisconsin Supreme Court to ensure that the Wisconsin Elections Commission complies with state law.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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  1. Well there goes a Fair Election in Wisconsin. If it wasn’t for Lying, Cheating, and Stealing the Democrats would never Win an Election.

  2. Seems the Federal Gov’t could demand that all votes cast in Federal, not State or local, elections have voter ID’s much like a SSN … which would then be placed in the Federal Election data base of qualified voters who meet the Federal Standard for casting a vote in Federal Elected Officials. It would not take long to institute this .. as it did not take long to institute SSN and that was without “modern technology”. This Voter ID would assure that only those Legal Citizens would have a right to vote in a Federal Election (ie POTUS, Senate, House). After all if a particular state wants to remain part of the Union then it would have to abide by the laws set forth by the Federal Government for casting a vote in the Federal Elections. Further with this data base there would be no way possible for a person to vote two three four etc. times as one Voter ID per person. Also all voting then could be done on line with each voter able to assure his/her/it vote was cast as intended. Also the races for POTUS, Senate, House, could be followed in real time as no one would know who the number was assigned to and only the numbers would be shown and who the vote was cast for. We make way to much of this process when it is indeed an easy fix.

    1. Bob, absolutely! I don’t understand what such a Voter ID hasn’t been issued. As you say, it is an easy fix. Both Trump and Judicial Watch were said to be pushing that.

  3. We all know if they were voting republican the democrats would declare it unconstitutional. (Another word they love to say along with racist). This is how they win elections. Amazing that they complained that Trump cheated. They were only mad that even when they cheated they still couldn’t win.

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