Schumer's "Dangerous & Direct" Threat To The Supreme Court Sparks Bipartisan Backlash

Update (2140ET): Chuck Schumer’s outrageous outburst has sparked condemnation from both sides of the aisle – Pro-Trump and Never-Trump.

Rep. Mark Meadows exclaimed on Twitter: Chuck Schumer has a way of accidentally unmasking the left’s nefarious behavior

  • 2017: “You mess with the Intel Community, they have 6 ways from Sunday to get back at you”

  • Today: Says Gorsuch & Kavanaugh “will pay the price” & “won’t know what hit them”

RINO Senator Mitt Romney chastised the Democratic leader:

And Schumer’s friends are upset. Harvard Constitutional Law Professor Laurence Tribe decried Chuck’s words:

“These remarks were inexcusable. Chief Justice Roberts was right to call him on his comments. I hope the Senator, whom I’ve long admired and consider a friend, apologizes and takes back his implicit threat. It’s beneath him and his office.”

Even none other than disgraced former FBI Director James Comey criticized Schumer (albeit with a back-handed shot at Trump):

And finally, @CrimeADay reminded us of this little law: 40 USC §§6134 & 6137(a)

  • It is unlawful to …utter loud, threatening, or abusive language in the Supreme Court Building or grounds.

  • An individual who violates this … shall be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 60 days, or both.

“Impeach him…”

*  *  *

Update (1925ET): First Chief Justice Roberts chides the Senate minority leader and now Trump slams the Democrat’s “direct and dangerous Threat” to SCOTUS…

Trump went on…

As we noted below, and Trump reiterated, just imagine if the president had said something like this? How the media would have reacted?

*  *  *

First Chuck Schumer threatened President Trump when he said the intelligence community has “six ways from Sunday” of getting back at him. Now it’s Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch – who will “pay the price” and “won’t know what hit you” if they rule the wrong way on a landmark abortion case.

Schumer was speaking at a rally in front of the Supreme Court, where the justices heard June Medical Service v. Russo – in which an abortion provider has challenged a 2014 Louisiana state law, the “Unsafe Abortion Act,” which requires abortion doctors to hold admitting privileges in a hospital at least 30 miles away from the abortion facility.

His comments drew rebuke from Chief Justice John Roberts, who said that his comments were “not only inappropriate, they are dangerous.

Opponents argue that the law would limit abortion access across the country – hence the protests against the two recent conservative additions to the Supreme Court. If the law is upheld, all three of Louisiana’s abortion clinics could no longer end the lives of unborn children.

When the law was signed in 2014, only one of the state’s six abortion clinics at the time had a physician who was compliant with its requirements. The law has been largely blocked from implementation, but was briefly allowed to go into effect in early 2016, prompting the closure of two of the state’s remaining clinics.

Today, Louisiana has just three abortion clinics across the state. If the Supreme Court finds Louisiana’s law constitutional, all of them would stop offering the procedure, as first reported by CBS News. The court’s ultimate decision is expected early this summer. –CBS News

Pro-life advocates also gathered at the Wednesday rally. 

Schumer spokesman Justin Goodman put quite the spin on the threat, telling the Daily Caller that the senator’s comments referenced the political price Republicans “will pay for putting them on the court,” as well as “a warning that the justices will unleash major grassroots movement on the issue of reproductive rights against the decision.”

Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse slammed Schumer, saying that Schumer threatened Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

“The Democratic Party is so radicalized on abortion politics that today Chuck Schumer threatened Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh if they didn’t strike down a simple, common-sense, pro-woman law that simply says that abortion doctors need to have admission privileges at a local hospital,” Sasse said in a statement provided to the DCNF.

The Nebraska senator argued that if a Republican threatened Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor or Ginsburg, “it would be the biggest story not just in Washington but all across America.”Daily Caller

“But, Chuck Schumer’s bully tactics aren’t getting much air time right now because there’s so many people in bed with his defense of abortion and his attack on an independent judiciary,” Sasse continued. “These bullying tactics need to stop.”

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    1. A sign of desperation by this man. He does not have the integrity , dignity and he should be punished or he will continue his evil mouth. He needs to pay the price too, whatever price he is thinking for the two Supreme Court Justices will suit him.

    2. What ever happened to the POS group that lied at the Kavanaugh appointment? When can we hear the gallows being constructed for treason?

  1. What going to be done to Schumer for his threatening remarks that can put ideas in the heads of some people to bring harm to these two Justices! We don’t see any government official be charged with crimes they have done to Americans or this country! Like Hillary Clinton, Schumer & Pelosi! Or people who threaten President Trump & his family! Or make threats to the White House! If this were another country these people would face prison or worse! We have made them above the law & have become a country of lawlessness! Let’s see these people charged for their words & actions!

  2. Don’t forget Maxine Waters for publicly call for Dems to go after Republicans in public places. Now we have people who practice their right to support Trump getting assaulted. Why are these people above the law.?


  3. Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy — Schumer, Democrats and the Main Stream Media are constantly calling the President “a bully” “athug” “a dictator” and so on. However they feel it is okay to threaten Supreme Court Justices and bully them to vote on Baby’s Rights issues.
    The left always frames this as “Women’s Rights.” But a women has all the rights up to the point where the Baby needs to be protected.

    The woman has the right to date who she wants. She has the right not to drink and lose control over her decision making faculties. She has the right to not have sex with the bozo. If she decides to have sex, she has the right to use contraception. If she gets pregnant, she has the right to give up the baby for adoption. (We adopted two children who are now productive adults).

    Senator Schumer and the democrats will fight for the rights of sea turtle nesting areas, and piping plover bird sanctuaries along the Long Island shoreline, but they will allow a viable fetus to be killed.

    I hope the court defines baby’s rights over women’s right.

  4. Schumer has stepped and burned The Us Constitution and himself. It’s a heavy felony. He should be put in jail immediately and kick out the Congress. Look back the Pelosi’ behavior!it is the same ! All the democrats did respect the Americans People and against the country support our enemies like Russia,China ,Iran..

  5. Its amazing that a person whom accuses others of violating their oath of office would knowingly and willingly “threaten” members of the supreme court just to get air time in front of protestors. Its even more disturbing that the news would pay attention to someone with this kind of a hate filled agenda or any of his other hate filled agendas.

    It would be most appropriate of the feds and local law enforcement to take him to task and DEMAND that he serve time for this. IF a private citizen would have done this, the government would have been at their door for an arrest within a day. AMAZING how a political hack gets away with this garbage!!!!!

  6. Schumer needs to be kicked out of the Senate. He should also be charged with threats to a public
    official. If we as would have made those statement we would be arrested and put in jail.

  7. Legal action is appropriate and must be taken against this idiot according to Title 18, at the minimum. Do our laws not apply to liberal, left-leaning wonks?

  8. EVERYBODY, grow a set and deal with this atrocious behavior like it deserves to be dealt with!!! Treat him like you would a Republican!96DV

  9. The whole damn bunch of Dumbocrats need to be taken down and dropped off south of the border wall with the people they love to support over the American Citizens they swore an oath to serve. They dont serve anybody but themselves.

  10. We’ll see what Attorney General Barr is made of. I don’t believe that somebady who says “there’s a bomb on the plane” is exonerated from crime if he apologizes. Shumer shouln’t get off the hook because he apologizes either.

    1. But he didn’t apologize for it, he doubled down on it and his staffer tried to say he meant the senate GOP would fall for putting them on the court.

  11. Same old crap . I constantly read that this statement by Hillary will put her in jail . Or that statement will end so and so’s career. So it goes with Schumer , Comey , Schiff, and all the other nasties inhabiting our politics. When will this end?. COME ON REPUBLICANS , get some courage and prosecute someone. Let us know you still have some courage, some CLOUT, and finally take some of these people to task !!

  12. Without a doubt, he should be removed from office sooner then ASAP and never be aloud to hold office again…

  13. Please Crying Chuckie!! You should plead guilty to attacking Sureme Court Justices!!! You are honestly unhinged and leaped from crying to threatening!! You should be removed from office!! Now Mutt Rummy don’t try to act like it was so bad in your thinking!! YOU are just as big oof a crooked Hack Un-American as stalin and Fidel Castro as they were!!!

  14. This little stunt from this little man deserves nothing less than being censored by the congress but truly warrants recall or impeachment. The nation as a whole has lost all respect for the Democratic party and due mainly to this kind of idiocy.

  15. Throw the idiot out. No suger coating on this one. The dems always wiggle out of crimes and other bad behavior. OUT HE GOES. Lies lies. Lies that’s all he has. OUT OUT OUT OUT

  16. If this stinking POS Commiecrat enemy within had said this to me, a 100% disabled by Agent Orange Vietnam vet who fought to PRESERVE all that this treasonous troll and the rest of the seditious swamp slime keep trying to to overturn, he would without doubt be in a hospital! I was personal assistant to and protection for MOH awardee Chaplain Charles Angelo Liteky of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade 52 years ago in Vietnam at the height of the 1968 Tet Offensive while Ted Kennedy was pushing the Democratic party evermore left; AND I HAD A DEGREE IN GOVERNMENT EVEN THEN! Chief Justice Roberts was RIGHT to issue the warning and it would have been better still had Schumer been arrested, indicted and charged with BOTH sedition and high treason under the authority in Chapter 18 of the U.S. Code which defines what constitutes such acts and also provides the penalties for those found guilty of them; after a trial by a jury of peers in FULL COMPLIANCE WITH DUE PROCESS AND THE RULE OF LAW HE AND HIS PARTY SO PLAINLY DISDAIN WHICH IS A VIOLATION OF THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE, MAKING THEM ALSO MALFEASANT IN THEM AND DERELICT IN DUTY AND OBLIGATION TO THE ONLY CONSTITUENCY THEY ARE SWORN UNDER OATH TO SERVE BUT DO NOT; AMERICAN CITIZENS! Enough is more than enough of their subversion of our Constitution and the Rule of Law. They NEED to be held BOTH responsible and accountable to We, the AMERICAN People or removed, FOR CAUSE! and, that applies EQUALLY to Pelosi. Schiff, Nadler and the rest of the dolts of the left for their utterly false allegations and lack of due process in the fraudulent impeachment by the House of Horrors. They ALL belong in prison~! NEVER ELECTIVE OFFICE

  17. Loks like its time for old scummer to step down. He geting to old for his job. Or just lock him up with Clinton

  18. I say lock Chuckie-boy and Nasty Nancy up in the same cell together and make them listen to each other 24/7/365…that’s punishment enough!!!
    Git R Dun!!!

  19. It’s amazing how some dumborats can come on T.V. and explain that what shmuck shoomer said and what EVERYONE HEARD WITH THEIR OWN EARS is not what shmuck meant My f—g head is spinning…

  20. Schmuck did not want Nutsy to be the only Democraps not a CLINTON or OBOZO who was arrested for their Crimes in office.

  21. Over time we have witnessed the Democrat Party slowly move left but for the last 12 years they have boldly gone racing toward Socialism. Chuck Schumer has been very much behind the scenes pushing the far left agenda until he became aware of the fact that the American people were finding out they are being lied to and totally deceived. Chuck has been the puppet master behind much of all the absurdity being displayed by the left in the last 3 to 4 years. Many in the House of Representatives are merely puppets that move, act and speak by the strings attached to and by the puppet master. The reason Chuck (the puppet master) has been showing himself of late and being adversely vocal is because the puppets are not up to level of performance he has commanded. Therefore, the unmasking of the puppet master has now happened and the ugly truth has begun to spill out for all to see. The puppet master has been very angry and
    his anger has reached a level he can and could no longer contain. WOW did he show his true and despicable nature of who he reallly is! The American people are now seeing first hand the vileness and disdain from one who perpetuates much of the illogical disorder and contempt toward our Constitutional Republic. This long planned out attempt by the left has been massively kept behind closed doors and hidden in dark shadows for decades. But now we are witnessing the full on frustration from the perpetrators because their ideology and plans for implementation are falling apart. One can only conceive that this would never or could never happen here in our country but the truth has now come to pass. Much work has to be done to stop those who would misuse elitism in power to change or redirect the will of the American people. A great place to begin would be term limits for all of congress and the Justices of the Supreme Court. The length of their term limits would vary on the importance of each level of governance. It truly is ashame that a government for the people and by the people has become innately corrupt by elitism of those who have chosen to be self servants and turn to an unwillingness to serve our great Constitutional Republic. As for Senator Chuck Schumer, he has committed a crime, and should be punished to the level warranted by someone who has been trusted to serve the American people.

  22. Dear “Chuckie”:
    Now that you’ve “stepped in it” deeper than your waist——–maybe it’s time to think about RETREAT!!! To ANYPLACE that will ACTUALLY want you!!!! This country sure doesn’t———–not after your latest attack on OUR constitution. When a US Senator THREATENS (by name) sitting Supreme Court Justices, it’s time for THAT Senator to quit and leave the country—–PERMANENTLY!!! And, don’t bother packing—–the few constituents you have left will do that for you!!!

  23. Well the real Democrats are up front and visible now Electorate. These “no one is above the law” mantra we listened to for months during the impeachment joke, by the Democrats has come to roost on this phonies head. Perhaps one can realize this hypocrite doesn’t have the balls to act in his threat, but there are oh hundreds if not thousands da of whackos who will see this as license to attack these two me. And their families because this gutless fool planted the idea in their heads.
    No apology can undo the damage or threat .
    Censure absolutely, criminal charges maybe, being removed from office absolutely, though
    he has his constituents fooled because they keep re electing him!!! Now let’s in mask the phoney house leader and her crooked lying hateful Schiff and Nadler. The Durham investigation has to act to charge Comey, his minions and yes Hilary Clinton who paid for the whole Russia Collusion hoax. Karma dealt her her just rewards denying her election to the highest job in our country (thank you God)
    Donald Trump May be a bit rough around the edges but he is a Patriot and loves our country.
    Vote these liars and cheats out of office people and let honest representatives pass legislation people want and need across the board.

    1. SHUMMER and his ilk along with THE SQUAD should be exiled to a deserted island near the Middle East with a lifetime supply of corn flakes and the Hanta Virus !!!!

  24. The Republicans can call for sanctions against Cry’n Chucky, but nothing will come of it. He has too many co-conspirators in power. Notice how many media moguls mentioned his ‘outburst’ . . .
    The ONLY way to beat the demonrats is to STOP voting for them!

  25. I feel that Obama and soros are upping the amount of brain washing and hypnotizing they are putting on their lackeys. When the need is there put enough on mental cases to dig out the guns and then can’t recall what happened, and then they send a Rep that will give cause to a dirty deed. We are in a necessary period to act on the installation and opening of institutes to care for these stary eyed folks.Did you see the look on schumer when he was asking Nancy how did I do? Think I can make it as a dictator in gov’t instead of a rep for these people that can’t even read?

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