Watch: Store Shelves Across The Country Are Emptying Fast

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper,

As people across the country frantically attempt to get prepared for the possibility of quarantines and illness during the Covid-19 outbreak, store shelves across the country are getting stripped bare. And with the supply chain interruptions that we’ve written about previously, some of these items may not be coming back any time soon.

I asked a group of readers to show me what their local stores looked like and the photos that follow are the ones they sent me.

Washington State

Franklin County, Tennessee

Kansas City, Missouri

Lake Charles, Louisiana

New Hampshire

Greenville, South Carolina







Spring, Texas

Azle, Texas




Belle Vernon


East Gate


Dartmouth, Massachusetts


Not every store is barren.

Several readers told me things were business as usual in their local stores. Folks from Oklahoma, the Mid-West, Northern Virginia, coastal Virginia, Boston, Niagara Falls, Montana, and Indiana report business as usual in fully stocked stores. I was in Columbus, Ohio on business over the weekend and checked out the stores there. I saw no visible interruption in supplies.

A source from a Walmart store in the midwest told me that the warehouses are now distributing goods like toilet paper and cleaning supplies, and that managers can no longer order specifics

The things that are sold out

There’s a distinct pattern in the things that have sold out (or nearly sold out.)

  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Bleach
  • Lysol spray
  • Lysol or bleach wipes
  • Toilet paper
  • Canned Tuna
  • Vitamin C
  • Cold and flu remedies
  • Bottled Water
  • Rice
  • Powdered milk
  • Hand sanitizer

Surprisingly, there was little mention of canned goods, something I personally grabbed for my daughter’s house.

If you’re looking for a list of quarantine supplies, go here to sign up for my newsletter and get a free PDF checklist. If you want to learn more about preparing for quarantine, check out this article.

It’s not just an American thing.

Many other countries are also seeing shortages. Here are some photos contributed from outside the US.


Stockholm, Sweden

As well, a friend from Germany told me that cleaning and sanitation supplies were dwindling quickly at the local hospital.

My doctor told me today he will need to cancel his operations room because he can no longer get access to antibacterials and I needed to use a wound spray to change the bandage for a surgery wound and he had to call the pharmacy and use his special doctor pull to get me the last wound spray on hold!

When will things go back to normal?

If the virus continues to spread (along with panic) we can only expect to see more bare shelves.  As we’ve written before, the United States is extremely dependent on China for a wide variety of essential consumer and medical items. Since the factories haven’t been running regularly since early January, there simply are no products to ship.

And if they are being shipped, are they arriving in our ports? That’s the big question, as the virus has been said to last up to 9 days on surfaces. Will the United States allow these shipments to come into the country?

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    1. Exactly Max.

      GARLIC: lily family (liliaceae). Awesome reputation as a healer. ‘Twas the strength & vitality of the ancient Egyptian pyramid builders. Pliny prescribed it for 61 maladies, including gastrointestinal, snake & dog bites, scorpion stings, asthma, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, appetite loss, convulsions, tumors consumption. Hippocrates: laxative, diuretic, tumors. Chinese & Japanese: high blood pressure. Ancient (Hindu) Indian: heart disease, rheumatism. Shakespearean England: aphrodisiac! (bake or steam & eat entire bulb) Ointments, compresses & inhalants were the choices against tuberculosis. It fought typhus & dysentery in WWI, & septic poisoning & gangrenous battle wounds in WWII. Dr. Albert Schweitzer used it for typhus & cholera. More powerful than penicillin & tetracycline put together: can prevent & cure cancers, arthritis, rheumatism. It’s the broadest spectrum antimicrobial known. Also viricide, fungicide, parasiticide, protazoacide. The microbicide allicin is destroyed in cooking, but it will still lower (LDL) cholesterol & raise HDL, thin blood & decongest. Used for sepsis & pneumonia. Very high doses can work wonders for fatal conditions like fungal cryptococcal meningitis (or rectal implant or IV) (16). Also stimulates the immune system. Anticoagulant (called ajo, an alterative), thins the blood as well as aspirin does (very well). Pulmonary problems, (decongestant, expectorant) chronic or acute asthma, colds, bronchitis. Protect against & dissolve tumors. Better antioxidant for reversing liver damage than vitamin E. The capsules, pills, oils, “odorless” & other garlic preparations are of little value. Japans Kyolic is the only effective commercial preparation (for raising immune activities). Warning: garlic may trigger allergic reactions in some people, but if the diet is right (try honey) & intestines are not septic any such reaction may be considered a healing crisis. Infants love breast milk that tastes of garlic & will drink more (16). Sulfur acids in garlic (the active ingredients) will not only burn, but actually consume weak & unhealthy tissues, unlike red peppers which burn but do not consume. So you may need to use plantain banana, arrowroot, slippery elm, ginger or other stomach protective foods, or reduce dose. Blood type: O, A, AB Bene. B Neut. 3/24/15, JHS.

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  3. 10x more have died from common cold & flu already than from this “Corona scam. Most of them vaccinated. Wake up.

    Weston A. Price Foundation
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    Tyla Gabriel, Her Royal Bioweapon Exposed.

    Dana Ashlie, The BEST NEWS re CORONA virus You’re Gonna Hear All Month! Kinda.

    HighImpactFlix, Bitchute Exclusive!! What’s More Threatening Than COVID-19 … vaccines kill more than coronav. All hidden stats, charts & graphs, all solid documentation.

    BICARBONATE OF SODA (Baking soda, Sodium bicarbonate): Preventive of & life saver in all diseases by quickly raising pH. Quickly resolve colds, flu, respiratory problems, heart disease, kidney, spleen or liver failure, allergy, asthma, autoimmune, gut & stomach problems, diabetes, cancer. Use with magnesium (kelp), to balance. Used in dialysis wash, chemotherapy, ICU & ER care. Club Soda: in 1pt very cold water put (via funnel) 2t baking soda, then 2t citric acid, cap immediately. JHS29Jan2015.

    Pls consult a dedicated, experienced & competent health care person before attempting to diagnose or prescribe yourself with anything whatsoever.

    The unified field theory of Health is that digestion, the immune system & immunity are one & are bodywide. Immunity is primarily digestive. Even in the lungs. Bodywide. If your digestion is out all your systems are out starting with your immune system. The immune system is one big digestion operation & vice versa. The digestive enzymes (amylase,protease, lipase), are made in the white lymphatic blood cells & that is the front line of the immune system. The pancreas does not make digestive enzymes– the white cells deliver their digestive enzymes to the pancreas as needed for digestive juices for delivery to the pancreatic duct to the duodenum. The upper stomach is the food enzyme stomach. It is quiescent (no peristaltics) & secretes no digestive enzymes. Its digestion is based on digestive enzymes in the raw food, salt and condiments eaten. Salt is essential in the creation of the lactofermentation environment in the upper stomach. Digestive enzymes are killed at 118F. Cooking temperatures destroys digestive enzymes & eating only cooked food destroys upper stomach digestion. That is why some raw in your food is essential.
    The contents of the upper stomach are divided from the lower stomach by the middle area band of muscle, which will open only when the upper contents reach a high acidity (about 1hr). – and these acid contents cannot move down into the lower stomach except by gravity. – you must be standing up after 1hr, otherwise the acid contents will remain in the upper area & burn the hiatal sphincter at the base of the esophagus. “Heartburn”. Gastric burn.
    Everyone knows the process of digestion in the lower stomach by HCl acid. But that salt, NaCl is essential to the making of HCl with Cl, and to the stomach lining protection with Na, “sodium,: is not taught.
    The failure of upper food enzyme stomach digestion is the first step to the failure of the immune system, since the upper food enzyme stomach is the first step in the immune system (Dr. Edward Howell). All one, not divided.
    There are specific foods that are Digestive Enzyme Source Foods, but lactofermentation covers all the bases.
    (More at

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    ACEROLA CHERRY:  East Indian cherry.  Best source of real C-complex. Premium source of P, rutin; bio-flavonoids (also, buckwheat, citrus peel, currants, paprika) & naturally buffered vitamin C complex. 1g carb/ fruit. In poison ivy to block histamine release and truly help relieve itching and anxiety. Considered herb highest in vit.C. Important part of natural therapies for scurvy cancer, allergies & many more. JHS

    ASCORBIC ACID: (called vit.C, it isn’t) It is an isolate of 1% of real C-complex. All conditions. Carb hogs need a great deal more vit.C. Seems we make our own ascorbic acid if we refrain from excess carbs. Ancient sailors never mentioned the problem & it was only noticed later as ships increased stores of starches-sugars. Megadoses IV can save lives & kill cancer: Sodium ascorbate is used: dissolve 5-10g ascorbic acid in an inch of water in a glass. Add 2.5-5g baking soda, stir, add 5oz water, & drink or inject 2-4x/day or more). Keeps perishables fresh. Kills yeasts, fungus & bacteria. Used by white blood cells along with peroxides & digestive enzymes as our prime immune function. JHS, Feb.2

    BLOOD THINNERS: see Garlic, Echinacea, Red Clover. Includes foods high in aspirin-like salicylates, omega3 fatty acids, vitamin E & natural antibiotics (like sulfur foods). Easy bleeders or bruisers must watch intake of blood thinners & balance them with blood thickeners-coolers (meat, most fish, leafy greens, lettuces, “cooling” foods & spices, most vegetables, dairy & grains, lacto-fermented foods).
       Thinners-warmers are also “Looseners” & can relieve constipation but in excess can result in diarrhea.
       Blood thinner (anti-coagulant) drugs will need to be limited by the person’s dietary blood thinners. Reduce the drugs, not the foods!
       Blood that clots too easily is too thick & leads to heart-circulation problems, stroke: do more ‘thinning-warming’ herbs-spices-foods. Blood that doesn’t clot enough leads to excess bleeding, nose bleeding (epistaxis), easy bruising, hemorrhages, hematuria (blood in urine), heavy periods, bleeding strokes. Bleeding-bruising too much? Have a bowl of Lettuce.
       Salicylates: block VitK1. (K is from the Swedish word for coagulation). Many spices, esp ‘warming’ spices, most fruits, esp. dried fruit, nuts, some flavorings-preservatives. High salicylate herbs-spices: Ginger, Curry, Cayenne, Thyme, Cinnamon, Dill, Oregano, Tumeric, Licorice, Peppermint. “Warming” spices, boost circulation-metabolism by thinning the blood. Night Sweats are cooled by limiting ‘warming’ spices-foods & increasing ‘cooling’ foods-spices. .High salicylate fruits: Raisins, Prunes, Cherries, Cranberries, Blueberries, Grapes, Strawberries, Tangerine, Orange. Other: Chewing gum, Honey, Peppermints, Vinegar, Wine, Cider.
       Artificial transfats (hydrogenated vegetable oil) are solid at body temperature & cause blood clotting. Real saturated animal fats are liquid at body temperature & are not a problem – they actually cleanse the blood!.
       Topical creams high salicylates (methyl-salicylate, menthol, birch, wintergreen, cayenne) can cause can result in internal bleeding even death if overdosed.
       Vitamin E: is K1 agonist. Found in many skin products as a preservative. If your hand sanitizer has E it may cause nose bleed – just eat a bowl of leafy greens-lettuce. Many foods high in vitE, like spinach & broccoli also have high K1 so will not thin blood.
    Vitamin B6: can cause bleeding-bruising if you are low on K1. Higher estrogen levels are linked to blood clots. B6 lowers estrogen levels, which means lower K1, thinner blood.
    Omega-3 fatty acids: lower cholesterol, thins blood. High in fatty fish: Anchovies, Salmon, Albacore tuna, Mackerel, Lake Trout, Herring. Benefit anxiety-depression.
    Other blood thinner foods: Tree Ear, Jicama, Garlic-Onion, Olive oil. Prescription antibiotics kill gut bacteria that make K1. So since Garlic-Onion contain natural antibiotics it is theorized to kill gut bacteria that make K1. But natural antibiotics, Garlic & other foods-spices contain natural prebiotics & probiotics to supply needed K1, balance gut bacteria to balance coagulation & much else!
    Fetal alcohol syndrome signs closely resemble K1 deficiency. Heavy alcohol users may be low in K1 (thus the red nose-face). Red wine is esp. potent blood thinner. Too Cold! Eat some leafy greens.
    IRON & K1 is a yin-yang relationship: when iron levels are high, platelet count is low & vice-versa. In iron deficiency anemia, platelet counts usually increase. Iron overdose case: K1 coagulation factors dropped to very low (3%) levels in 8hrs. Too much K1 rich food (salads, etc) can result in iron deficiency. K1 overdose: iron will be very low & platelet count very high. Iron supplements can help here.
    Exercise. Over exercise means lower K1, low estrogen, lower cancer risk, thinner blood, higher osteoporosis risk. Under exercise (even sitting more than 1/2hr at a time – no amount of exercise can compensate for that) low physical activity, means thicker blood, blood clots, higher estrogen, higher cancer risk & osteoporosis from inactivity.
    Vitamin D3: Sunshine. Needs K2 as found in animal fats to keep minerals in bones & out of joints & muscles. For good circulation. Thins blood.
    Cancer is seen as a circulation problem in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) – poor (cold) circulation causes cancer. Modern western medicine, as usual, reverses that – asserting that cancer ‘causes’ blood thickening. Many studies show that many factors that thin the blood also reduce cancer risk (sunshine, aspirin, heparin (prescription anti-coagulant, antibiotics, olive oil, fish oil, turmeric, vit.E, garlic).

    BLOOD THICKENERS: leafy greens (vitK1), but many foods high in vitE will not thin the blood if they’re also high in K1 (like broccoli & spinach). Bleeders-bruisers need lots of K1 foods. Blood ‘coolers’ are also thickeners (meat, most fish except fatty fish, leafy greens, lettuces, most vegetables, dairy, grains, lacto-fermented foods). Lacto-fermented foods restore gut bacteria including those that produce K1.
    Thickening-cooling foods are also “Binding” to the bowels to stop diarrhea & in excess can result in constipation.
    In the old days of Blood Letting it was known that excess protein thickens the blood. So it was the custom to pour apple cider vinegar over the baked beans, to serve cranberry sauce with fowl, apple sauce or sauerkraut with ham-pork, vinegar based mint sauce with lamb, lemon with seafood, mushrooms (citric acid) with steak (D.C.Jarvis,MD). Also apple & grapes with everything. Liver & onion. Pasta & garlic-onion. Fennel-anise, orange-grapefruit with seafood. Natto, miso & tamari are lacto-fermented & improve K1-clotting. Jhs28May2016

  5. This is the priceless ancient bubonic plague (yersinia pestis) preventive & remedy. It was called “The 4 Thieves.” Works even on the worst & most deadly superbugs when all drugs & other methods fail, as they always do. You will need this if you are going to SanFrancisco, LA or DC, DOA, ETC.
    Health is a do-it-yourself LIFETIME PROJECT not a government crony medical monopoly scam. 
    Is it coronavirus or 5G or both? Who cares! 
    Biowarfare virus containing HIV OUT OF CHINA? So What!
    The antidote, as always, is your own God given immune system. It is centered in your gut. Beginning with your upper stomach. No drug or vaccine can do what your own healthy gut can do! Works against superbugs when the most powerful drugs have failed.
    The 4 Thieves:
    The garlic is the key to this. Next key is mushroom. Next key is ginger. The other ingredients are variable depending on what you have around. Possibilities are plantin leaf, thyme, rosemary, red pepper, whatever.
    Plague lactoferment: in water salted well with Celtic Sea Salt, puree garlic, onion, ginger, horseradish, mushroom, parsley, fennel, kelp  (no vinegar. This ferments itself). Keep on countertop 3 days then refrigerate. Use immediately as needed. Teaspoon doses or less. Intelligent. Super potent digestive & digestive enzyme source, prebiotic & probiotic, antibiotic, viricide & fungicide, meaning it’s a powerful immune system support & restorative of all systems.
    Think IODINE (black walnut hull as tincture or lactoferment, seafoods).
    Think Overeating (gluttony) as deadly here as always. Think moderation, sometimes very high moderation, as in one small meal/day for starters. Overeating destroys digestion & that destroys all other systems. 
    Drug care is not health care. Vaccines do not bring health. Medical monopoly is no better than any monopoly. US emergency medicine is important, but is not about health. Big Science requires Big Money & that means Big Corruption.
    Weston A. Price Foundation (.org). 
    Our emergency care system is excellent. But emergency care is not health care. Drug care is not healthcare. Vaccines don’t bring health.
    Calling drug care health care is simply doubletalk. Like calling a pig’s ear a silk purse. It is a crony capitalist monopoly leftist ploy.

    This 7 Sleepers in a Cave story (Apostate Prophet) originated in pagan story – almost all usurped by Christianity & Islam, which dedicated themselves to obliterating all evidence of their pagan origins.
    The chief pagan god Pan was so multifaceted that he became the model for both Jesus-the-Christ & Satan. All natural health & healing were attributed to Pan & thus demonized by the drug oriented monotheists (like Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoenheim Paracelsus). Thus monopoly crony-capitalist origins.
    Pan’s panacea was his deep-purple black Elder Tree, used for sustaining, leading & healing all things, earth included – a complete herbal materia medica in itself.
    One American type is quite toxic (red elder, Sambuchus racemosa).
    Two types of black Elder are eminently medicinal but one has off smelling flowers & bitterish berries (European black elder, Sambuchus niger, “stinking Elder”, really not that bad, I grew up with it). It is just fine  but it is not the preferred variety.
    The preferred Elder is totally pleasant (American black elder, Sambucus canadensis) of smell & taste. The immature white berries turn red then ripen to such a very deep purple to look black.
    Confusing things as always, the canadensis is sometimes called red elder (the very poisonous kind) & “mistakenly” eradicated, as happened to my childhood stands.
    It grows as a bush & eventually matures into a 50′ tree. It is the chief (Elder) plant in the entire ecology of its location.
    Pg 337, Stephen Harrod Buhner, SACRED & HERBAL HEALING BEERS, The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation (1998). Suitable for the most advanced brewers, but ordinary people need not be so technical in the least – fermentation is prehistoric & totally simple, natural & basic at it’s very best.
    He uses sugar all the time for alcohol production. Lacto fermentation (salt) does not require added sweetener, & it is far more beneficial. Salt fermentation is far better & only slightly alcoholic at fitst & then makes its own vinegar – that is called lactofermentation, like ume plums, cold pack pickles, kimchi, nama shoyu soy sauce, sauerkraut. It is self preserved kept in cool place like a cave, root cellar or Great Pyramid. It is super powerful without side effects of alchoholism if used in large doses (as can be necessary short term in terminal & very severe cases). It is both prebiotic & probiotic. It counteracts, digests & removes glyphosate. Elderberry works fast on any flu. Lactofermented elderberry works even better & more deeply & very fast on flu at any stage.

    BEET: Juice, powder or puree of root & tops (greens) for all menstrual ills. Diabetics use only tops. Best: puree raw or fermented (Betafood: Thanx to Dr. Bruce West of Health Alert, Sept2018, p3-4.) as for Borscht; red pepper, garlic, onion. Ginger, horseradish, Celtic salt, etc. as desired. One cup between breakfast & lunch, then between lunch & dinner for 10 days monthly. Tonic. Digestive, esp. fats. Supreme blood builder. Lower cholesterol. Blood sugar control. Gradual liver-gallbladder cleanser. Thins bile. Remedy premature old age, bad skin & hair, urps & burps, heart problems. General body cleanse-detox. O, A Neutral. B, AB Bene. Beet leaves: All Bene. 3/24/15, JHSesame.

    BEET – BETAFOOD: Thanx to Dr. Bruce West of Health Alert, Sept2018, p3-4. Beet: Juice, powder or puree of root & tops (greens) for all menstrual ills. Diabetics use only tops. Best: puree raw or fermented as Borscht; red pepper, garlic, onion. Ginger, horseradish, Celtic salt, etc. as desired. One cup between breakfast & lunch, then between lunch & dinner for 10 days monthly. Tonic. Digestive, esp. fats. Supreme blood builder. Lower cholesterol. Blood sugar control. Gradual liver-gallbladder cleanser. Thins bile. Remedy premature old age, bad skin & hair, urps & burps, heart problems. General body cleanse-detox. O, A Neutral. B, AB Bene. Beet leaves: All Bene. 3/24/15, JHSesame.

  6. Panic is beginning to set in and just who is responsible for the fear mongering? Look to your local MSM and you’ll have your answer. The MSM need the ratings so they stir the pot of fear in the public by fake numbers of infected. One should do all they can to protect themselves and their families and pray you don’t contract it.

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