Philly Bar Association Telling Lawyers, Judges to Resist ICE

The head of the Philadelphia Bar Association is calling U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement a “police state” and telling its lawyers and judges to keep ICE agents out of its courthouses.

The call comes as a resistance effort against ICE working courthouses to make arrests intended to deport criminal illegal immigrants.

“Such actions are hauntingly reminiscent of those of a police state, calling to mind the actions of a secret or state police,” Bar Chancellor A. Michael Snyder, a retired judge, told The Washington Times.

“We call upon law enforcement agencies, local governments, and court administration to prevent the access of ICE agents into courthouses, and to act to protect the rights of individuals lawfully within those facilities from harassment or arrest by ICE agents, whether uniformed or not.

ICE argues courthouse arrests are a necessary function because the illegal immigrants are known to be unarmed, having gone through court security.

Sanctuary city defenders say the ICE arrests at courthouses would ultimately deter illegal immigrants from showing up to court.

via newsmax


  1. When ILLEGAL is treated better than LEGAL, why ever behave legally. Move all ILLEGALS into the homes and at the perpetual expense of these IMBECILES who pamper and pacify ILLEGAL ALIENS INVADERS.

  2. Idiots want to keep Federal Agents out of an government courthouse… OK…We’ll be sitting outside waiting on you amigo…

  3. A retired judge, leftist fricking imbecile. So tired of these arrogant assholes who oppose the rule of law and act as though they’re righteous. “Bar Chancellor” is quite a name for some know-it-all attorney who makes edicts and proclamations from high atop his perch. It’s time to eliminate asses like this altogether! He needs to be sweeping floors at Walmart.

  4. Looks like the Philly bunch of lawyers are the threat to the legal citizens of the USA……

    THANK GOD FOR “ICE” and pray that they hire at least 10,000 more of those agents to get those illegal aliens and DACA out of the USA……….IT WILL MAGA……

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