“If I Die, I Die” – Students “Risk It All” For ‘Dream Trips’ As Colleges Close Across America

Millennial students think they’re invincible against Covid-19 as the virus mysteriously targets the elderly.

Brave young people are taking advantage of cheap flights across the country, traveling to places for deep discounts, a move they thought was never possible until the virus crisis canceled schools and crashed the airline industry.

Roundtrip airfare for New York (all airports) to Seattle is $217 for a non-stop ticket on March 11. What a steal! Want to hit up Miami Beach, Florida, this weekend, well, it’ll only cost $73 roundtrip. Or what about NYC to San Francisco? Well, it’ll only cost a cool $180 for the roundtrip. These prices are ridiculously low and are perfectly explainable: no one (mainly baby boomers) in their right minds are stepping onto a plane as the virus nears pandemic status unless you are a batsh*t crazy college student armed with a credit card and no f*ckings given about the real world.

Ashley Henkel, 20, told NBC News that cheap flights across North America have allowed her to fulfill her dream of traveling across the country. When asked about Covid-19, she responded, “Whatever.”

Like many millennials, we’ve heard it all, “it’s just the flu, bro.” Well, is it, are you sure? Not according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who said on Wednesday the virus is ten times more deadly than the flu and could infect millions.

We’ve noted that airports across the world have transformed into ghost towns as hundreds of thousands of flights have been canceled. It was reported that global airline traffic has collapsed to its worst year on record, even worse than the 2001 terrorist attacks and the 2008 financial crisis. “It’s unprecedented,” said Jefferies analyst Sheila Kahyaoglu.

“I feel like if the coronavirus would get even more serious and like wipe out a large amount of people, I might as well be somewhere having fun,” Henkel told NBC.

Henkel said she started noticing price alerts a month ago of declining airfare and had to act, mainly because ticket prices last summer were so expensive during peak travel. While people are in quarantine, she said she’ll be out enjoying life and visiting places. There is “no fun in staying at home and being all worried,” she said (obviously, she hasn’t seen any Wuhan, China videos).

Some young people are “risking it all” and are posting their low-cost travel experience in the virus crisis on social media:


“I think the coronavirus is clearly something people need to be wary of, but I don’t plan on putting my life on hold because something is going around,” Mulligan said. He had planned a trip next month to the Dominican Republic, saving hundreds of dollars on flights.


Capri Nicole, 27, told NBC that plunging costs for flights allowed her to get a roundtrip ticket to see her grandmother. “There’s sicknesses everywhere,” Nicole said. “I could get a disease today unrelated from the virus.”

Nicole said she wasn’t worried about getting the virus: “If I die, I die. I miss my family.”

Who would’ve ever thought college students would respond so well to cheap airfare and risk their lives in a virus crisis to fulfill dream trips? Do schools still teach risk management? 

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  1. Thanks to a 24/7 news cycle where there is a crisis somewhere in world every moment and a new apocalyse movie coming out each year of their lives, today’s kiddies just dont want to be told not to do something because its stupid and dangerous. Regardless of how foolhardy.

    The kiddies go at their dreams like this, boomer and Xer women are going to have to explore fertility in later years. US may need to replace major portion of a generation of arrogant fools.

    1. KARL, those Millennial students have just confirmed what we already knew…….They have learned nothing and are empty headed & VERY UNEDUCATED when it comes to FACTS……….

      Too bad that the parents were not good teachers either……….

  2. This reminds me of an old joke. An old guy has just married a sweet young thing and is sitting down talking to another old guy. The other guy says, “Aren’t you afraid that the honeymoon could be fatal?” The first guy answers, “If she dies, she dies”.

    Take normal precautions, but don’t stop living your life. Just be a bit more careful and wash your hands regularly, like every time you touch anything, or anyone. 🙂

    1. College students no matter right out of friggin High school know everything. Do as they well please no matter how their actions might affect some other poor soul This is the prevailing “All about me ” attitude these self serving little egotistic bubble they live in Hurrah for me F……you!!!

      1. You are so right…. It will only hit them when they are responsible for the death of their parents or Grandparents. Their stupidity will only hurt the world we live in. That is the problem with the kids of today, it’s all about me.

  3. THESE A_HOLES OF THE Millennial ? are dummer then they know they are. they will be the 1st to cry for mommy when they are sick. the worls is in trouble with these a-holes

    1. It may turn out they are smarter than all the panic the media has created!

      The clue to this vs other past viruses? The Media is selling this one and people are panicking

          1. I, a Republican, question the intelligence of those who blame the Corona virus spread on the media and the Democrats. Those blamers are unable to see that a major part of the panic being created by the virus is because of Trump and his delayed action. His worst move, however, was the disbanding of the medical body within the Nat’l Health Service and the CDC whose specific job was to defend us Americans from plagues like the Corona virus. He ordered their removal and disbandment for cost savings. Better he had kept them and spent a little less on his f——- wall.

  4. The relevant question is not “Do schools still teach risk management.” The relevant questions are “Do schools still teach anything of value?” And “Do students seek to learn anything of value?”

    Universities are focused on maximizing revenue and minimizing instruction- or teaching-related expenses. Administrative overhead expense maximization is a co-equal priority.

    As a retired University 40+ year business professor and administrator, I can provide details but those are obvious to any rational person. The market for higher education has changed dramatically. Decades ago, people sought college educations to prepare them to carve out productive careers. Now, students pursue higher education degrees ( i.e., diplomas) with no attention or concern about career potential. That’s because they expect that they and all of their cohorts will be treated fairly and they’ll all receive a trophy.

    Isn’t that special?

  5. The real problem with these brats is they only think about what they want no concern while their out partying that they spread this virus . Don’t care how it affects others who might be trying to not spread or infect someone else.

    1. It certainly doesn’t help when the idiots writing these articles call them “brave” and other inappropriate terms! How is being a selfish idiot “brave”? This is how every pandemic is spread – by selfish jerks spreading it!

  6. Leave it to a know it all kid. She will find out the truth when it’s too late. Many of the youth are no healthier or as healthy as the elderly.

  7. I am addressing this to Capri Nicole: You are going to fly to see your grandmother because you aren’t afraid of dying? Are you afraid of killing your grandmother? All the people you are near or touch could give you the Covid19 virus. You may not even get sick from it, but you could pass it on to your grandmother and SHE could die. In fact, it is more than likely that she would. Hmmm. How would you feel then?

  8. God bless ’em. They can afford to do things now because of the media induced hysteria trying to take down Trump. Good for them. They may have been “educated” in liberal schools, but they know their own odds of getting ill are quite low, and their odds of dying are negligible. Now’s the time. I recall the Dems used to day, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” I guess they taught the millennials well.

  9. It’s more likely any if us would die getting hot by a car that this hoax disease. Influenza, which no one talks about, is 10x more lethal

  10. What if this. Virus was God’s ideal to straighten out the world knee to him come back t o him. He is God only he can straighten out the world we must accept him as Lord. Almighty..he is our hope for America I first thought man planted the virus but I now think God did.our world has become so corrupted ..anything goes..pray God help us

  11. You can’t fix stupid … they (younger people) believe they know it all. Sooner or later some mouse trap of an issue will get them, this might be it. Imagine the guilt they will have to live with should they bring the virus home and it takes away a parent or grand parent. But they can take solace in the fact that they knew better. If I had some brighta** who took a trip under these conditions … I’d change my “will” and leave everything to my cat.

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