Speculation That Trump Has Coronavirus Rages Again After Press Conference

As expected, Trump announced that he had declared a national emergency during the speech, but much of the reaction centered around the president’s health.“I’m not going to say what we are all thinking,” tweeted Mike Cernovich after previously noting that Trump “looked shaken / completely out of it / off his game.”

 Numerous other Twitter respondents asserted that Trump looks ill.

Some people also noted that the PredictIt odds of Trump finishing his first term have plunged.

Earlier today it was reported that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had tested positive for coronavirus after meeting Trump, although Bolsonaro’s son later claimed that the test came back negative.

However, Brazilian official Fabio Wajngarten, who Trump met at Mar-a-Lago last weekend, did test positive for the virus.

As we highlighted earlier, people have been insisting that Trump has coronavirus for days (with many celebrating the prospect) and the speculation heightened following the president’s Oval Office address to the nation on Wednesday evening.

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  1. Again the media is making things up. He was not sniffling or breathing funny and was on his game. What were they watching? Leave him alone and let him do his job! Too many critics! Put yourself in his shoes. You people wouldn’t survive. He’s on top of things!

    1. I agree with you Joy, 100%! Leave him alone and let him do his job! I love President Trump and what he is doing for America !

    2. I agree totally, Trump is on top. In the event he is sick, he has very good team of doctors. He will be fine. The media needs to stop inventing problems. He has enough on his plate already.

    3. The insane left is hoping our President comes down with the virus but little do they know the prayers of the people are going up for his safety and that of our VP and family members. We’ll see how God works through it all. If you had the load of the world upon your shoulders wouldn’t you look a little tired from lack of sleep…idiots!!! Maranatha

  2. He has quite a bit going on right now and everybody (mainly the hugely toxic other side) against him and what he’s trying to do and been trying to do since the day he was LEGALLY elected doesn’t help matters seems like his first and foremost concern is HIS American citizens regardless of what party they say they are he wants us all healthy.

  3. LEAVE the President alone ; he`s doing a Fantastic Job Protecting America and all Americans .
    The so called ” Media ” : a bunch of Fools Full of Hate .
    The Media`s job should be to pick up trash and garbage left on the streets .
    Puke cadaver Pelosi wanted $ 1 Billion to kill babies .

  4. I get so sick to death of the democrats, liberals and media. They never can shut their mouths. Shut the F up! All they have done is cause a needless panic causing people to go off the deep end with the whole bathroom tissue stupidity, getting into fist fights in grocery stores, etc.

    Being cautious is one thing but to cause an absolute panic is another. Even looking at these tweets once again people are making something out of nothing.
    You can certainly tell these people have never gone through situations whether it be outbreaks, natural disasters or war. Typical snowflakes / chicken little. Go color iin your books and let the responsible adults handle it.
    These people need some serious mental help.

    The movie Airplane comes to mind when people line up to slap the panicing woman! I see plenty that need it.

    1. Absolutely, right on track. The virus is bad enough without Democrats and MSM trying to take President Trump down by scaring everyone and making things (panic) worse. Shame on them for lying to the public AS USUAL.

    2. The mainstream media truly are one of America’s greatest current problems. Without their assistance so much of the treasonous behavior and political debauchery taking place would be impossible. There was a time when the media brought these crimes against America to the public’s attention but now they are complicit in making them happen and keeping them secret. Mainstream media is truly the enemy of the people , We the People. Most of them belong in prison with their treasonous political cohorts…

  5. Democrats in Washington with nervous Nancy are probable consulting Demons in hopes that the president has the. Corona virus the bad thing. about the media and the bay of pigs ran by nervous nancy is its all garbage in and garbage out

  6. I don’t believe President Trump has the virus. I don’t believe there is anyone in the USA who has a better immune system and is more healthy than the President. Until he or his doctor says he has or doesn’t have the virus I will continue to believe he does not… He should however be extremely careful as we all should about mixing and making contact with people…

  7. I didn’t know that for the good of this country we have discover that with no medical proof a bunch of self named doctors happens to solve the corona virus test. If you one of this idiots just call or visit them and you’ll know immediately if you have the disease.

  8. The press is so hilarious in order to stay relevant they make things up , now they seem like they hope TRUMP has Covid-19.

    They have enough to report why must they feel that they need to make up news now, most of the news reporters wouldn’t last a few days if they had TRUMPS scheduled let’s be for real….

  9. These idiots are hoping that the President has the Wuhan Flu ah I mean the Corona Virus (it sounds more apocalyptic). TDS is the major epidemic in this country. AAAAAAAAAAACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !
    OMG ! I have the Corona Virus ! Ah …. wait ……. no ….. it’s just allergies (I get them every year).

  10. A lot of wishful thinking out there by people who hate Trump, hate Americans for electing Trump, and probably don’t like themselves very much

  11. Dumbocraps are wishing. And that’s all.
    TRUMP IS TOO TOUGH! He’s healthy, has the best medical care and doctors. As thick skinned as trump is, not even a Sherman tank would oppose him. Is only threats are crazed jackasses.

  12. Drool is leaking out of my keyboard from all the Libtards salivating on theirs at the prospect of Trump having the virus. What an evil sick bunch.

  13. I’m willing to bet all these never Trumpers with TDS will be very very happy to see our President got the corona virus or worse. President Trump is probably tested more often behind the scenes than you can imagine because he meets with a lot of dignitaries and heads of state. Let’s stop second guessing and speculating. Wait for the facts and his doctors report. Remember the media is not our friends and is neither Trumps friend. This is why I say don’t buy into this hype and vote for Trump and the Republican slate. take my voters pledge. My voters pledge:
    1) I will vote for and support candidates and parties that are not anti-Americans and believes in and follows the constitution of the United States of America.
    2) I will not vote for or support any candidate or party that is an anti-Semite and hates Israel also will support terrorist and their terrorist organizations. Also does not believe in the Christain way of life and the rights of the unborn child.
    3) I will not vote for or support any candidate or party that is a communist or socialist also supports their programs and believes. Also believes in higher taxes and crime.
    4) I will not vote for or support any candidate or party that believes in sanctuary cities and states. Also, open borders hate our ICE agents, police and military and the security of our country.
    5) I will vote for or support any candidate or party that believes in our constitution and supports the first and second amendments including free speech freedom of religion and the rights to bear arms.

  14. President Trump works 20 hr days to keep America safe he’s exhausted and needs a vacation. No president in the history of our Country has put so much time effort and thought into this job.NF8B

  15. You could tell he was tired. He kept saying yes we worked on that last night and then again same thing about something else. He cares so much about doing right by America he is getting no rest. May God put His hedge of protection around him and his family.

  16. Omg these people are freaking ridiculous! Spreading lies and mis truths amongst the media. They really hate him that much you need to move out the USA then!

  17. Recently a poll taken shows the people robbing all the toilet paper are from sanctuary cities or states, which tells us they are liberals. Because if this we know the need for all the toilet paper is because they are full of (s!!t)!

  18. Hahaha. Trump does press conference on virus. Has all departments heads. ( 2 women 2 Blacks and one white guy by the way). And filled in on the latest. Pensé and others talked about how great it was to put differences aside and come up with solutions. AND hinted that press could help by just reporting the facts and informing the public. Immediately after CNN and MSNBC said they are getting conflicting stories compared to a week ago so Trump has been lying all along. How pathetic and disheartening.

  19. They only wish they could do what trump is doing . So instead they have to cry like this to cover their short comings . If they were smart … which their not …. they would check old Joe on that one . Hes losing it at every point in his campaign. Maybe he has some of that bug . Hell better check with mad max and nasty nancy to . They seem out of mind here of late . If their not suffering from that bug … then damn … you mean their that way in real life ? Didn’t think anyone could be that lost in life like them ,then if not infected with the bug … Guess thats why the other delusional democrats don’t like them anymore .

  20. As healthy as Trump is and the kind of fighter he is I’m not worried that it would take him out. But not the case with biden. That old fart only has half a brain and he likes to get hansy with people.

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