Army Corps of Engineers Deploying to New York

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is getting his wish, as Defense Secretary Mark Esper is set to deploy the Army Corps of Engineers to New York to assess the state’s need for hospital beds as it faces the coronavirus crisis.

Cuomo has been calling for the Corps of Engineers to be sent to his state to build hospital beds quickly and help deal with what he sees as the inevitable crush of COVID-19 patients flooding hospitals past capacity.

Esper, appearing Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” told host Bret Baier he had a “good conversation” with the governor and “what he sees is a deficit, if you will, in hospital beds in New York state as he looks ahead to what may be coming.”

“I gave him my full commitment that we would get the Corps of Engineers up there soonest, to assess the problem and see how we can help out,” Esper said.

Cuomo, appearing on MSNBC, told Rachel Maddow, “I spoke to the secretary of defense today. I have the Army Corps of Engineers coming in here tomorrow.”

Appearing Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Cuomo said: “I only have 3,000 intensive care beds, and these people are going to need the intensive care unit beds. The only hope we have now at this late date is to retrofit existing facilities.”

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  1. Really delighted to NOT live in a city. And to NOT have mass transit closeness.
    Good luck to the herds in surviving this.

  2. as always Dems are taking shots at President Trump, if they are short of beds it is because of CUOMO policies and funding. they are all trying to get tax payers to subsidize their mistakes while blaming them on President Trump and make a case for medicare for all and single payer insurance which is NOT a single payer as it comes out f our taxes. good luck NY, CA, WA, and all the progressive socialist democrats that will ruin and destroy the USA/

  3. Oh, he ” is set to deploy the Army Corps of Engineers to New York to assess the state’s need for hospital beds as it faces the coronavirus crisis.” “SET TO”. Jesus! About friggin’ time! The federal government, under the “guidance” of the Orange Idiot, is WAAAAY behind on EVERYTHING, and if you don’t think Trump’s going to responsible for some deaths, you’re not thinking clearly. He started off pooh-poohing the whole thing, we have…15 cases, soon to be zero…brainiac wrong AGAIN, as anybody could’ve and DID tell him, but he only listens to PUTIN!

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