Governor Newsom: California is “Prepared To Enact Martial Law” If Necessary

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California’s governor Gavin Newsom says he is prepared to enact martial law in the state if it’s necessary. Newsom said during a press conference on Tuesday he would consider implementing martial law if it was necessary to curb the novel virus.

“We have the ability to do martial law … if we feel the necessity,” he said, according to a Yahoo report.  Issuing martial law would be an unprecedented move rarely used by officials in US history. If enacted, it would temporarily replace the civil rule with military authority and undoubtedly ramp up the violence. Martial law is a signal from the government that your freedom is gone and you’ve just been enslaved by the ruling class. Like it or not, a complete lack of freedom is slavery and that’s what we are facing as the government responds to the coronavirus.

This will only increase their power over you and your basic human rights would be eliminated. How far will people be pushed? It’s difficult to say. So far, there hasn’t been much push back, but some people may be reaching their limits.

The precedent for martial law in the US states “certain civil liberties may be suspended, such as the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, freedom of association, and freedom of movement,” according to a legal journal.

Personally, I’d rather face this virus than live life under martial law, which is tyranny at it’s finest. Americans are being pushed and backed into a corner as the government demands they submit to their enslavement.  It’s become clear that politicians want complete power and domination over the rest of us. The ruling class is not looking out for our best interests.  They are busy consolidating their own power while people are too panicked to think logically about what is happening to them.



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  1. Newsom does have the right to declare martial law, but a very large congent of the people will not abide by his edict. There are not enough national guard or police to lock down California, and if they put up road blocks there are going to be soldiers and cops dying by the truck load. That boy of a governor, (Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew) will not declare martial because he knows full well, his statement was only bluster with no realistic way to enforce it.

  2. Americans killing Americans! Tell me the Democrats aren’t adding to this virus epidemic. If we have to fight each other to save this country from Communism, then let it begin.

  3. Martial law involves shooting people who disobey the quarantine guidelines, or those looting. This should happen in the next two weeks.

  4. Governor Newsom: California is “Prepared To Enact Martial Law”. California US Citizens response: We are “Prepared To Enact Martial Law”to remove Newsome!

  5. No wonder–people in California are in long lines outside Gun Stores.
    Gov Newsome–you’re showing your stupidity. Marshall Law and you’ll be in deep sh3ttt!!

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