Lindsey Graham Explains The Main Problem With Coronavirus Relief Bill

Lindsey Graham just explained the biggest problem with the current version of the coronavirus relief bill:

“In my wildest dreams I would never believe we would pass a bill that would give you a pay raise if you got unemployed,” he said.

“I want people to get their income while they are unemployed but I don’t want to increase their wages because you incentivize people to leave their job.”

“In this bill, you will have 50% to 150% pay raises to people if they leave the workforce. Good luck with Amazon hiring 100,000 people because unemployed benefits in South Carolina equal $23 an hour. I’m really going to hire people in South Carolina when you’re competing with government wages at $23 an hour?”

He concluded “There are medical supplies that nurses and doctors and hospitals need. Steven Mnuchin has done a good job very much trying to keep the Democrats from putting their green New Deal in the bill but here’s what we’ve done.”

“In the name of doing good, we are going to make it hard for the next four months for employers to find workers and we’re going to incentivize people to leave the workforce because for the first time in my lifetime, America will pay you more not to work then work.”

He’s 100% right about this, and it is a BIG problem.


via thefederalistpapers

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  1. Part of Pillosi’s grand plan to ruin Trump’s economy and rid the country of his prosperity. She loaths the very ground he walks on, and falls apart when she’s required to speak about him. Her oath to the devil is getting to her . . . Maybe there’s a chance people in her district will turn away from her mysterious hold over them after this. She hurt everyone, not just Trump supporters.

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