All The Craziest Things About America Are Being Highlighted By This Virus

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“Corona is a black light and America is a cum-stained hotel room,” comedian Megan Amram colorfully tweeted a couple of weeks ago. Her observation has only grown more accurate since.

The corporate cronyism of America’s political system has been highlighted with a massive kleptocratic multitrillion-dollar corporate bailout of which actual Americans are only receiving a tiny fraction. Instead of putting that money toward paying people a living wage to stay home during a global pandemic, the overwhelming majority of the money is going to corporations while actual human beings receive a paltry $1,200 (which they won’t even be getting until May at the earliest) at a time of record-smashing unemployment.

America’s capitalism worship has been highlighted with Wall Street Journal headline “Dow Soars More Than 11% In Biggest One-Day Jump Since 1933” running at the exact same time as “Record Rise in Unemployment Claims Halts Historic Run of Job Growth — More than 3 million workers file for jobless benefits as coronavirus hits the economy”. Stocks are booming, Amazon is surging, and mountains of wealth are being transferred to sprawling megacorporations, while actual human beings are terrified of what the future holds.

America’s joke of a healthcare system is being highlighted as uninsured COVID-19 patients are racking up $35,000 medical bills and even insured COVID-19 patients are looking at out-of-pocket expenses in excess of $1,300. Combine this with the millions of Americans getting thrown off of employer-provided health insurance and you’re looking at a huge number of people who will avoid getting tested and avoid treatment as much as possible. Both heads of America’s two-headed one-party system have spent decades forcefully creating this dynamic.

America’s income and wealth inequality is being highlighted in a nation suffering from all of the above problems while most Americans were already unable to afford a mere $1,000 emergency expense. A one-time $1,200 payment to a population already stretched that thin guarantees that millions will be plunged into crushing debt and destitution in a nation with a historically unprecedented billionaire class raking in even more unearned wealth.

The insanity of America’s war machine has been highlighted as awareness grows during a global health emergency that government military spending negatively impacts government healthcare spending and the US has the most bloated military budget on the planet. Now as journalist Max Blumenthal explains this war machine’s escalating hostility toward China is causing Americans to needlessly die of the virus.

America’s fake political system has been highlighted as the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee completely vanished for a week and then returned to deliver an embarrassing string of befuddled interviews upon his return, reminding the nation once again that the Democrats are running an actual, literal dementia patient for the most powerful elected office in the world. Biden will of course be running against an incoherent reality TV star who only last week decided that the virus is indeed a real problem which needs to be seriously addressed, and who now already wants to begin rolling back the inadequate measures his administration implemented far too late. The debates between two men who don’t understand what they’re doing and can’t string a sentence together between them will soon be broadcast around the world for all of civilization to behold.

America’s lying mass media are being highlighted with propagandistic lines that would make Kim Jong Un blush, like The New York Times claiming today that “the American medical system is unsurpassed and its public health system has a reputation as one of the finest in the world”. We can safely expect US media to get even more demented as they expands their hysteria-inducing new cold war propaganda campaign against Russia to China as well.

America’s murderous sanctions machine has been highlighted as the US continues ramping up its economic warfare against Iranian civilians, with thousands already dead and potentially millions to follow due to Tehran’s inability to access necessary equipment, medicine and resources during the pandemic. The Trump administration has not eased the sanctions during the outbreak, and has in fact added to them, because killing Iranian civilians has always been the goal. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has gone on record to say that the objective is to make Iranian civilians so miserable and desperate that they overthrow their own government.

So basically everything crazy about America is being amplified to absurd caricatures of its own insanity and highlighted for everyone to see. There’s a lot of ugliness coming out into the light as a result of this virus, which may end up being one of its few perks for everyone. As they say of both viruses and governments, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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  1. The statement you applied to this article about the Secretary of State is a flat out lie. Go to work for the New York Times, you would fit right in….

  2. So much of this article is factually inaccurate. Just a few examples: large ( and small) corporations that will be getting aid from this bill are getting it so they will be able to continue to “employ” the workers, rather than have to shut down. This in turn, helps the worker ( you and I). Trump did not acknowledge this was a virus ” last week.” Immediately after news of it broke from Wuhan, he set up a travel ban ( which has now been credited with having likely prevented up to 95% of cases we would have had, had he not done so, although it was immediately bashed by the left and mainstream media as rascist. He has continued to stay on top of it since, doing what he can on the federal side and allowing the states to make decisions on their level, based on what the status is. And testing has been free of charge. Hospital care is not free, but it never has been, for any outbreak of any kind throughout history.
    This article should have had to go through some kind of legitimacy review test prior to being allowed to be published. The same should apply to mainstream media.

  3. No, the article is accurate. I have never in my life seen a more incompetent corrupt lying cheating bigoted moron running what claims to be the greatest country on Earth.

    They keep telling us how great the US is so that we will not do a thing to make our lives better.

    Yes,Biden is a terrible choice and the leadership of the Dem party is lousy. Still you could not dream up a guy like Trump. If his mouth is moving you know he is lying. Every staff member is a crook.

    And if they aren’t they resign. Hate crimes thru the roof,. Gun violence at epidemic levels and we the richest country on Earth don’t have test kits or medical equipment for our medical people. All the money or most goes to the corporations not human beings. This country’s govt is pitiful.

    The people need to replace these criminals. Instead it’s blame the Chinese the Blacks the Muslims the immigrants etc.

    Our system is all about greed. Trump is great at greed and promoting division confusion and hate.

    I hope people don’t go to church on. Easter cause if you do you will get sick and make others sick and God forbid die. Go to servicedover zoom.

    Stay healthy and safe

    This man is a dangerous monster.

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