13 Reasons To Fear The Coming COVID World Order

Authored by Andrew Korybko via One World Press,

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed life as we know it, and it’s more than likely that our future will be a dystopian one given how various governments have already responded to this viral outbreak.

The skeptics among us are fearful that this whole pandemic is overblown and being exploited as a smokescreen for stealing our freedoms, and while their attitude towards this disease is questionable (and quite possibly dangerous), their suspicion about a government takeover of society is warranted.

Never before have governments had so much power over the people, though in these emergency conditions, that might not be an entirely bad thing for the time being seeing as how it could very well be necessary for our survival.

The problem, however, is that these newly assumed powers probably won’t be voluntarily surrendered after this epidemic ends, which is why many people are so concerned. They’re convinced that we’ve suddenly entered a period of global dictatorship, and it’s difficult to argue with them.

So much else is also changing as well, and it’s hard to keep up with the “COVID World Order” that’s been thrust upon us, but what follows is an attempt to briefly describe everything that’s already taken place and predict what will probably follow:


There’s no other way to describe both the “recommended” and mandatory quarantines that many in the world are experiencing than to call them what they are, a state of de-facto martial law, which isn’t being formally declared in order to not provoke any more panic than there already is.


Now that de-facto martial law of a seemingly indefinite period has been accepted by the people (whether willingly or begrudgingly), it’ll probably become the “new normal” and be implemented countless times in the future, be it as an “overabundance of caution” in the event of another outbreak or under any other pretext.


“Big Brother” is already here, but he’s going to become a bigger bully than ever before by intensifying his censorship of people’s social media posts on the basis that they’re “socially irresponsible” (e.g. questioning the seriousness of this disease), after which the “politically incorrect” net will widen to encompass other topics too.


Domestic and international travel will never be the same again, with internal restrictions on movement likely becoming commonplace and most foreign guests being required to self-quarantine for a period of time except in special circumstances, thus all but killing the global tourism industry.


Gone are the days of so-called “open borders” where anyone can freely move between jurisdictions at will (whether legally or otherwise), with more stringent controls being put into place to protect the local population from outsiders (including their own compatriots from elsewhere in the country).


For whatever one thinks about vaccines, there’s probably no way to stop them from becoming mandatory after the COVID-19 pandemic, with it being predicted that people will have to prove that they’ve been vaccinated in order to do anything at all such as study, work, travel, and receive government benefits.


With so many people stuck at home and unable to leave except to purchase essential goods in most cases, it’s predictable that remote learning and working (the latter which will of course be for those whose jobs allow them to do so) will pick up in the coming future as society gets used to this way of doing things.


The massive surge of online traffic from folks who are learning, working, or simply entertaining themselves online will necessitate the rapid roll-out of 5G technology despite what some people suspect are its serious health concerns.


The “new normal” of de-facto martial law has made many people realize that society really just depends on a few jobs in order to continue functioning at the bare minimum, with these being techies, grocery store and pharmacy employees, bank clerks, healthcare professionals, food service workers, farmers, and truckers.


For better or for worse, governments across the world might go on a nationalization spree in order to take control of what they regard as “essential industries” (though whether some of them truly are or not is another story), which could lead to the informal imposition of either socialist or fascist economic models.


Given the scale and scope of the global economic collapse that was catalyzed by the world’s uncoordinated response to COVID-19, it’s foreseeable that governments will unveil what’s been described as a “universal basic income” in order to ensure that their people can continue to at least purchase basic goods and services.


Medical training is arguably more important than military service nowadays, so the state will probably make it mandatory in schools from here on out and for anyone who wants to receive government benefits, thereby enabling the government to draft them in the future whenever there’s a dearth of healthcare professionals.


The cashless society is coming, whether justified by the (real, false, or exaggerated) fear that lethal viruses can be spread by paper currency or as the government’s preferred method of dispersing its “universal basic income”, meaning that the authorities can cut folks off from their funds at any time that they want to.

*  *  *

There’s no guarantee that everything that was described above will come to pass, but there’s certainly a high likelihood that at least some of it will transpire with time, though it’ll remain to be seen how sustainable these socio-economic and political changes are and whether or not they can ever be reversed.

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  1. Good article. I always wondered what would happen to allow a take over by Satan. The Lord allows things, but Satan needs his permission to act. ( He is the most beautiful Angle that the Lord ever made, and he comes as a Angle of Light, read 2 Corinthians chapter 11, veses 13, 14, and 15) The Lord picks all the Kings and Leaders, Since Saul. The good and the bad. He allows Satan to influence them, but he picks them. he Lord can not do bad things. In the Books that Moses wrote, notice all the plagues. Every time Israel did not follow his laws, look at what the results were. Sometime look up the Deaths of H1-N1. So far much worse, but there was very little response from the Left. This Time, the Left is the Globalist Group. The article above is a correct article. Never in my wildest dreams did I Think, or would have believed, that Satan would lock Christians out of churches, but make it sound so good and reasonable. Best read 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2, verses 2, 3, and 11. 11 is the Great Illusion that God Brings. Then go to Ecclesiastes chapter 1, read verses 9, 10, and 11. Everything that is happening, is described very accurately in ye Bible.

  2. 5G is the Charles Lieber U.S. Patented method of COVID-19 and other biowarfare viruses. Look it up. This article is garbage.

  3. Well I’m a born again Christian. And I choose to put ALL my FAITH in my LORD. I have also laid all my worries at my FATHER’S feet. FEAR is of the Devil. That’s a FACT. I know the good LORD takes care of my family, my friends & myself. I truly BELIEVE the good LORD is trying to get the ATTENTION of people that are NOT saved. Because myself & so many other Christians truly believe the RAPTURE is not far off. And OUR FATHER is a loving one. HE TRULY doesn’t want to send anyone to HELL. My prayer would be for ALL those who are NOT saved; to just pray & ask the LORD to forgive them of ALL their sins & come into their hearts to live. And just thank JESUS. for dying on the cross for ALL their sins. AMEN.

  4. Yes they will. The Communist Chinese Party will see to it that they send many more terrorist viral attacks. As a result oligarchs will use called PRS or Problem Reaction Solutions. These Oligarchs will use Big Pharma and Microsoft have come together to work on something called the ID 2020 Alliance. This alliance will combine vaccinations with implantable microchips to create digital IDs of all individuals that take the vaccine. These Vaccines developed will be used by these Globalists to control and monitor the lives of everyone. If their intention is to get everyone chipped, an easy way to do that would be to put the chip in a vaccine that fights the virus causing the pandemic that they created. These Pandemics are part of the New World Order and the Communist Antichrist rule

  5. Some may say that humanity is on the clock. The time is nigh. We have been experiencing a strange new world over the past few months as if it was not crazy enough. Currently, we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Some may feel the entire calamity could have been avoided and was caused by man’s negligence. Others may feel that this outbreak is a plot to destroy President Trump’s re-election run. Or, some may feel that what we are going through has been written and prophesied about for millennia, biblical. Even if this situation that we are all in is biblical, on the stage of the world, actions need actors.
    Technology would be one of a few perfect mediums that could be used to scar humanity with the mark of the beast. Drugs, food and social programming are other viable ways used by those that control the world to control and direct the minds of the people. It’s been told that in the last day’s Satan would stamp everyone with the mark which basically would mean that this individual follows the laws of and is ruled by Satan in the Bible. Without this mark, one would not be allowed to do any commerce or exist within this New World Order.
    There is a little procedure these oligarchs use called PRS or Problem Reaction Solutions. What they do is cause a problem like a financial crisis for instance. Once the crisis is in full effect, they watch how the people, as well as markets, react. Once the reaction to the new reality is underway, they then come up with a solution to the problem making them appear as the hero. It is tantamount to home security system company, in order to boost sales in a specific area, started organizing home break-ins and robberies, increasing crime and henceforth increasing the need or so-called need for a home security system.

    This coronavirus may well have been a PRS event. Many are not aware of the fact that Big Pharma and Microsoft have come together to work on something called the ID 2020 Alliance. This alliance will combine vaccinations with implantable microchips to create digital IDs of all individuals that take the vaccine. This was published on October 24, 2019, in Now The End Begins written by Geoffrey Grider. What a strange union. It gets worse. In 2018, the Pirbright Institute was granted a patent, for what, the coronavirus. The US patent application number is 20170216427. Pirbright is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates. On October 18, 2019, Bill and Melinda Gates hosts a pandemic exercise called Event 201 along with The World Economic Forum and John Hopkins Center for Health Security. This event was based on a mock pandemic exercise and the need for a vaccine. One month later China has a coronavirus outbreak. If these vaccines they crate have RFID microchips in them and everyone is moved to take the vaccine either by fear or force then they would have successfully chipped everyone. With that, they will be able to control and monitor the lives of everyone. If their intention is to get everyone chipped, an easy way to do that would be to put the chip in a vaccine that fights the virus causing the pandemic that they created.
    We can well be living in Orwellian times for sure. Control is ensuing and propaganda seems to be the way of the world. Technology is good but it can be bad as well. RFID chips may well be the mark of the beast. Time will tell. What is done in the dark shall be revealed in the light.

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