Sen. Cotton: China ‘Lying’ About End of COVID-19 Crisis There

China is lying about the end of the coronavirus outbreak in the country, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., charged Sunday.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Cotton claimed he knew early on about the potential danger of the outbreak.

“The Chinese communist party is still lying,” he said. “Back in January I knew this virus had the potential to become a worldwide pandemic for two reasons. 

“Not because I’m a scientist or epidemiologist but because I could see . . . how the Chinese communist party was lying and . . . the dramatic extreme measures they were taking — like locking in 75 million people into their homes and apartment buildings.

“Those two things simply did not line up,” he continued. “You see it again today.”

According to Cotton, the evidence of that country’s current deception if, “they just closed all movie theaters nationwide only a few days after having opened them up.”

“Or look at some of the mortuaries in Wuhan . . . they say they have only had 2,500 cases that have resulted in deaths or so, yet the single mortuary ordered more than 5,000 urns.

“You can look at the basic facts to know the Chinese communist party is still lying today as they were in December and January, and that’s why what could have been a local health problem in Wuhan turned into a global pandemic from which more than 2,000 Americans have now died,” he declared.

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  1. China is lying about when the Covid 19 started in Wuhan China .. as well as how many are dead where are the original reporters and doctors and nurses that rang the warning bells in decenmber?? There gone…our President Trump has been outstanding as our leader thank you! From Boston Ma

  2. I think I would believe Mr. Cotton before some Communist zipperheads…You say one thing about the Party in that country, you will be taken out in the street and shoot in the back of the head…What kind of society you call that dipshit??? How do you break up protesters in Hong Kong??? Bio-Warfare

  3. Not to be too offensive but asians in general have the ethics and morals of democrats. If you believe anything they say you are nuts.

    The same is true of people from india. You simply can not trust them the way you can the average american.

    Most americans are fairly honest. More honest if your honest with them. That is not true of most the rest of the world

    1. I am asian and I agree with you. I’ve lived in the US since 1986. Served the best armed forces of the world. I’ve been retired from the US Army for almost 5 years now. My son in-law was KIA in Afghanistan last month. My widow daughter still serving the US Army. My son is also still serving the US Army. Both of my kids left for the army when they were only 17 years old. I love the United States of America even though I wasn’t born here. Americans are too honest, China and asian countries are taking advantage of that. MAGA 2020!!!

      1. Thank you and your family for your service and for your dedication to this country. I’m from Hungary originally. I came here legally 45 years ago. Got my citizenship five years later which made me very proud to be a citizen of this great country. God bless the USA! 🇺🇸🙏

  4. I believe if china says 2500 then it was 7500 always they just make it sound better than what it is they said they would kill every american without firing a shot this was in the 80,s now look they have killed a lot of americans

  5. Why in the hell was the lab in China working on this virus, was it to be used as a weapon at some point?
    Well it sure did what they wanted, I hope the world wakes up to the Bull Shit that the China Government keeps doing. We all have to make them pay dearly for this stupid move on their part.

    1. Makes me mad!! That not too many are MAD as hell at the Chinese government and their lab.. intentional release.. I say Trump is being quiet for now.. because hes smart.. after he wins in November.. its all hell is hitting tbe fan.. retaliation to CHINA!!

    2. It is known that a few times during past few years that Chinese nationals have been caught with various viruses on their persons at American airports. Was this intentional or a mistake we may never know.

  6. I too believe that it’s a chemical warfare , the whole world ! And I also believe that Democrats have a hand in this , why else would they try and protect them ? It’s all fits , they have said that we need to rid ourselves of our elderly people because they tend to vote for Republicans.

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