Biden, Dems Have Found a Creative New Way To Mess With The Election, They’re Calling For Virtual Voting

Former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democrats have found a new way to attempt to steal the November presidential election.

Using coronavirus as a reason, the Democratic presidential front runner has suggested virtual voting for the 2020 election.

This from the same people who have insisted that Russia “hacked” the 2016 presidential election though no evidence exists that that happened.

Biden was talking to Brian Williams on MSNBC on Tuesday when he made the radical suggestion of online voting.

He said that there is “no rationale for eliminating or delaying” the general election this November despite the pandemic.

And he said he does not see how the Democrats are going to be able to hold their convention in July.

“It’s hard to envision that,” he said to Williams during the “11th Hour” “We should listen to the scientists.”

“We ought to be able to do what we were able to do in the middle of the Civil War all the way through to World War II,” he said.

“Have Democratic and Republican conventions and primaries and elections and still have public safe – We’re able to do both.”

House Speaker and Democrat California Rep. Nancy Pelosi wanted $ billion in the stimulus for help with the election.

But the things she wanted included same day voter registration, absentee ballots for every registered voter and more early voter registration.

These were opposed by Republicans but these would be simple ways for an election to be stolen by any Party.

“The things they had in there were crazy. They had things, levels of voting that if you ever agreed to, you would never have a Republican elected in this country again,” President Trump said in an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

“They had things in there about election days and what you do and all sorts of drawbacks. They had things that were just totally crazy,” he said.

But Biden said that the president’s assessment was “absolutely ridiculous” when he spoke to Williams.

“This is about making sure that we’re able to conduct our democracy while we’re dealing with a pandemic. We can do both,” Biden said.

“It may mean a difference in the way we do it. It may mean that social distancing doesn’t get it done. It may mean that you have a circumstance where you have drive-in voting literally, you pull up and you vote. There’s a lot of ways to do it, but we should be talking about it now,” he said.

This first appeared on the Sabia Report and is used with permission.


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    1. DEMOCOMMUNISTS have been openly opining that they are willing to say and do ANYTHING to regain power and control. This is just one more example of the lengths they will go to to CHEAT.
      This way the whole WORLD can vote for the DEMOCOMMUNISTS through the internet.

    2. We can’t get medical appointments or a hotel room without an ID and should have True IDs to elect the person to the highest position in the land with the registration number included on absentee votes to prevent double dipping.

    3. I don’t trust mail in voting or internet voting as democrats are creating just another way of cheating. I crazy suggestion is perhaps move voting to early or mid summer those democrats via the internet, or media both of which lie….so let them do their evil thing of lying, etc BUT allow us to vote in person with proper ID and signature. I realize may people still do not have internet in areas and don’t have a computer, I pad or phone, and using them you don’t have a photo id, so how do you know who are voting.
      No illegeals should vote, no prisoners’ or those released from the jails in the last 6 yrs
      The Saints understand the fear of the Lord, democrat’s don’t, and we find the knowledge, wisdom and understand of the Lord where democrats do not, the democrats left the paths of up righteousness years ago to walk in the ways of their darkness, they rejoice in even and wickedness, the are crooked and they turn from the ways of God’s word and change things to match their way of life, which is not one of righteousness. tis wick people will be cut off from the earth and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it,
      God says not to forget His ways and commandments, and the democrats have. So in giving in to their way of wanting to vote is WRONG as they will try and change or pad ballots somehow over internet or mall. Most have served more then their term limits in S & H and it says 4 terms not a life time job, so they should be told they will not be serving next term. MAY GOD COME BACK TO AMERICA, AND FORGIVE US ALL FOR SINS AND WAY OF NTO STANDING UP FOR HIM AND HIS WAY, MAY GOD ALLOW THE PERSON HE WILLS TO FILL THE WHITE HOUSE AND MAY AMERICA ONCE AGAIN BE GREAT AND Not be DESTROYED by socialism/communism/muslium THIS IS AMERICA LAND OF FREE< HOME AND BRAVE.


  2. These conniving SOBs will do anything to steal an election! And that is the only way these creeps could win! I don’t even think their own supporters want them to win. The Democrats will set us back for decades and the socialist commies for a century!

  3. The LIE, CHEAT & STEAL Democrats always plotting to ruin this country. Biden doesn’t need to worry though by the time the election rolls around he will long forgotten. Like the other 20 plus Democrat candidates that started out in the primaries NONE will be left standing. They are getting ready to roll Clinton sycophant – Andrew Cuomo out. So far the Democrat primaries have been as big a waste of time and money as the Democrats “pork projects”. They can’t even run their OWN – PRIMARY ELECTION – and get it right.

    1. It can be done every citizen who files a tax return in or has a social security number will get a to register their cell phone number or email address thru their personal phone or computer with the board of elections using their home address and drivers license number and social security number and a print out of who they voted for they mail their printout to an address or secured post office box number after they vote on line and they can only vote once using this system. Also put a very steep penalty and jail time for cheating or trying to vote more than once. Also all voting on line sites before you vote you will get a secured code good for 15 minutes if not used you will have to get another secured code and once used it will never produced another secured code and if you try to get another secured code their will be the penalty of heavy fine and prison time and again after you vote you will have to mail your paper proof of voting to an address or postal box you can only put one ballot in one envelope if you and your spouse votes you have to use 2 different devices because each computer has their own address and you have to use 2 different envelopes. It might work it was never tried before. Also before you vote you must register the device you are going to use to vote.

    2. As a resident N.Y er, my advice to everyone is stay away from even considering a vote for the “emperor” of N.Y. unless you desire to be under COMMUNIST “rule”.
      He openly ignores the U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights, the POTUS, and his “sworn” oath of office to push unconstitutional “royal decrees” usually in the dead of night.
      He has “royally decreed” himself the “government” of N.Y. now that (he says) “he alone” has complete control of both houses, and with the “help” of his (in lock step) democommunist “minions” (so-called representatives) he intends to continue to install “HIS OWN” form of “progressive” (communist) government and make N.Y. the most “progressive” state in the union.
      A “vote” for this corrupt person will ensure a communist-controlled ‘government”

  4. Lying and cheating are the only ways they can get back into power and they will stop at nothing! I say paper ballot, proof of citizenship, and one-day voting are the only ways to get back to where there is any fairness in the voting process. Anything short of that leaves us wide open for them to take over.

  5. noooooo, if they want virtual voting then there is FRAUDLENT VOTING involved!! what ever demoRats come up with you can bet there something crooked or fraud involved!!

    i am satisfied to put the election off until this virus is contained!!

  6. How stupid must you be to belive that will be fair . Are the delusional democrats really that stupid to belive wr would belive in that way of voting . Every dead person would be voting come November . Look how many dead people voted in 2016 . And how many states had more votes then voters . All the illegals will be voting to if we let that crap happen . Leave it to the delusional democrats to try this BS . They look you right in the eye and lie . No shame in them . And they wonder why their word is no good .
    Trump 2020 … make them cry again … approved by deplorables everywhere . Vote for him the real way

  7. Giving the Democrats something like “virtual voting” would be the equivalent of giving Willy Sutton the keys to the First National Bank. Willy is going to rob banks and Democrats are going to commit voter fraud and there is no reason to make it easier for either of them.

  8. My dad and I are Republicans, we’ve been doing the mail in voting the last few elections. You get an email when they send it out to you, you get another email when they receive it. But, come to think of it, that doesn’t mean they’re actually counting your vote, they could just be dumping it, or doing as Nancy Pelosi did with Trump’s State of the Union Address, and ripping it up. Maybe that’s why Trump won by the electoral votes. And, as an Election Judge, I’ve seen what the Democrats are willing to do to sway the Elections. Now they aren’t just having the dead vote, but also they’re “helping” the mentally handicapped to vote.

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