Dems using coronavirus pandemic to launch MASSIVE effort to steal all future elections — we need national voter ID NOW

(Natural News) The Democrats operate under the political mantra, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” which means, simply, ‘use such incidents to our advantage to push through agenda items that normally would not have a chance.’

One of those items is perpetual vote fraud and election theft.

You may recall that in California during the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats managed to flip several traditionally Republican congressional seats in red districts using a state-approved vote fraud method called “ballot harvesting.”

What is it? As former U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) noted in a column at Fox News: 

The process of ballot harvesting should be illegal for very good reason. It violates the chain of custody, exposing the ballot to potential manipulation by campaign operatives or nonprofit political groups. They could harass voters to turn in ballots, “assist” them in filling them out, and potentially “lose” ballots that don’t support the candidate the ballot harvester is paid to help.

That’s exactly what happened in the Golden State. Democrats flipped seven reliably Republican House seats after ballots for Democratic contenders were ‘found’ as much as a week after the election. 

Now, congressional Democrats want to take this vote-fraud scheme nationwide with the help of their old buddy and fellow socialist billionaire George Soros, who is in on it with them. 

And they are planning to use the coronavirus pandemic as the vehicle to get it done.

As reported by Breitbart News, Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign attorney who works for a law firm — Perkins Coie — that financed (using money funneled from Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign) the bogus ‘Russia dossier,’ outlined changes he says the U.S. needs in order to ‘fix’ voting rules before the 2020 election.

Democrats would not be supporting this method of balloting if they didn’t think it would help them

Basically, it reads like a manual, “How to steal an election.”

 There are only two ‘voting reforms’ the country really needs and those are:

— All voters must cast ballots in person, to preserve that ‘chain of custody’ that Chaffetz discussed. That’s the only way to ensure integrity and that the vote cast actually came from the person casting it.

  All voters should be made to show valid, government-issued IDs — to prove residency, citizenship, age, and legal status. We have to show our ID to buy liquor and cigarettes, to get into a federal or state courthouse, to board a commercial flight, and for a variety of other reasons. That we don’t have to prove who we are to elect our leaders and vote on measures is absurd. 

We established better voting procedures in the countries we invaded and then occupied over the past two decades; remember seeing Iraqis with purple fingers signifying they had cast ballots (so they couldn’t go somewhere else and vote two, three, four times)?

We don’t do that in America because…racism/bigotry/inequality…or some such BS.

Mail-in balloting and allowing people to go around ‘harvesting’ ballots is such a blatant violation of trust and integrity only a Marxist Democrat could love those techniques. It is such an easy, effortless way to steal an election that it reminds us of ‘voting’ in authoritarian dictatorships like North Korea, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Cuba, and even Venezuela — where the authoritarian winds up with some ridiculous percentage of the vote.

Democrats would not be supporting this method of balloting if they didn’t think it would help them not only gain power but keep it. Otherwise, what would be the point? Because we know they don’t really believe in “democracy” once they are in power.

While simpletons, idiots, and virtue-signaling morons claim Donald Trump is the real “totalitarian” threat, it’s the Donkey Party that is attempting to swipe our democracy.

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  2. I am still amazed that anyone in this country could be shocked or amazed at the depths that the Dems will sink to ensure their re-election and to win the White House. With all the illegal, unethical, immoral, criminal, and down right anti American things done under Obama by Hillary and others, why would anyone think it would stop now. Having a not politician like Trump win over their favorite scam artist, Hilary, just pissed them off to the point that nothing is beneath them to get what they want. The sad part is that their theory is American citizens be damned, as long as the Dems get what they want. They spend more time worrying about foreigners, illegal aliens, foreign entities that were part of Hilary’s scams and donations, and about their own agendas and elections than they do about the tax paying Americans that are right now in a crisis with the Covid-19 situation. They are using this to try and secure their re-elections, to start another investigation, and once again to show why Trump should not have been president. I had less childish acts in 5th grade when someone would take their ball and go home if not chosen to play football or basketball due to their poor abilities. We have the same thing here but with adults that are elected by the people (They forget that line in the constitution) and for the people, that don’t care about the people, just about themselves, their money, their elections, their own agendas, and anything that is anti republican and anti Trump. They will even get in bed with people they hate, organizations they despise, and other politicians that they bad mouthed and criticized up until they need them to help bad mouth Trump. The final note is how many Americans will ignore all of what I said above because they have been made to hate Trump by these same elected officials and the media. I don’t expect all Americans to like Trump or to support him normally. But at least if they used their intelligence and common sense to make a decision it would be better than being led like sheep by the media and the highly tainted elected officials that lead the Democratic party. In this time of crisis instead of America coming together (many are actually) but the Democratic leaders are once again finger pointing, Monday morning quarterbacking, and blaming the president for what is going on. Yet they have done nothing, shown nothing, provided nothing and have nothing to help him and his team, which is what they should be doing. Again it is because we American citizens mean nothing to them other than a vote in their next election. As far as our health, safety, and security are concerned it is only their concern up until that election then back to business as usual and worry about their own money, PACs, and foreign ties and money.
    WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES. That smell is the horse manure that they shovel daily along with the stilted media that they own. I wonder how many Americans actually know that the party owns CNN and other media entities in one way or another. And yet they still believe what they see on those news stations, magazines, and even newspapers, is actually factual or close to the truth.

    1. Please don’t ask for the DemonRats to help with the Covid-19 situation. The DemonRats would only make matters worse, if they could help. Helping would just let everyone know that they are totally incapable of any rational decision which wouldn’t help their situation a bit.
      Hey Schumer, get Obunghole to offer up a fix for this.

    2. Well, Rick, unless Trump is a ventriloquist dummy, no one is putting those stupid, bragging, untrue words in his mouth. Get a clue and think for yourself!

  3. After reading the report 13,000 Chinese Sneaked Into The U.S. In 2019 – Special Alert!
    Published on on March 30, 2020 My questions are:
    How were these Chinese “sneaked in” during the FAUX ‘impeachment” as the American people were distracted? Where were they “dispersed” to? Were they already Infected and “used” as a “bio weapon” and WHO “paid” for their ‘travel? (communist china?, hitlery, soros, FRAUD obunghole ? the DNC?)
    After all President Trump has pushed the “America first” agenda, urged people to BUY American and stay away from substandard Chinese goods, which would devastate their economy, as well as urging “offshore” businesses to relocate back into the U.S with tax incentives and regulation cuts.
    Make no mistake the DEMOCOMMUNISTS have OPENLY opined they will say, and DO ANYTHING to regain power and control in this country. Think about it.

    1. Some 430,000 Chinese flew into the US New Years Eve. Google it. I read the report on Fox News. It was reported that the virus started mid December in China and the information was withheld. I agree with you that the Democrats will do anything to get control. ANYTHING. Even

  4. This latest crisis is made to order for their agenda! They can and will convince low information voters that this desperately needed. They know there’s no possible way to beat him legally.

  5. We have to have ID for eveything else we do; doctor’s visits, grocery store, banking, etc. I do not understand why we don’t have voter ID. It is critical to make sure that we don’t have the fraud of people voting more than once and illegal immigrants voting in our elections. We can’t continue as a great nation if this isn’t stopped.

    This needs to be decided and decided now. We can’t afford another election without it. No telling what we would wind up with.

  6. What I still don’t understand is the shutdown for this version of the flu, when the last few ‘pandemics’ did not receive much attention or media hysteria. There’s been more illness and death of past events, yet this one is too important to ignore?
    With what the demonrats have done since Trump was elected, it’s no wonder there are people who think in ‘conspiratorial’ formats. The evidence keeps lining up. From W.H.O. and China’s world-domination efforts, who at first lied about the outbreak; to all the media and demonrat elected officials initial comments — and flip-flopping on those comments, the citizens can’t help but be confused. Add to that all the draconian measures being taken by various jurisdictions, it is indeed a Martial Law under a guise to ‘help’ the citizenry.
    This event has played out to be the demonrat’s dream-come-true scenario. They hate Trump so much for taking away their deep state powers, or at least throwing a monkey wrench into their government cash machine, they are willing to do anything to get rid of him; even at the risk of losing their voter base.
    Like the media pundits have been saying about Trump and the Hydroxychloroquine use; follow the money. Crash Trump’s economy, and kill off all the jobs he’s created; then tell the citizens it’s all his fault. Then maybe they can get a stooge in the oval office, and allow the deep state to run things again . . .
    Yes, we need voter ID. We needed it 12 years ago!

    1. I’m beginning to believe it’s biological warfare that the Democrats started. Minimize the population, create job loss and business closings, let illegals vote, release criminals from prison (coronavirus) all in the name to impeach Trump and take control of our nation. The Democrats will ruin this country with their Socialism. They will bring back the Wild West

      1. Don’t know about whether Demonrats started it or not, but they are always trying to allow illegals into the country, and protecting them once they get here . . . Every time you learn about something devastating to Americans, in one way or another, it always goes back to the demonrats.
        I do believe China has learned to weaponize viruses. This one particularly attacks those with diabetes. Odd that virtually none of the Lupus patients have gotten infected.
        It’s going to be REAL hard for the left-leaning jurisdictions to give up their control when the virus is abated. Many are still calling for longer shutdown periods.
        The only way to get rid of our demons in power is to stop electing them. Vote red in every election you can get to, from the ground up; local, state, and national.
        Look at all the local demons responses to this ‘pandemic’, then add the state officials and you can see how they’re desperately trying to bend the event to their advantage. The all work together. Your local demons are the ground-support for the higher-ups in State, and they in turn are regional support for the deep state.
        Their no-minds dummycrat minions gleefully support their measures as long as their welfare keeps coming.
        They closed our businesses, and cancelled employment because “it’s best”, but allow grocery stores to remain open; where sick and “carriers” can congregate, touch everything, breathe in closed confinement — allowing others to carry their germs home with them? How is any of this going to stop the contagion? Short answer, it’s not. EVERYONE is already infected. Some show it, some don’t. Some get sick, some don’t. It’s no different than any other past event. Cognitive thinking people know they may or may not need to take precautions. The death-rate specifically to Wuhan Virus is still less than the typical flu that kills thousands each year.
        Yes, it’s a conspiracy! Just another cog in the deep state machine.

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