Coronavirus has proven once again that the FDA is still the same hotbed of corruption it’s been for decades

(Natural News) Regular readers of this site already know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains questionable alliances, and typically favors its buddies in big industry over actual public health. And this is once again apparent with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), which the FDA has actually made worse by barring private corporations that don’t have the FDA’s permission from testing people for the virus.

While South Korea was able to get a better hold on the virus early on thanks to government emergency measures that allowed for an all hands on deck! response, the FDA here in the U.S. kept the hands of private industry tied, even as the government has struggled to keep up with testing people for the virus.

James Bovard from The Mises Institute says that the FDA turned coronavirus from a “deadly peril” into a “national catastrophe” with this failed approach, which exacerbated the spread of the virus by failing to identify new cases before they had the chance to spread.

Like the FDA did for years with medical devices, the agency’s approach to private testing for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) has been to allow only bureaucracies to handle it. Meanwhile, there aren’t enough testing kits to go around, meaning people who want to get tested, some of whom probably should get tested, can’t get tested even if they wanted to.

This FDA blockade on coronavirus testing could continue to exacerbate the pandemic and cost many more people their lives, which one could argue deserves to be tracked so that the FDA can be held accountable once all of the numbers have been crunched.

How many people are needlessly getting sick and dying because the FDA doesn’t approve of any outside, private testing for the Chinese Virus (COVID-19)? As Bovard puts it, “Should we consider those victims as martyrs for the principle of bureaucratic supremacy?”

Listen below to The Health Ranger Report as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks about how World War III is soon on the horizon because of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19):

When David Kessler became FDA commissioner back in 1990, the agency became a fear-based bully

While the FDA has been something of an obsolete monolith for decades, the agency really started to go downhill around 1990 when Dr. David Kessler became the agency’s commissioner.

It was around this time that the FDA suddenly began to intimidate the companies it was supposed to be regulating, which prompted The Washington Post at that time to state that, “What he cannot accomplish with ordinary regulation, Kessler hopes to accomplish with fear.”

Kessler had proudly announced not long into his tenure that the FDA would now be surveilling drug companies, creating a culture in which “you don’t know when or how we’ll strike” because the new FDA sought to “eliminate predictability.”

The American medical device industry suffered greatly under Kessler, who singlehandedly drove about 22 percent of the companies within this industry to pack up shop and relocate overseas. The remaining American medical device companies cut their staff by about 40 percent, while 29 percent of companies increased investment in foreign operations.

As is almost always the case at the FDA, Kessler’s heavy-handed approach wasn’t necessarily about protecting the American people against faulty medical devices. It was about pandering to select political interests, which seems to be the case once again with the Chinese Virus (COVID-19) fiasco and the FDA’s handling of it.

Because the FDA insists upon being judge, jury, and executioner for all things health-related, it’s difficult to impose emergency measures such as the ones necessitated by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Thus, people are suffering and dying while the FDA is more concerned about throwing around its power than with helping to mitigate the current situation.

“The FDA’s current commissioner, Stephen Hahn, conceded last week: ‘There are always opportunities to learn from situations like this one,’” concluded Bovard. “Perhaps the clearest lesson is that it is time to track the death toll of FDA regulatory debacles.”

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  1. Exactly! Why would any credible organization PERMIT DIRTY AND DEADLY blood to be collected and approved for transmission into the GENERAL POPULATION?

    1. They are a hot bed of liberals I work for a big big Pharmaceuticals have they don’t want a cheap pill like Bill Gates they want Americanization was trials for a year while millions of Americans may die and that will be our gates and they FDA this is what it looks like to me

  2. How much did they pad their wallets to sellout the American pubilc’s health?

    How many inspections of chinese and indian facilities were total lies from start to finish. What’s the cost for a good inspection?

    Amazing how virtually alphabet agency of Our once patriotic country has gotten so corrupt.

    I’m not sure a thorough housecleaning could clean it up. Just shut them down and put it back to individual states to manage.

    You know that the government has gotten too big for our good when you see so many horror stories.
    DoJ and Fast and Furious
    Executive Branch on Benghazi and all the coverups that followed
    That includes the State Department.
    And the State Department failure to SAFEGUARD CLASSIFIED INFORMATION with a toilet server. Just flushing it all down the toilet would have caused less damage to our country.

    The list goes on and on and on.

    There is no honor in anyone in our government any more. How many decades since that was the case.

    There’s one exception. Our President has worked his tail off to clean it up fighting the dimwits 24/7 and still succeeding.

    Now, more than ever, he must step up to the plate and STOP ALL OUTSOURCING TO CHINA and to stop the meds outsourcing to both china and india.

    UTILIZE SOME OF THAT $2.2 TRILLION PORK ROLL TO PROVIDE GRANTS FOR STARTING UP BUSINESSES THAT WILL BRING MANUFACTURING BACK TO THE US. Service based economy is just plain stupid and guarantees the bulk of all jobs will be low paying.

  3. Ever since Trump took office we have been learning just how corrupt ALL of OUR alphabet agencies are. That is why they are ALL rallying against Trump to try to cover their asses. D.C. is full of government people who came there to get rich.

  4. I believe any FDA employee involved with the cost of lives because of money deals, should not be allowed to have the malaria drug if they are infected with the Corvin 19 Virus, they should only be allowed to follow their protocals and see what happens too them!!! They are political hacks, and always have been, check their history, thousands have died because they hold up treatments for people, they have too have the money fingers in everything!!

  5. Follow the money !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to see who is gaining power and getting rich because of the Corona virus panic. Does someone want the USA to collapse ???

  6. Every one with a whiff of the virus is being counted as a death BECAUSE of the virus.
    They are counting every OLD person that dies because of the UNDERLYING health problem as a Corona Virus death.
    Someone is willing to have the country fail, especially if it will get Trump out of office so they are exaggerating the number of persons dying from the virus.
    Those people need to get thrown out of their jobs or out of their office or they may destroy the USA.
    Do we want to be like Venezuela or the old Soviet Union ??
    Then latest estimate of deaths is about the number that dies every year from the flu, perhaps less then die from drugs, less then die from car accidents, maybe less then die from suicides or even the number of homicides !!

  7. You can thank billy boy Clinton for that mess! In 1995 he signed over FDA for big pharma to pay! Kickbacks of course to the Clinton Foundation! Since then big Pharmaceuticals has been paying the payroll and bonuses to the FDA! Who’s you think they will protect! ?? Thise big high dollars bonuses go along way! Theres more bad drugs in america now that anywhere in the world! One popular pain killer like Neurontin! That has numberest bad side effects on peoples minds! Was made by Pfizer and illegally marketed by another company and in early 2000’s they called it the wonder drug! Its sold 2.5 billion a year in sales! Doctors got lavish vacation paid for in full for prescribing it! (No kickbacks of course) so many peoples minds were screwed up from! Was used a pain killer for people allergic to iron, its was given to women for menstral pain, kids for attention disorder and many more! Tons of divorces were the reason from this drug! It alters your mind on what you feel! Comprehensive ability and drove people into paranoid lunatics and if they drempt something its was real and you couldnt convince them other wise! It’s real to them and they ended up in mental wards and health problems, breathing problems, Was given for skin problems and more! They knew this drug was bad from the complaints but kept it going!! 2.5 billion profit per year off one drug!! They didnt care! There answer was put 450 million in a pot for one time law suits and that’s it! What’s 450 million to them compared to a drug that sells 2.5 billion a year! That’s just one drug,,can you imagine what profit comes in to them over the 1000’s of drugs they control and make! They pad some real heavy pockets in Demorat goverment and campaines to protect there nest eggs!! Cures for cancer are all over the place and have been since 1940’s , But cancer is a multi billion dollar a year industry to them! Theres is an average of 11 researchers a year who find ways to stop it, end up dead from suicide ! They don’t want a cure for cancer! Hospitals would lose millions a year in profits!! But they claim not for profit all for you! They right off what they cant collect from insurance kick outs! Why they charge 20 times what its worth, so they file for a loss! And get tax breaks and kickbacks ! They dont want cures!! They want to keep you coming through there doors!! Its sad how many kids and adults suffer through this scam giving you worthless organic n destroying chemo and theres no known benifit to Chemo! It breaks it up into little pieces to lodge somewhere else! It destroys kidneys and other organs and is a joke to fight cancer with, not including the hair loss!
    This is why they hate herbals and CBD oil! Its gets into there profits! This is what goverment needs to control, because it’s way out of control and poisoning America! Are elderly are drugged up so bad with bad drugs there losing there minds! FDA of today is a joke!! Trump will have to step in and change up another bad decision from a former president !

  8. Who benifits from it the most or stands to gain!! Let’s see! Soros and deep state has the money and power to control everything and been playing our markets and governent for years and controling our government, until Trump came in!! If they cause something to down the markets which was Trumps biggest accomplishment so far beside the wall, jobs and great economy! So if this happens, the markets crash, people stay home,everything comes to a stand still,, it’s right before election, there fake impeachment scandal and the rest failed! When markets crash Soros and deep state has the money to buy it up, and theres the want-to- be’s who follow there lead, getting parts of it! They sit on it a short time, when people go back to work the markets will skyrocket to the top higher than before from all the buying! All businesses will be playing catch up and products will be moving non stop! Stocks will soar and Soros and followers will make billions from it, not caring one bit what America endured Or loss of life! Loss of business or jobs! They dont care! But who supports and pays for demorats the most ? George Soros and deep state!! He made Clinton’s, who trained and schooled Obama berry! And Obama sold america out to Soros! He donates corrupt billions to all the bad protests and movements and organizations he can find! He controls CBS, and owns most of CNN and MSNBC! To brainwash people! He paid for most of imigrates to come here! Off camera they were bused and trucked in! On camera they wanted you to feel sorry for them walking all the way! Poor kids and women!! Boo hoo! Most those kids didnt even belong to those so called parents! He knew it would cause problems for Trump! It’s a political night mare! They brung those people here to vote democrat and cause caos! 1 out of 3 have aids or some disease! Its what Soros does! All these witch hunts were organized by Soros,Obama, and Hillery! All the fake accusers! The problems for Flynn and all the Lawyers! The judges He picked! All because Trump is smart enough to not play there game and let them profit off Americans! Trump has hurt there drug supplys from mexico! There perverted ways of forign leaders and dipomats to hollyweirds! Trump is only one protecting america from these idiots and people just cant see it! You can bet your bottom dollar Soros is behind this one way or another! This also now delays the second trial coming up of Hillerys bengazi disaster and email scandal judicial watch has worked so hard to get and spent millions on! Bindens scandal too! All the corrupt Congress people! Now you hear trash like Hillery and washed up demorats talking about mail in ballots!! Just ask yourself what would they do with mail in ballots with no way to identify them to people and no Ids. Who do you think would be mailing in ballots for demorats by the thousands!! You bet your bottom dollar Soros has already printed them by the millions!! Another way to sway election! Dont fall for it and dont do it! It’s a scam to control election! They have no one thats presidential material and there desperate to try anything! They now want open borders go go green crap in the next stimulus bill! We cannot allow this to happen in america anymore! We have to vote these corrupt paidoff demorats out of office!! If the last 3 years of games and witch hunts while Trump was running the country wasnt enough of a clown show for you or the demorat debates turning on each other! Theres no hope for you!! Trump is only one who can and will fix this demorat created mess and damage theyve done to this country!!

  9. I do not work for big Pharmaceuticals this is Google adding their BS are Google Voice to talk the worst worst worst voice to talk there is this is what happens when you use it

  10. I believe that this is a way to see how far they can manipulate facts to control the population. The cdc is filled with corrupt individuals who follow an agenda to destroy the economy and thusly bring our country to its knees. It is just a big plot period…

  11. “All problems of the past three years prove once again that the White House is a hotbed of corruption!”

  12. FDA has been a joke for too many years. They have approved anti-depressants that make you so depressed you commit suicide, or they make you mass murderers. Asthma meds that cause you to suffocate, blood thinners that can cause your blood to loose the ability to clot, and the list goes on and on. Every kind side effect there is by a drug has been approved by the FDA from heart attacks to cancer. Then you have all the additives to foods that cause cancer, people to gain weight, and of course the new and improved GMO’s with toxic poison in them. Shots that cause autism in children that replaced the ones that didn’t. Now this. Anyone see a pattern here besides me? Give the FDA a big enough kick back and they’ll approve anything and the ones who suffer are the public. Anything that will harm their biggest companies that bribe them will be blocked.

  13. The only reason the FDA continues to exist is to guard the profits of the wealthiest pharmaceutical companies. All the draconian measures they’ve instituted in the past have been to keep the money flowing to the administrators’ pockets through lobbying.

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