Media On ‘Jihad’ Against Anti-Malaria COVID-19 Treatment Since Trump Endorsed Use: AG Barr

Ever since President Trump endorsed the use of an anti-malaria drug to treat COVID-19 patients, the media has been on a “jihad” against it, according to Attorney General William Barr.

Touted as a “game changer” by President Trump, hydroxychloroquine – a treatment whose epidemiological ancestor is derived from the bark of a South American tree and used for centuries by indigenous Peruvians to treat fever – has been used by doctors around the world to treat coronavirus patients with stunning efficacy reported when combined with zinc and azithromycin (Z-Pac).

During a Wednesday evening interview with Fox News‘s Laura Ingraham, Barr says the media was “fair and balanced” about the drug’s efficacy until Trump “said something positive about it,” after which “the media has been on a jihad to discredit the drug.

It’s quite strange,” he added. “The stridency of the partisan attacks on him has gotten higher and higher, and it’s gotten disappointing to see.”

Barr says he’s disappointed about partisanship during the pandemic because the President has acted statesmanlike and worked with all the governors while dealing with gotcha questions from the media. He goes on to accuse the media of leading a jihad against Hydroxychloroquine

— Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) April 9, 2020

More via the Washington Examiner:

The attorney general also praised Trump’s handling of the pandemic, labeling his efforts early on as “statesmanlike,” while accusing the White House press corps of asking “snarky gotcha questions.”

The president began touting the drug last month after a flawed study conducted in France showed promising results. His first reference to the drug came a day after the results of the study were aired on Fox News.

At a White House coronavirus task force briefing last weekend, Trump announced the administration had purchased “a tremendous amount” of hydroxychloroquine, which will be distributed to the states after the Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency approval for its use among coronavirus patients.

Late last month, the Kingom of Bahrain reported that the use of hydroxychloroquine had made a “profound” impact on patient outcomes, according to the Bahrain News Agency – echoing reported results in China, South Korea and Belgium.

In Brussels, meanwhile, similar early success has been reported and the country has begun longer-term clinical trials on its efficacy to treat COVID-19 patients.

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  1. This drug was put on medical trials and even recommended for Corona virus treatment by the Indian Council of Medical Research. Even the French medical authorities have recommended it.
    Myself ( I have diabetes and coronary artery complaints) and my wife had taken it for a month as a precaution against Malaria when we visited India. I had some sleeplessness and my wife did not have any side effects of this medicine.
    The American media has not done their home work or better put it, they want to confuse the public to go against the President on some pretext. Shame on them.

    1. They Kno what the side effects are they will never be able to say Trump’s right again like he has been along fake news is nothing but propaganda for Chinese and commiecrats and their commie partners in the media

    2. Let’s not forget about the Z pack Azithromycin in conjunction with Hydroxychloroquine. Dr Oz is in agreement along with many other doctors that these two together work very well on the Virus. I returned from an overseas trip March 1st and two weeks later I started to get a burning sensation in my chest. I have an upper respiratory issue and I am a senior citizen so I knew I could be at risk. I called my Doctor and explained my issue and he put me on the Z pack which is a five day treatment and it cleared up my issue and I have been good ever since. This occured in the early stage of the virus but thank God my Doctor knew what to prescribe. The MSM is full of you know what and I agree that just because the President endorsed Hydroxychloroquine they are being idiots in their response. I’ll wage a bet that if any of those idiots got the virus they would be begging for the treatment. What a bunch of Liberal MSN Ass#o%^s. to put it bluntly.

      1. Azithromycin is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. It is a macrolide-type antibiotic. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria. This medication will not work for viral infections (such as common cold, flu). › drugs › azithromycin-250-500-mg-oral › details
        Donald Trump is a blithering idiot, and so is anybody who takes medical advice from either him or William Barr.

        1. President Trump recommended hydroxychloroquine, which was recommended by physicians for COVID 19. I’ve read physicians comment of success, showing recovery in a few days.

        2. By claiming that this antibiotic helps people with the alleged Covert-ID-1984 virus, take it as an admission that those people have a bacterial pneumonia.

  2. Clinical trials have occurred all over the world and the results of a five day course containing this medication has been shown to be effective. Why is the FDA dragging this approval out? Could it be big pharma that controls the FDA and stands to loose millions if not billions of dollars to a $20 cure? Just like the insurance industry big pharma only cares about money not people. Our government need to regulate them not the other way around!48

    1. Exactly! It’s always money. The FDA is rife with bloated bureaucracy and big money lobbyists. They always protect their donors first. Every law they create helps their donors.

  3. I’m tired of all these self-righteous self-serving individuals that are in government and in the public news media all they care about is to bash Trump no matter what he does or says far as I’m concerned they’re Communists and need to be dealt with as such I feel they’re all traitors and need to be locked up worthless people like that in the world are no good for the population they have their own self-interest at heart. They should be put in a mental institution for the criminally insane but what they are doing is Criminal

    1. Their TDS is so strong, that the minute he does something to help people they go into a hate induced frenzy, their only thought is to bash him. His doing good and helping all could matter less to them. They would rather see people die from the virus than to admit that something that he suggested would save lives. The level of hatred and malice that they show is unbelieveable. Their party is based on one thing only, hatred it’s all that they know and what they live for.

  4. Please believe me when I say , if one of these left wing idiots were on a ventilator and was gasping for their last breath they would beg the Doctor for the HCQ and Z pack. They hate him so much they are willing to put thousands of Americans lives at risk due to their stupidity. Hopefully one of them or their Families don’t get the virus. However, if they do, I believe they’ll change their lies.

      1. Agree. Plus the House. Can you imagine how great this country could be if Pelosi, senile bigot Maxine Waters and Schumer and those (4) squad crazies were gone??? Oh this country could be wonderful.

  5. Anyone who advocates the malaria drug or boosting your immunity or any healthy choices are being black balled. The globalist are using covid19 as a a depopulation tool. Bioweapon is what covid19 is. If you don’t see this then you are sheeple being led to the slaughter. Bill Gates is one person who believes in depopulation. Do you really think this man who is not a doctor should be over a covid19 vaccine ? Anything this man does should be blocked. Fauci is friends with him. He is a globalist as well. Trump please wake up & go by your gut instinct. These men will destroy you.

    1. Bill gates is an asshat who is only wealthy becuase he stole software to start his company and his daddy bought him DOS from seattle computing and then wrote the co tract with IBM for him.

      Bill gates is a arrogant selfish college dropout who took way too many drugs in college.

  6. The sad thing is that the medication works and because of their TDS, they refuse to report on the efficacy of it. There is a democratic state representative from Michigan who openly praises Trump for what he has said about the medication. She is telling everyone that will listen, that because of him, her life was saved. Check it out if you don’t believe me.

    1. The media has blood on its hands. They are trying to cuase deaths to hurt trumps reelection. The CEOs and board members need to be in prison.

      Malinowski need to be in prison for trying to blackmail McConnell.

      Democrats have proven they will kill people for votes.

  7. The media has blog on its hands!!!

    The media would rather people die the admit trump is right agian.

    Andrew cuomo has blood on his hands for hiding 1000 ventilators.

    Malinowski has blood on his hands for encouraging the withholding of sanitizer from his state and Kentucky.

    The LA mayor and sheriff have blood on their hands for letting the criminals out of prison to roam the streets.

    Jay Inslee has blood on his hands for redistricting access to toilet paper, bleach, and sanitizer to create a panic. The governor of oregon did the same. Both washington and Oregon have toilet paper manufacturing plants in the state.

    The Democrats have intentionally made the impact of this virus worse then it needed to be. They thought it might hurt trump during the election, but we have caught on to them.

    Put this news everywhere.

    The Democrats must pay for this at the ballot box .

    1. This is a planned pandemic between demonRat’s and the Chinese. The goal being to crash the economy. As a result, ruin POTUS’s re-election chances. Mr. Trump’s supporters are wise to the duplicity.
      The demonRat’s now have their best and brightest nominee to put before the people. Hilarious !

  8. As a lupus patient, I was prescribed Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) for several years and told that, unlike prednisone, it was an “old malaria drug and harmless”. Presently in remission, and no side effects. Biggest “drawback” of Plaquenil is that it is cheap and easy to produce, traits not too popular with big pharma.

  9. I agree with most of the above and would add: for any of those opposing the use of HydroxyChloroquine, it will not be an available treatment for them if/when they become victims of Corvid19. I’m thinking our supply may dwindle and it should be available to those of us who believe reports which state it is effective.

  10. The US Navy has been using this drug for years. The drug was provided 2 weeks prior to to pulling into any malaria prone port. Baskets full of pills available.

  11. I am sick and tired of the way these Democrats want to chill all the Americans that are against them. this is why they want to see open borders this is why they want to give all free medical to hear eagles so they could turn around and say she what we get for you now you got to vote for us to be in power so we can control the United States. That’s what it’s all about. POWER!.
    WE ARE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE TO GO 2 THE BALLOTS VOTE REPUBLICAN ALL THE WAY DOWN THE TICKET THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE OBVIOUSLY WE ELECT DONALD J TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT, I promise you America will be stronger how our economy well be greater infrastructure will be better our military will be stronger we will have our borders secured, putting amendments into a constitution stating any president that keeps our country Strong our economy stronger any other country in the world. Keeps our country Strong . Can Run for third term by unanimous vote in both the house and the Senate.

  12. China started hoarding PPE and Hydroxychloroquine last summer, and even applied for the patent for Remdesivir in January [Reuters] “The application was submitted jointly with the Military Medicine Institute of the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Military Science, according to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”
    This means they knew critical information ahead of the ‘outbreak’. It also suggests they may have indeed started it all by experimenting with the virus in the Wuhan Institutes.

  13. Dazzit! You spoke my thoughts fully and I bless you for it. The sooner these Dems, liberals and the MSM realise that God raised POTUS45 Trump for America and Americans for such a time as this, the better for them. They probably don’t know they’re self-poisoning with their unwarranted hatred for him. They’re the only losers here, not Trump, not his family, not his businesses, not his administration or people like you and I who see through it all, support him and thank God daily for raising him. God is an Author and Finisher and never abandons His own mid-stream. He’s got Trump’s back and all eyes shall see it clearly by the night of November 3, 2020 when the results start rolling out! Even Trump would be surprised at how much the results would outstrip his expectations and that would finally make him know his victory was not by his own strength but by God who’s always on point on the side of the people! His agenda for the United States and by implication for the world at large using Trump as a vessel of honour, in all areas of life including the Judiciary at all levels especially the Supreme Court, shall be realised. He’s said it, I believe it, and that, settles it. 2020 stands for perfect vision, and all eyes shall see clearly, what God is up to in and for America, God’s Own Country!

  14. Gbamsolutely right! After all, since out of hatred for Trump, they’re misinforming and disinforming the uninformed about the advantages of hydroxychloroquine, God being A God of justice, would ensure justice by making it unavoidable to them so that the innocent people they’ve deceived would have it in proper dosages and quantity when they need it.

  15. Gbamsolutely right! After all, since out of hatred for Trump, they’re misinforming and disinforming the uninformed about the advantages of hydroxychloroquine, God being A God of justice, would ensure justice by making it unavailable to them so that the innocent people they’ve deceived would have it in proper dosages and quantity when they need it.

  16. My first wife had Lupus and she was a Experamental patient at Univ of Cleveland ,She died in 1974 , I never till ow ever hear of this Drug ,I still get very allert when I hear the term LUPUS

  17. Typical of the media, they are experts at everything. Without knowledge, without experience, without researching the facts or studies they are still experts. In fact, I wonder if they actually research anything before making their obvious biased r opinions public. It is reminiscent of exactly what Hollywood celebrities do.

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