Sen. Cotton: WHO Leader ‘In the Pocket of China’

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton Thursday accused the World Health Organization of being “in the pocket of China” and slammed its chairman,  Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as a “two-bit third-rate international bureaucrat” with a “well-deserved reputation for corruption.”

“The president is right, that we need to condition future funding of the WHO on reforms going forward, transparency about the past, on the replacement of the leadership at the WHO, and the admission of Taiwan, at least as an observer to the WHO,” the Arkansas Republican said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“If we can’t do that, then we’re going to have to establish our own organization and invite members of the civilized world to join us using American standards of transparency and accountability.”

Tedros, he also said, was a cabinet minister in Ethiopia at a time when China was “investing deeply there and bribing cabinet officials.”

Wednesday, President Donald Trump criticized the agency’s response to the coronavirus outbreak and threatened to withhold funding, and said the WHO favors China.

Tedros warned that politicizing the health crisis would result in “many more body bags,” which Cotton said “disgusted” him.

“That’s why Dr. Tedros needs to be fired (and) frankly needs to be investigated so we can find out just how deeply in China’s pocket he is,” he said. 

The senator also complained that the WHO seems to be “more interested in politically correct appeasement of China, (by) calling the virus something besides what it should be called, which is the China virus or the Wuhan coronavirus than it was trying to get to the truth.”

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  1. Trump is right….the ‘scent’ of the virus came from China….the WHO seems to have delayed the seriousness of the virus….and Dr. Tedous may have been bribed by China to delay the information getting out.
    Hold DT accountable….now!

  2. President Trump, has done everything possible to protect all Americans. He was called all kinds of bad names, when in shut down America, to keep us safe, But when things went bad, the left, & the fake news are now saying he did not move fast enough. The morons think we will believe their lies, we know when our President moved on the virus, it was exactly 10 days after the very first case of the virus, hit America. It was in Washington State, when Obama was in office, he was playing golf, & could have cared less, that a virus was in America, & thousands would die. President Obama, didn’t shut us down for six months, while people were dying, so we know the President that moved the quickest, to protect us. When we vote in November, we will vote for the Man that has fought for us from Day One, & all of the ones that will work with him, & not the ones that wont.

    1. Great commit and so true. There isn’t anything else that he could do in this. He didn’t bring it here it has come from another person that had been exposed to the virus. And all Commcrats care about is trying too get rid of President Trump. They care nothing about the America people. If you cannot see this then you have closed your eyes., and stopped up your ears. You not interested in the truth you would rather believe a lie than the truth.

  3. This Ethiopia coon should be strung up from a tree for making a threat against the United States. CIA and Mr.Intelligence dumb ass Adam screwball Schiff can’t seem to perform their job description…

  4. James, they think their job is to destroy America, they are just swamp creatures, that cheer our enemies on,; while trying to get rid of the first president ,since President Reagan, that is for America, and Americans. They are all cheering for their comrades in China, their Muslim friends in Iran, they bring in illegals give them more rights than we have, so they can steal elections and turn this into a third world hole! Time to lock and load Ranger!

    1. This is the truth. Can’t say much more about this. Except we all had better wake up or we’ll lose everything that our America Soldiers has worked so hard to to keep. And we as Veteran need too band together and start getting ready to start marching in to keep our children, family, and our Constitutionla Freedoms. So let the strongest Military of the world stand up again. GOD’S BLESSINGS ON THE UNITED STATES AND ITS FREEDOMS.

  5. As long as the USA government does nothing this will continue to happen. Just like the democrats! When will we do what needs to be done? Why is our DOJ so non-responsive to these crooked democrats and letting them get away with treason and murder. Are they that inept! What is it that they fear? The people want something to be done and NOW! Is there no morals left in this government of ours. They work for us, not the other way around. It is past time America stands up and demand our elected officials, BY THE PEOPLE, be accountable. CONVENTION OF STATES!!!!!!!

  6. The very first victim of the Coronavirus was in Milan, Italy. Trump needs to expose Virginia Benassi and her whole family and the connections to Wuhan laboratories and laboratories in Winnipeg, Canada and Fort Detrick here in the USA. Trump needs to expose the Bavari family as well as Peter Stryzok and the Iran nuclear deal was not just about nukes, bioweapons were also part of the deal. Bavari was an Iranian plant at Fort Detrick. Trump also needs to expose Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence in this collaboration with the WHO and Tedros and China as they are all involved as is Bill Gates who is also behind the simultaneous rollout of 5G in the same cities hit hardest by deaths . These symptoms are definitely focused on the lungs. Just like the symptoms of EMF radiation poisoning. AT&T and Sprint and Verizon and Apple are all involved.

  7. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was placed in his position by China. He has a history of corruption, and makes a fine puppet for China.
    China has been actively working in the background to take over the United Nations and the World Health Organization.
    I would support Trump if he decided to defund the U.N. and W.H.O.
    The United States does not ‘need’ the U.N. or W.H.O. We only participate because we want the world to enjoy the prosperity of freedom. It’s the demonrats in our past that have helped to corrupt these organizations because they worship Socialism, and Communism.

    Funny how the demonrats want our nation to fail, but they want to keep it’s freedoms.

    America is the only nation in the whole world where those who hate it refuse to leave it . . .

  8. It is reported that Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is a long time communist. What do you expect from a communist commenting about the Chinese communist government? It is also reported that the nation of Tiawan reported the virus problem before China but was ignored by WHO – because China does not recognize Tiawan as a separate nation so WHO doesn’t either?

  9. I think we should look at why this all occurred at the time that the dems are trying to overthrow the U.S. and at the same time develop the globalization plan for the world. It seems that the groups that are heavuily involved in the world wide group globalization plan are soros, obama, the KSA, China, U.N. and some of their subs and other paid up countries like germany into the Clinton fund. I think that China has put in a vast amount to the fund in order to be favored to control world wide trade and I think their south China sea exhibit closing that territorial waters that they did when obama was President and China did so without one word from the U.S. to stop it was an indicator as to what was going on there. But WHO has become a mouthpiece for soros and obama in this whole world wide attack with the virus and conspiracy to use a bio weapon and weaken the potential enemies of China. We will see but I feel we have already seen the beginnings of the manipulation of gov’ts. What we will have to follow is the position of China military and Navy around the U.S. and Europe. Since the KSA, is suspected of being in the middle of this also we should watch any movements of their sponsored isis and terror groups in the ME and in Europe and north America of the isis terrorists mixed in with refugees and of course those that came in with soros’s caravans. As far as WHO arrogance, he must be paid a good deal to open his mouth about open borders favoring China and during the virus invasion more than likely with the 500,000 visitors during dec. through Feb, when it all started. We should pay more attention to facts and not BS fake news and hollywood stories, like 2+2. We should also bring our troops home and isolate the country, all the borders and teritorial waters out to 200 miles at least including against any foreign fishing., finish the wall and train more drone operators.

  10. I’d vote for Tom Cotton in a second. Bright, knowlegable, articulate. When Trump’s second term ends, Hopefully Cotton will run against the warped, sick, deranged Dems/leftists/liberals/loons/and socialists.

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