Central Bankers: We Own You! Prepare For 13 Months Of Shutdowns

Central bankers at the Federal Reserve are warning Americans that they plan to take action and enslave you for the next 18 months. Neel Kashkari, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, basically said that central bankers own you and they want ultimate control for the next 18 months, according to a report by Market Watch.

Central bankers like Kashkari will decide if and when you can run a business.  They will decide what kind of life you’ll live and the will decide that you don’t have any human rights.  Kashkari didn’t mince words.  He wants Americans to be ready for 18 months of ultimate enslavement and all but said that during a CBS interview on Sunday morning.

The longer we allow these tyrants to lock us in our homes and ban us from making a living, the easier it will be for them to control us.  As people lose their sense of security and start living in a constant state of fear, they become pliable and easy to enslave by those who want power over everyone.  It’s up to all of us to read between the lines and understand exactly what these totalitarians want, and they want you to be their slave and others to follow orders to force it upon you.

Kashkari spoke of what he thinks lies ahead for the United States economy as the country continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic while destroying the liberty, basic human rights, and financial security of most of the country. We’ve given up our basic human rights to prevent the spread of a disease that’s been hyped up to appear much worse than it is.

“We could have these waves of flare-ups, controls, flare-ups, and controls until we actually get a therapy or a vaccine,” he said. “We need to find ways of getting the people who are healthy, who are at lower risk, back to work and then providing the assistance to those who are most at risk, who are going to need to be quarantined or isolated for the foreseeable future.”

Looking ahead, Kashkari doesn’t envision a quick rebound for the U.S. economy, which has already suffered more than 16 million job losses in the past three weeks. “This could be a long, hard road that we have ahead of us until we get to either an effective therapy or a vaccine,” he said. “It’s hard for me to see a V-shaped recovery under that scenario.”

Alex Jones breaks down the deaths from hunger amid the economic shutdown due to the spread of covid-19.

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  1. This has NOTHING to do with a virus! It has everything to do with an agenda and complete control over us! We need to start speaking out. There are drugs out there that have had great results. The globalists are desperate to take back control and they will stop at nothing to do that. Our lives mean nothing to them! Speak out now! They know what they’re doing and we can’t let them get away with it.

  2. The cure for Coronavirus is simple Hydroxy Cut weight loss supliment taken with a Zinc supliment, the Hydroxy Cut sheds fat in the hemoglobin which cligs crowns and the Zinc makes a coating over the fat sealing it away from blood which it needs to survive effectively starving the Coronavirus to death in 24 to 36 hours!e3cu

    1. Odd how big pharma prevents statistics on the success of these meds.
      Are they offered to anyone infected? If not why? Death rates would drop is the FDA being told not to report on this by big pharmaceutical companies? Perhaps they don’t like a $20/ 5 day course of hydroxy-zythro-zinc it’s too inexpensive

    2. Where did you get this? There is nothing remotely similar to Hydroxychloroquine in Hydroxycut.

      Hydroxychloroquine stops the body’s over-reaction of the immune system response from the viral attack (like from malaria), allowing the body to act more normally. This reaction is typically found in older adults with an established immune system, one that’s been around a long time, facing many assaults over the years. Younger people in good health do not have the same reaction specifically for this reason; they’re not as developed. It may be a reason why smokers are not affected. They have an established immune response to an assault of the lungs on a regular basis.

      I would not recommend Hydroxycut. A number of their products had to be recalled under law suit in 2009, resulting in a new formula (and a new Canadian owner). They were literally sued out of existence. Lots of folks hurt.

      Their ingredients are sourced all over the world. They do not have an established control mechanism for testing the ingredients. Canada does not have enforcement like the FDA (admittedly, even I complain about the FDA being in the hip pocket of the Pharma-Corps).

      In 2013 the ingredients included; caffeine, lady’s mantle extract, wild olive extract, cumin extract, wild mint extract, and green coffee bean extract.

      In 2018 ingredients are: green coffee extract, apple cider vinegar, plum, baobab extract, cardamom, coffee extract (caffeine), vitamin-D, vitamin-B12, vitamin-B6, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin.

      A complete ingredient over-hall. If it supposedly works, why fix it? The only constant is caffeine.

      Hydroxycut has been promoted as being “created and endorsed by doctors”, who can’t be found today.

      There are a few studies that have been conducted on the individual ingredients that are used in Hydroxycut (looking up the individual ingredients; none by the manufacturer). They claim their pills are scientifically researched, but this claim only refers to ONE university study that was done on green coffee extract; and there’s very little evidence that green coffee extract works as claimed (no peer review). Green coffee extract [Chlorogenic acid] does appear to burn some calories, with an exercise regimen; but eating one grapefruit a day does more (heavily researched). It’s about the same effect as simply reducing carbohydrates combined with exercise. (Dr.Oz).

      While any side effects from Hydroxycut products are few and far between, there are reports of; headaches, upset stomach, “Severe itching all over body”, and nausea (lawsuits).

      Two of the ingredients, Apple cider vinegar and Vitamin-D, do have scientifically-known anti-viral properties; but you’d be better off just taking them by themselves. Be aware, Vitamin-D must have adequate amounts of Vitamin-K2 to be absorbed.

      15-20 minutes ‘as-bare-as-you-dare’ in bright sunshine will provide enough vitamin-D for the average person.

      Other natural ‘anti-viral’ supplements include; garlic oil, oregano oil, black seed cumin oil (pharaoh’s oil), olive leaf extract, zinc, selenium, black walnut hull powder, turkey tail mushroom, and graviola leaf.

      Anti-viral foods are garlic, onions and ripe red peppers. Smash the garlic, at least steam the onions (not raw or over-cooked), and red bell peppers have the same benefits as all the hot varieties. Green peppers don’t have anything worthwhile except heat.

      I take Black Seed Cumin oil, oregano oil, garlic oil, and zinc daily during this time of year; with selenium once a week. Black Seed Cumin oil makes ordinary vegetable juice (V-8) taste like a pizza or sub roll.

  3. This guy is an idiot! Has he not been keeping up to date? We HAVE a “therapy” or treatment for the virus. Hydroxychloroquine IS effective at treating those with the COVID 19 virus and can turn a bad case around in hours. We don’t need a vaccine at this point.
    Testing and quarantining those who have NOT gotten sick is itself SICK! He seems to have missed the message that BY LAW Slavery is ILLEGAL in this country and HAS been since 1865!
    I’m sick and tired of these Communists trying to dictate my life. We have been in lock down mode for 4 weeks already with 2 more ahead of us. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! GET THIS COUNTRY BACK TO WORK!

  4. Look at the numbers right now the coronavirus is not even at .01 percent of the population of the United states and the government has us shut down t and nobody cares about the abortion rate that is higher in the same three months we need too get our priorities right and get back to work. The media is the ones that are putting panic in our nation

  5. I think it’s odd that the government thinks it’s OK to allow major chains like Walmart, Home Depot, major chain grocers, all liquor stores, all pot stores, drug stores, fast food restaurant drive-throughs — to remain open; but can’t allow anything else to be open?
    The Wuhan Virus is still less than a third of what the ‘regular’ flu does each year, but we’ve never shut down everything over that.

    I think it’s a conspiracy to ruin Trump’s economy, and kill off all the jobs he brought back to the states. The globalists among us are eating it up. It’s an opportunity for them to get rich off all the failed businesses that are sure to come. Picking up business entities, real estate, and stocks for pennies on the dollar. Look at the internet for things for sale, like e-bay for instance. People are willing to sell all kinds of property and possessions at rock bottom prices to keep the bills paid, and kids fed.

    We all know the CIA and FBI are capable of creating the type of scenario that would end up in a ‘pandemic’ panic. We are learning a little bit more each day about how this whole thing is just simply NOT what they’ve prognosticated.

    Look at the timeline of events since Trump was elected. All the non-stop crap the country has had to listen to and deal with. Isn’t it a little odd that this ‘pandemic’ came along RIGHT AFTER their failed impeachment? A the wicked-witch-of-the-west, San-Fran-Nan, is refusing to ‘play ball’ on recovery until all her communist socialist demands are met? Holding her own constituency hostage (but they’ll forgive her and re-elect her as long as their freebies keep coming).

    The [deep] state department knew about this virus 2 years ago, by cables from field operatives in China, but did nothing about it. They were thinking it’d be another SARS type, and that didn’t pan out for them (then). It’s not too far-fetched to connect the CIA to that info, as a scenario to continue the assault on Trump; a “just-in-case” backup plan.

  6. The whole article and title of the narrative is nothing more that click bait and fear mongering. Kashkari said nothing close to what the article is accusing him of saying.
    Stop the stupid false narratives, people! There’s plenty of truth that must be exposed and discussed without wasting time on this drivel.
    Click bait like this gives all truth seeking and fact checking conservatives a bad name.

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