Major Networks Haven’t Asked Biden About Sex Allegations

Former Vice President Joe Biden has yet to be asked about the sexual assault allegation made by one of his former staffers in 10 interviews with major networks since late March, Fox News reported.

Tara Reade, a former Senate aide, on April 12 said Biden assaulted her in 1993 and says she told others about it. A Biden spokeswoman said the allegation is false, and former Senate office staff members told The New York Times they do not recall any incident.

The Washington Post has reported on the accusation, but hosts on major networks have not asked Biden about it in on-air interviews, including Anderson Cooper and Brooke Baldwin on CNN, George Stephanopoulos on ABC, Yasmine Vossoughian, Joe Scarborough, Nicolle Wallace and Brian Williams on MSNBC, and Chuck Todd and Craig Melvin on NBC.

“As more and more outlets act as though they have just discovered Reade’s allegations, the pressure will only continue to be turned up and render their refusal to inquire all the more embarrassing,” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck told Fox News.

Many of the hosts dedicated significant coverage to the Supreme Court nomination process of Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford.

Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the alleged assault.

Baldwin called Ford’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee was “nothing short of extraordinary” and a “pivotal moment in American history.”

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  1. Talk about being able to murder someone in times square and get a news media pass, as far as the media is concerned Democrats walk on water. Even when President Trump says “good morning ” the media headlines would read ” now Trump thinks he can tell the future but there is suffering somewhere and it’s all Trumps fault. ” Show the media we don’t believe a word they say. Vote Trump/Pence this fall! Let’s take back the House and increase our Senate majority!

  2. Joe biden has responded to the matter already. what is gained airing the matter seeking response when one already has been made?

    1. So what channel did you see his response, not one of the above, Ill bet.How many times would it have been brought up if it were Trump instead. Do you really believe this crap or are you just lying to yourself.

  3. And they never will ask, they have been paid by soros and obama and clinton not to , steer around it and twist up.

  4. Like always! Lie, Lie, Deny, Deny. Why hasn’t the fact that he boasted about bribing UK been covered?
    If that been President Trump’s family or anyone remotely related, if would have been 24/7, 365, for years to come. I once voted for the person, not the party, of my choice. Now that the Democrats have exposed themselves with the fake Impeachment I see them for what they are. Bigots. Liars. Money grabbing Snobs.

  5. Where is the “Me Too” supporters now? This is awful. Tara Reade deserves the same respect and credibility. Democrat or not, Joe Bieden should answer to this allocation, not his paid staff.
    Main media news discuss me. What a bunch of Bigots.

  6. They haven’t asked because they don’t care.

    It does not matter. He will never be president. He will go down in history as the criminal who served with Obama as his highest achievement.

    He does provide some comic relief though . . .

  7. There is no reason for asking him that question as we all know what the answer will be, Do not know her or never heard of her, ect. Most of our politicians live in glass houses and should not be throwing rocks,

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