COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says “Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab”

As the mainstream media and politicians begin to raise/admit the possibilities that the source of COVID-19 was likely a lab in Wuhan (accidentally leaked or otherwise) – something we first brought to the world’s attention in January before being mocked, censored, and chastised – it appears more actual ‘scientists’ (at least those not paid by or working for a lab in Wuhan) are willing to admit what we noted all along – this virus is man-made.’s Robert Miller writes that contrary to the narrative that is being pushed by the mainstream that the COVID 19 virus was the result of a natural mutation and that it was transmitted to humans from bats via pangolins, Dr Luc Montagnier the man who discovered the HIV virus back in 1983 disagrees and is saying that the virus was man made.

Professor Luc Montagnier, 2008 Nobel Prize winner for Medicine, claims that SARS-CoV-2 is a manipulated virus that was accidentally released from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. Chinese researchers are said to have used coronaviruses in their work to develop an AIDS vaccine. HIV DNA fragments are believed to have been found in the SARS-CoV-2 genome.

We knew that the Chinese version of how the coronavirus emerged was increasingly under attack, but here’s a thesis that tells a completely different story about the Covid-19 pandemic, which is already responsible for more than 110,000 deaths worldwide.

According to Professor Luc Montagnier, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 for “discovering” HIV as the cause of the AIDS epidemic together with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, the SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that was manipulated and accidentally released from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, in the last quarter of 2019.

According to Professor Montagnier, this laboratory, known for its work on coronaviruses, tried to use one of these viruses as a vector for HIV in the search for an AIDS vaccine!

“With my colleague, bio-mathematician Jean-Claude Perez, we carefully analyzed the description of the genome of this RNA virus,” explains Luc Montagnier, interviewed by Dr Jean-François Lemoine for the daily podcast at Pourquoi Docteur, adding that others have already explored this avenue:

Indian researchers have already tried to publish the results of the analyses that showed that this coronavirus genome contained sequences of another virus, … the HIV virus (AIDS virus), but they were forced to withdraw their findings as the pressure from the mainstream was too great.

In a challenging question Dr Jean-François Lemoine inferred that the coronavirus under investigation may have come from a patient who is otherwise infected with HIV.

“No,” says Luc Montagnier, “in order to insert an HIV sequence into this genome, molecular tools are needed, and that can only be done in a laboratory.”

According to the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine, a plausible explanation would be an accident in the Wuhan laboratory. He also added that the purpose of this work was the search for an AIDS vaccine.

The truth will eventually come out

In any case, this thesis, defended by Professor Luc Montagnier, has a positive turn. According to him, the altered elements of this virus are eliminated as it spreads:

“Nature does not accept any molecular tinkering, it will eliminate these unnatural changes and even if nothing is done, things will get better, but unfortunately after many deaths.”

Luc Montagnier added that with the help of interfering waves, we could eliminate these sequences and as a result stop the pandemic.

This is enough to feed some heated debates! So much so that Professor Montagnier’s statements could also place him in the category of “conspiracy theorists”:

“Conspirators are the opposite camp, hiding the truth,” he replies, without wanting to accuse anyone, but hoping that the Chinese will admit to what he believes happened in their laboratory.

To entice a confession from the Chinese he used the example of Iran which after taking full responsibility for accidentally hitting a Ukrainian plane was able to earn the respect of the global community. Hopefully the Chinese will do the right thing he adds.

“In any case, the truth always comes out, it is up to the Chinese government to take responsibility.”

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  1. Even though I am no “doctor” or “scientist” I said this from the very start. We have to finally acknowledge that this was NO “accident”, and due to the widespread of this “virus” so quickly, (and “avoiding” all the allies of China) we have to come to the cold hard fact this was an intentional BIO-WEAPON developed and launched by Chinese communists. The entire WORLD was attacked and China needs to be held accountable. AND PUNISHED accordingly.

      1. The Chinese people would prefer a capitalist economy and that’s why they like immigrating to USA. The Chinese Communist Party looks the other way to the “capitalism” going on in the population because it makes money too, and with the one-sided trade deal with USA giving our manufacturing to China, the CCP is growing ever more powerful and ever more bold. I was over there twice, and I liked the Chinese people in general, but the CCP needs a major change to a market-economy. The problem with China and the CCP is that the CCP does not like the growth of religion; it is now shutting down Christianity and Islam, even to imprisoning them. The problem is that the CCP does not operate according to any ethics or mores that are grounded in religious doctrine. So, they lie, cheat, take advantage of, produce inferior products that oftentimes include toxic chemicals, etc. This is, of course, the abiding problem in any Marxist ideology, i.e., the lack of decent value systems. I wouldn’t nuke the population; they are oppressed and would prefer something better than what they have. If the CCP covered up the COVID-19 dispersal, and if the CCP allowed contaminated face masks to be shipped all over the globe, then a day of reckoning may come to the CCP. I hope so.

  2. I agree – this was a man-made virus. The Wuhan Institute of Virology created this virus. What it’s well known is that they share that facility with a bioweapons lab of the PLA – People’s Liberation Army. I believe the creation of this virus was as a weapon and primarily aimed at the United States to destroy our economy and undermine President Trump’s reelection.

    They had help from within the USA.

    Think about it. Who does all of the exporting of American jobs to China? Who exports our IP to China? Who imports all of that crap China makes back into the United States and who owns the American media? There’s your answer. The NYC 24% and their ilk. China and the Uber Rich in America hate President Trump and want him gone. This was their change. The good news is – Trump has handled this like the American patriot that he is but that does NOT mean this is over. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are STILL trying to undermine President Trump and our country. We can change that in November but throwing her OUT of office.

  3. Everyone now putting a spin on this nonsense. The truth came out initially and then the spinning started. The media has very little medical knowledge but act like they are the experts. Experts in the viral disease field made initial statements about the disease as well of how it passes on from person to person but no one really wanted to listen because politicians during a political year think they know more than the trained experts in the field.

  4. Here’s what I got out of this pandemic.
    1. The virus was man made.
    2. It was released on purpose.
    3. Never trust the Chinese.
    4. Never trust mainstream media.
    5. Never trust a democrat.
    5. Hollywood is anti-American.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. I believe your list is 100% correct. Add Soros to your list as being behind all of this list.

    2. Actually, Mikey, my own research has provided information that Vaccinator Bill G was involved with that bio-lab in Wuhan, and he is an advocated for depopulation using vaccines. My info also says that Destroy America Soros has millions of dollars invested in that bio-lab. Now providing absolute proof is the problem, but I’d bet that this information is credible, knowing Soros and BG the way I do (according to my research about them). Lots of info on YouTube about BG and his vaccines.

  5. China is seeking an ethnic determined weapon. While being an extremely effective virus Covid-19 still isn’t race targetted enough. Although it seems to prefer type A blood it doesn’t determine race which is what China is after. Every year worse and worse viruses have been coming from China. The problem is our desire for cheap Chinese goods. We are paying for our own demise. Stop buying cheap Chinese junk! Buy American! Support freedom!
    Vote Trump/Pence this fall. Take back the House and Senate! Let’s give Nancy and her cronies the pink slip!
    PS you guys need to fix your captcha!

  6. This is why we should nuke China and The Middle East. Get rid of the slant eyed chinks and ragheads. The Chinese will kill Montagnier. He’ll end up missing. Just wait and see

    1. Right on, Dickhead, the chinks and ragheads need to go. These cocksuckers are a threat to humanity. Blow their asses up.

      1. You got that right, Blowme. These chinko bastards are murderers. They created covid-19 and released it on the world.

  7. Don’t forget bill Gates is part of having dirty hands in this
    Making people think he is here to help society when in reality he is part of this virus just so he can find a vaccine to cure it
    It’s all about money and control
    Don’t trust him

  8. There is little reason to disbelieve the notion that the Wuhan virus emanated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The only issues that still remain to prove is: 1) whether the Wuhan virus got out negligently or intentionally and 2) whether the virus was man-made, as proffered by the Nobel Prize winner Professor Montagnier, whose opinion I tend to accept. Regardless, China owes the world the truth. China also owes the world reparations, which the Trump Administration and other countries will have to quantify. Certainly, U.S. companies must reevaluate whether to continue to make products in China and the U.S. must decide whether national security concerns requires that all medically related products be removed from China and made in the U.S., in addition to other products that could harm Americans.

    1. All medically related products must be removed from China & brought back from China to be made in the USA. We should limit trade as much as much as possible. China must be made to pay in the harshest way possible for this unleashing of devastation on the world. They do not care what they did, we must make them care, or they do not belong in the circle of humanity.

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