Sunday Live: Anti-Lockdown Protests Erupt Across America As Power-Hungry Democrats Clamp Down Harder

Alex Jones breaks down the nationwide protests calling for state and local governments to lift stay-at-home orders and allow Americans to get back to work, but Democrat leaders are determined to drag on the economic standstill to use as leverage against President Trump and the upcoming election.

via infowars


  1. Give me a break ! These governors are not “power hungry ! ” They’re struggling to protect the people in their states from the corona virus ! But there are too many idiots in this country who are to dense to realize they’re taking their lives in their hands by gathering in large numbers and are also threatening the lives and health of their families !

    1. Au Contraire . I encourage every Trumper to get close and swap spit with the rest of their Base. Maybe when they all get an acute case (or worse – not that I wish illness on anyone ) of Covid , they will then realize that maybe King Donald the Fat’s “hunches” can NOT override Science and virology.

      1. These lib tard dem governors are ABSOLUTLY power hungry. Evil as hell. I have news for you. The carona virus will pass, just like EVERY OTHER VIRUS.

        But lose your Constitutional rights, and they are GONE FOREVER. And it’s your children and grandchildren who will pay for that misery.

        Wise up, stop being such childish cowards, and THINK about the big picture like an adult.

        You are being tested. Don’t be so damn gullible.

  2. – The American people are aware of coronavirus. You know if you are infected or not. He needs to go back to work to support his family. Democrats do not use the people for your electoral interests. Trump is working well. It is protecting the health of the American people.

    1. AGREED. Trump 2020 all the way.
      These lib tard dems and the fake news media are controlling the narrative and the sheeple are falling for it.

      Viruses pass. Loss of your Constitutional freedoms are FOREVER. Please THINK about that people!

  3. Both of you are right & wrong. Most Americans want to go back to work & some not all of the Governors have used covid19 pandemic to pass onerous & illegal laws that when challenged in court will be overturned. Stage 4 of the covid19 assistance is being held up unfairly by politicians who care more about power, more about globalism, more about illegal aliens & criminals than the average American citizen.
    Some criminals let out of jail committed more crimes. Anti-gun laws were passed that harm citizens who need to be protected. Church services have been interrupted for Christians & Jews but not Moslems.
    People have been arrested & fined for being in parks even though they were following social distancing guidelines. People want to work & get back into their normal routines.

    1. I agree Deborah, it seems like some of these governors once given a little bit of power to order the stay at home requirement, can’t stop their power. The ridiculous thought that you can’t buy anything other than essentials if you are at a Walmart is preposterous. Also, fining church goers for remaining in their cars with their windows closed for attending a parking lot service is insane. Enough is enough of the over stretching authority. They need to be reined in.

  4. I believe people 60 years old & older, or anyone with heart, lung or immunity conditions need to “stay at home”.
    NOT the General Public! Young working adults need to maintain employment, not be forced into unemployment or bankruptcy by the Govenor! Everyone in each state’s FUTURE, & SURVIVAL should NOT be in the hands of 1 person, a politician with partisan motives.

    1. I agree that “Everyone …should not be in the hands of 1 person , a politician with Partisan motives.” And that Person , boys and girls , is King Donald the Fat. Vote him out of office in November and MAYBE some normalcy will return in a year or three. Or maybe it’s too late , he has infected far too many people with his gutter ramblings.

      1. Dear Carl,

        Trump has not made anyone stay home, or closed any businesses. We are not, as you addressed us, boys and girls. We are adults, and we don’t need a hate monger like yourself insulting us or the President we voted for. When you speak about “gutter ramblings” you are speaking about yourself. You should spend more time outside and stop with your trolling habits.

    2. I’m over 60, have never had the flu or even gotten a flu shot. My 83 year old mother, whose health is comprised, got covid and was almost asymptomatic, except for a mild temperature. She’s fine.
      Yes, I agree that those who may be at risk for any reason should be protected. I don’t see any reason to shut down the entire economy.

      We don’t want anyone to die for any reason, but there will always be some deaths from the flu and other diseases. Without a healthy economy and health care system, we can’t take care of those that are ill. There has to be a better way.

  5. Hey jackass libs it was Obama who funded the Wuhan lab in China to develop this virus used the NIH to give them almost million dollars in 2015!! It was a grant

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