Time To Indict China For Coronavirus Global Pandemic

On this Monday broadcast of American Countdown, constitutional attorney Robert Barnes breaks down how China must face a reckoning over its release of the coronavirus and its subsequent coverup. OAN’s Jack Posobiec joins the show to share his unique insights about ways the Chinese Communist Party could be held accountable as the world begins to recover from the pandemic.

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  1. The entire world needs to refuse payment of money owed to China for what they did ! I say … Don’t pay them a single penny of money owed … stiff them for creating this virus ! They have killed tens of thousands around the World and they do not care ! We need to show them they best start caring or they will have no customers to buy their JUNK ! SCREW CHINA !

  2. Thomas I agree with your statement but I also think we need to get all our companies that have their products made in China returned to the USA and make jobs for our own people. I also believe that the virus they produced was a germ warfare thing they were working on and some how it got releaced either by accident or on purpose. We the people of America need to work as a team an get this country back on its our feet. We need to make all our Senators and Congressmen responsible for the spending they are doing. They tell us to live within our own income while they spend more then the income comming in from our taxes. In case most of you do not know, our elected offical if they serve at least 5 years in office thet receive their salary for the rest of their lives and should they die, their wife or husband will receive that salary for the rest of their life, and people that’s one hell of alot of money. SN P4

  3. Normand I agree with you and when they leave office or get thrown out the paycheck stops why should they get paid after leaving hell most of them didn’t do their jobs when they were there

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