CDC: Second, More Dangerous Coronavirus Wave May Hit This Winter

A second, deadlier coronavirus pandemic could hit the United States this winter at the same time the flu season hits, bringing with it worse results than the current outbreak, the Washington Post reports.

“There’s a possibility that the assault of the virus on our nation next winter will actually be even more difficult than the one we just went through,” CDC Director Robert Redfield said in a story published Tuesday. “And when I’ve said this to others, they kind of put their head back, they don’t understand what I mean.”

No vaccine currently exists to treat coronavirus, making the condition potentially deadly for anyone it infects.

Redfield worries that having both the flu and coronavirus pervading the country at the same time could swamp health care facilities and create a scarcity of medical supplies.

“We’re going to have the flu epidemic and the coronavirus epidemic at the same time,” Redfield said.

This could bring sobering news to some governors who are eager to revive their states’ economies by lifting stay-at-home orders that have kept millions of people from spending money at local businesses. That loss of tax revenue has caused states to feel the economic pinch.

But those governors are facing pressure from residents in their respective states to reopen. Cabin fever-ridden residents in states such as Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Utah, North Carolina and Pennsylvania have all gathered publicly in open defiance of current laws to have their states’ stay-at-home orders removed.

Meanwhile, Redfield last week asked state officials to use the next few months planning for the next wave of coronavirus. He promoted the continued use of social distancing, ramped up testing and contact tracing to keep the combat the spread of coronavirus.

Redfield also stressed the importance of getting a flu shot, saying it “may allow there to be a hospital bed available for your mother or grandmother that may get coronavirus.”

This past flu season, which lasted from Oct. 1 to April 4, saw between 410,000 to 740,000 hospitalizations and between 24,000 to 62,000 deaths from the illness, according to the CDC.

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  1. A Second more deadlier wave of the CoVid viruses may hit this winter … not to be cavalier about the CoVid viruses but “Atom bombs” may be falling this winter as well … We can live in a world of maybes or we can live with good prudence and prepare for eventualities … unfortunately we were terribly unprepared for this round of CoVid viruses .. this crisis however elevated the need to check our stock pile and replenish it with many medical devices and medical therapeutics that can be brought into play if a pandemic such as this occurs as this author says may transpire come the winter of 2020-2021. Now that CDC has been alerted they need to quit playing the ball game with WHO and get on with establishing protocol and medical interventions that would thwart such a pandemic. But then again I think business as usual will be the course of the day for the CDC and predictions rather than actual substantive protective action will be the outcome. Let’s see how prepared the CDC becomes for USA for the winter of 2020-2021! So far their track record is playing catch up with diseases as they present themselves not preventing any “new” disease at the start gate.

    1. Bob, dealing with, responding to or believing ANYTHING that the CDC, WHO ,and OR WHAT FUCI says is simply complying with the Globalization Plans of the UNITED NATIONS; these three are Agents of the UN.
      What this “expert” is espousing is simply a part of their “phycological pre-conditioning” efforts to ease us into another Crisis, so that they can more easily exercise stricter violations of our Constitutional laws, without our reacting..kinda like Pavlovian Dogs.
      Recognize that the United States is THE single most obstical to their plans for WORLD DOMINATION, and in order to neutralize or remove that obstical; they must destroy our Constitution…and we are allowing them and their agents to do just that!

  2. From the very start of this pandemic, the CDC has been involved at every step. A quick look at what they have contributed shows they have virtually screwed up every decision they made. That being the case, my question is, “Why the hell would anybody be enticed by any projection they make?”. The US government is dependent upon the advice of their experts to function and their experts are incompetent boobs. Pick an area, any area, and you find the same thing. Foreign policy-following the advice of experts has resulted in the US being taken advantage of by every other country in the world. Medical-I give you the current pandemic and we are slowly beginning to realize that everything the experts advised was wrong. Manufacturing-the experts told us to outsource nasty, dirty manufacturing jobs and concentrate on the service sector (it’s clean and environmentally friendly)-the result, the Chinese have all of our jobs and all of our money and we have no control whatever over products required to sustain our lives. I’m reasonably sick and tired of our experts-they all seem to prefer countries other than ours.

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