40 Percent of Republicans Say Coronavirus Crisis ‘Has Been Exaggerated’

About 40% of Republicans think the coronavirus pandemic is “has been exaggerated,” while 10% say they’re not sure if it is, according to a new Yahoo! News/YouGov poll.

The poll also revealed people who voted for President Donald Trump are 19% “less likely than Clinton voters to say they have strictly obeyed existing stay-at-home regulations,” according to Yahoo.

Another party divide that stood out in the poll was that only 24% of Republicans trust coronavirus task force medical expert Dr. Anthony Fauci more than Trump when it comes to believing information about coronavirus. That’s compared to 60% of all people in the poll who trust the doctor more than the president.

About 50% of Republicans trust Trump more than Fauci on coronavirus-related issues, while 26% trust them both equally.

The poll is a virtual partisan split on other issues as well. Among participants who were asked about shelter-in-place orders, 32 percent of Republicans responded that “The cure is worse than the disease,” compared to 18% for all other groups who were polled said.

And only 54% of Trump voters said they would obey stay-in-place orders compared to 82% of Hillary Clinton voters.

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  1. I think if everyone obey the 6 foot rule and wear a mask we would not need the stay at home order. As for as exaggerating this crisis is just Democrats taking advantage of a crisis. They said the only way they could beat Trump is to destroy the economy. And that is exactly what they are doing

  2. Yahoo poll?
    Yahoo is owned by extreme-left, Trump-hating, conservative-hating Google.
    I wouldn’t believe a single word they had to say.
    I believe the Wuhan Virus pandemic was extorted and proliferated by the left to destroy Trump’s economy and get him out of office. It has not been any different than previous ‘pandemics’ which gathered more dust than media attention.
    More and more evidence is coming out that the whole world has been exposed to this new strain of flu, and the “catastrophic” death rates are over-exaggerated because the ‘tabulators’ are using lower infection rates to scare the crap out of the sheeple. The deep state operatives and China knew about the virus last year. They’ve had time to orchestrate this whole ‘pandemic’ scenario.
    China sent half a millions people around the world, knowing they would spread the ‘contagion’, and set up Trump with the ‘shutdown’ scheme.
    Now the left wants to hang onto their ‘shutdown’, because they’ve gotten a such a Socialist euphoric-high off their draconian measures.
    They are willing to destroy the country to defeat Trump and teach the wayward conservatives a lesson.
    They did say they would do anything, they did say we would rue the day we elected him, they did say we were deplorable, they did say they would make us pay.

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