Partisan Fight Brewing as Pelosi Rejects More Virus Bailouts Without State, Local Aid

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted Friday that Congress’ next economic package provide billions for financially reeling state and local governments, foreshadowing a sharp partisan fight ahead in lawmakers’ continuing response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“There will not be a bill without state and local” aid, Pelosi, D-Calif., told reporters in the Capitol. Suggesting that Democrats have leverage to address a problem that shows no signs of vanishing soon, she also said, “There will be a bill, and it will be expensive.”

While Pelosi cited no price tag, she said it could be roughly what Congress has already provided for small businesses in previous legislation, which has exceeded $500 billion.

Pelosi’s remarks put her in direct conflict with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. He has expressed opposition to providing more local help, at least for now.

But President Donald Trump has been a wild card, making comments that have wavered between support and skepticism. In addition, some GOP senators and governors have called for more aid for state and local governments.

That suggests an election-season battle in which a compromise might ultimately be necessary.

The virus has battered state budgets from coast to coast, with the dormant economy withering their sales tax revenues and stratospheric job losses driving up their unemployment benefit costs.

But Washington’s battle over aiding them has taken on a partisan tone. Some of the hardest-hit states — and most outspoken governors — include reliably Democratic New York, California and Illinois.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and other congressional Democrats are also demanding more aid for state and local governments.

Pelosi has begun framing the battle in political terms. She has said House Democrats will include the money in legislation they will call the “Heroes Act” because it will include funds to pay the salaries of police, firefighters, transit workers, health workers in public hospitals and others battling the virus.

With a salmon-colored scarf lowered from covering her face, Pelosi told reporters at a news conference that it would be “morally wrong” to not help those workers.

“We can’t defeat this pandemic if Mitch McConnell is letting our health heroes get fired, and that’s what’s happening,” she said.

That was just one of several remarks she made criticizing McConnell by name, something congressional leaders often avoid doing to one another. “Speaking of Mitch, what’s gotten into him?” she said, citing his support for letting states declare bankruptcy.

The roughly $2 trillion stimulus bill enacted last month included $150 billion for state and local governments.

But in a follow-up bill that Trump signed Friday providing roughly $480 billion more for small businesses and hospitals, Republicans blocked all of the additional $150 billion that Democrats wanted for state and local governments.

McConnell has expressed strong opposition to providing more money for those governments. On Fox News this week, he cited concerns about the mushrooming national debt and opposition to helping states resolve pension and other problems.

“We’re not going to let them take advantage of this pandemic to let them solve problems they created for themselves,” McConnell said.

McConnell also suggested that states be allowed to declare bankruptcy, which is not currently permitted. His suggestion has drawn criticism from members of both parties because it would jeopardize popular state services and cause their future borrowing costs to soar.

Retiring Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., tweeted this week that McConnell’s suggestion “makes McConnell the Marie Antoinette of the Senate.”

But as administration and congressional bargainers reached a compromise Tuesday on the latest rescue legislation, Trump tweeted about beginning talks over the next round of help. The first item he listed was “fiscal relief to State/Local Governments for lost revenues from COVID 19.”

By Thursday, his message was more mixed.

He told reporters at the White House that “we’re always going to help states,” but added, “The states that seem to have the problem happen to be Democrat.” He added that New York and New Jersey “were in a lot of trouble long before the plague came.”

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  1. Piglosi and Schumer are friggng monsters. The two most evil people ever to grace the halls of Congress. I just hope the voters remember this when they come up for re election

  2. Translation: Pelosi wants us to bail out California starting with San Fran. I we bail out one we have to bail out all. There is no way we can allow that to happen. Cities have been bailed out before only to go back to the same predicament they were in. Get the people back to work so that cities and states can collect their revenue.

  3. Democrats have always wanted a blank check. This is their opportunity to finally get one. This is a “gottcha” moment for the left, don’t let this happen! Democrats are using the pandemic to seize control! This is what it will look like if Dementia Joe wins, don’t let this happen! Vote Trump/Pence this fall! Let’s take back the House and Senate. Restore America to sanity! Send Nancy packing.

    1. Virus didn’t cause these Democratic cities and states money problems. Their crazy tax and over spending did. I for one do not want my taxes bailing these clowns out of their own created problem.

  4. Maybe Piglosi should donate all that $12.00 a pint Ice Cream and her $22000.00 Fridge to San Francisco. All the States she wants to bail out we’re already failing. How is that related to the WUHAN Virus?? Kahlifornia was already a shit hole from the Demoncrackheads ruining it. GFY PIGLOSI!!

    1. Also she wants the un documented people to get 1200.00 stimulous check. How can we even afford to help mb illegals. She just keeps getting dumber and dumber. She needs to take a hike..

  5. Every chance I get I am saying the same thing “TERM LIMITS” will end the majority of the problems we have endured for the last 30 years because of partisan, career politicians like Pelosi and the many more that have increased their personal wealth, influence, power, misdirection, misspending of tax dollars, pork barrel project funding which are but some of the staggering list that being a career politician provides.

    Term Limits ends all of that!
    Senate 6 years
    House 4 years
    Supreme Court 10 years (lifetime appointments have become too politicized where politics does not belong).
    “Term Limits” and you have what our Founding Fathers perceived for Congress, a citizen membership.
    (1) The cost to run for office is reduced
    (2) Personal power development and building is virtually eliminated
    (3) Political influence and pressure is reduced or eliminated all together
    (4) No long term way to build personal wealth off the back of tax payers
    (5) Pork Barrel project funds manipulation eliminated as by-product of lost power
    (6) Provides a different, better breed of candidates
    (7) Reduces partisan stalls, quagmires and creates an atmosphere of bi-partisan cooperation
    (8) Hopefully draws patriots, concerned citizens who want cleanup, reduce the size of, make accountable, eliminate redundancy, create fiscal transparency so we, as citizens, know where our tax dollars are being spent and who granted to, eliminate federal agencies that have overlapping missions, reduce federal manpower, etc., etc. etc.

    Our government at federal, state, county and city levels is out of control and we, as citizens and voters have got to get involved to reign them in, period!

    In addition, as consumers we have to reign in the owners of industrial manufacturing of all types that have had their way with us for decades via outsourcing. AND, importing Techies on temporary work visas taking jobs away from like-qualified Americans purely to increase absurd profit margins, Bill Gates and his like-industry cronies come to mind!

    Historically, I’m guilty of not looking at labels which I was reminded of yesterday when I washed my shower curtain and separate liner. At purchase they were not the most expensive but they also were not the cheapest. When I was putting the hooks back in them to re-hang them was the first time I noticed the tags. Shower curtain “made in China” shower curtain liner “made in Turkey”. A wake-up call for me for sure!

    Politically, neither are friendly to our Nation. Turkey used to be an ally, no longer as they have gotten very cozy with Russia’s Putin.

    You get the picture. Our National voting complacency has been building our personal and national demise for decades now and if we do not, as a Nation, become politically active and “real-in” our elected officials by making them accountable and if they are not “VOTE” them the h…. out of office. “WE” have to take our Nation back from those we thought we had elected to represent us but prove on a daily basis that is a fallacy.

    We made a start in that direction by electing a non-politician to our highest office, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are a great start, now we must clean-up Congress (first) and then go for State governments that have gone too far Left and have forgotten what a Democracy by the people is.

    A rekindled Patriotic viewpoint backed by personal action has begun for me, how about you?

    Red, White and Blue believer and a US Army Veteran (’66-’78)

    Evaluate, contemplate, research, act!

  6. Pelosi is just trying to bailout the democratic States corrupt misuse of pension funds. Let New York, Illinois &California rot in their own democratic corruption.

  7. and President Trump is right. Your article is showing bias against him. No the federal government does not have to bail out demonrat cities. if this “compromise” is reached I bet it includes only demonrat cities, which means the REP cities will want their share and I think it will be based on eliminating all States bills but increasing the Federal debt which means all americans will be paying for pelosis travels and ice cream. because they will immediately start charging again.

  8. These two socialist Devilcrats are only trying to buy votes from states who are spending them selves into bankruptcy from foolish spending in the past. Here is the perfect opportunity to get out o& debit and tell the people they kept them from bankruptcy by their super abilities to spend conservative and the Dems even helped them as the Repubs wouldn’t. What a huge BS story Pelosi and Schumer are trying to pull this BS over the eyes of these states citizens. Sad but many will eat it up like Sirloin free steaks.

    1. Right on! Chicago Mayor who’s city is so far in debt, as well as the state of NY, CA, as examples have all been misusing their funds yet they dole it out to prospective voters. Let them go bankrupted like Obalimer let Detroit go under. NY City and NY state has been bailed out numerous times. But the real problem is not the need to bail the Citizens in these states or cities, its to bail out the Democrats that are in office that caused the need for a bail out.

      NC is a good example, a few years back the State was billions of dollars in debt, but at the same time the States Congress was changed from Democrat leadership to Republican, and now we have a “Rainy day fund” as well as Teacher raises etc. How ever to be to-allay honest, we have cities ie Charlotte, which has a democrat mayor which is in trouble.

  9. Now is the time to bring Pelosi up on charges of abuse of power. It’s her turn to be under the axe of IMPEACHMENT.

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