Ted Cruz Says Pandemic Spending Is Enough

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz wants Congress to pull back runaway spending on the coronavirus and focus instead on funding recovery.

“We have spent more than enough money,” Cruz told Fox News’ Stuart Varney. “We cannot spend our way out of this. We’ve spent now nearly $3 trillion. We’ve spent 15% of our total national debt. Enough is enough is enough.” 

After supporting three stimulus bills, Cruz wants to backpedal on spending and, instead, focus on restarting the economy.

“We need to give this money some time to be spent, but more fundamentally, we need to restart the economy,” he said,

“We are expected to be back in session in two weeks. When we come back, what I think we ought to focus on is not yet another relief and spending bill, which seems to be what Nancy Pelosi wants to do, but instead a recovery bill — a bill that is designed to help small businesses that are finally reopening their doors.”

He says he would not support a Phase Four stimulus, and carried a similar message to Mornings With Maria on Fox, saying that funding “needs to be driven by the facts and circumstances we’re facing.  We just passed a $2 trillion emergency relief bill that is unprecedented in its size and scope and design.”

“We need to see what happens in terms of fighting the coronavirus in the next several weeks,” Cruz continued. “We need to allow the month of April to play out, and in this month of April, we need to be focusing our resources and energy on defeating the virus.”

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