The Nazi Origins of A Bill Gates-Backed Shutdown

On this Monday broadcast of American Countdown, constitutional attorney Robert Barnes breaks down the history of Bill Gates’ depopulation agenda and how it ties to Nazi eugenics research from World War II. Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz joins the show to give his take on the globalist plan to keep the economy shuttered until they roll out a mandatory coronavirus vaccine.

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This short video lays out what lies at the end of the path of tyranny if humanity submits to Bill Gates’ depopulation agenda:

Via infowars


    1. I suggest you look up the doings of the nazis. every thing the left is doing today is what the nazis did before and after they came into power. so did the commies after the came into power. George Sores is a Nazi, Obama and all of your dem. leaders are commies. stop being ear follower, and study for your self. You just might learn something.

      1. All of Trump’s rallies are copies of Hitler’s rallies!
        Trump’s love of Putin’s country and government!
        Trump’s wish that his subjects bow down to him like the North Koreans do to their leader!
        We already have a nazi and commie on the Presidency, Trump!
        Would have been guilty of impeachment except for the
        Republican cowards in the Senate!!

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