Biden’s Sexual Assault Clown Show

Just when you thought the Biden campaign couldn’t get any more embarrassing. Send in the clowns.

Hillary Clinton has officially endorsed Joe Biden.

Now, if that doesn’t make the average American’s skin crawl, then nothing will.

Leave it Hillary to be there right when a Democratic candidate is being accused of sexual assault.

Perhaps the scent of a sexual assault allegation drew the beast out of her lair.

Hillary is likely making her move to replace Biden as the Hill reported, “A new Emerson College poll showed 57 percent of likely voters think President Trump will win reelection in November. The poll also shows Trump supporters 19 points more enthusiastic about their candidate than Biden supporters. And although the Vermont socialist has endorsed Biden, 51 percent of Bernie supporters are, according to Emerson, open to voting for a third-party candidate. Another red flag is Biden’s tepid fund-raising; according to the New York Times, Trump has a monster cash advantage of $187 million.”

via infowars


  1. I am so sick of the double standards of the left and their lying scheming ways. They are a greater threat to the American people than covid19 ever could be. The rulers of the left are the true virus in this country, creeping into the very souls of the people not so enlightened and destroying America from the inside out.

  2. If someone can’t see what the left/communists are up to, well, they must be deaf, dumb and blind. It’s so obvious.
    They might even try to totally destroy the economy, bring the country to a standstill and blame Trump .

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