New Coronavirus Study Claims Outbreak Will Last Longer Than 2 Years As 2/3rds Of Humanity Infected

It’s been a while since we saw a study projecting an extremely dire endgame for the coronavirus outbreak.

Yet, as the battle over whether to reopen immediately or wait a few more weeks becomes almost universally-partisan, a non-peer-reviewed study out of the midwest projected that the virus could kick around for another 2 years, and that the outbreak won’t subside until more than 60% of the global population is immune, Bloomberg reports.

According to the research from the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, the coronavirus pandemic is likely to last as long as two years and won’t be controlled until about two-thirds of the world’s population is immune.

The report was written by CIDRAP director Michael Osterholm and medical director Kristen Moore, Tulane University public health historian John Barry, and Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch, whose name has appeared on other important coronavirus research and commentary.

Furthermore, because so many of those infected by the virus are asymptomatic or mostly asymptomatic, lockdowns and other aggressive measures might not be enough to stamp it out completely. This ‘invisibility’ is what makes SARS-CoV-2 such a challenging virus to contain.

This might help explain why Sweden’s approach has been so popular, while offering perhaps the best argument yet for why states might as well reopen. According to the researchers, the virus will likely keep on coming in waves perhaps until the end of 2022, or even longer, as drug companies scramble to develop a vaccine, or a cure.

Because of its ability to spread from person to person without the presence of symptoms, the virus will likely be much harder to control than the flu. The virus is deadlier than the flu, too – and certain mutated strains have been found to be significantly more virulent.

According to the report, people might actually be at their most infectious before symptoms even start to appear.

“Risk communication messaging from government officials should incorporate the concept that this pandemic will not be over soon,” they said, “and that people need to be prepared for possible periodic resurgences of disease over the next two years.”

That’s the last thing equity traders probably want to hear on Friday.

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  1. The one world order people, Gates, Fucci, Soros , etc. would have us believe this is deadlier than seasonal flu. It is a lie and a scare tactic to keep us shut down. If you eliminate nursing homes, veteran hospitals, and anyone with serious pre existing , potentially deadly conditions…
    These people are traitors to our precious way of life.

    1. Richard – It sounds as if you are suggesting that cleaning out Veteran’s and Nursing Homes is a way to patriotically stop this virus ? Maybe you can be a good non-traitor and be the first of the non-aged, non-vulnerable to go out and catch a good case of Covid and lead the way to show the world how to get immunity through exposure . Presuming you live , of course.

    2. Right on – the only lesson to be learned here is to NEVER restrict the healthy from working or going to school. This was just another flu season until the globalists decided to point it at Prsident Trump. Even if it killed 3,000,000, that would only be 1% of our population – and still not justify crippling the country for 100% of us !! If there was any Dem as President or any other Republican, there would have been NO LOCKDOWN at all ! Russian Collusion = Impeachment = Virus Over-reaction ! Fool me once, shame on you ! Fool me twice or three times, shame on me !! If any of you believe anything the media says, you are completely LOST !! MAGA !!

  2. “Never waste a crisis”. If you dont have one, make one or extend one for all its worth.
    We MUST get their guns! As long as they can shoot, we have no power over them to force our liberal democrats socialist agenda.

    1. Oh you Capitalist Imperialist Running Dog pretending to be a Liberal… C’mon – admit it – you’re really a fan of Chinless Mitch and King Donald the Fat.

      1. YOU and people like you, closed-minded and clearly running on hatred, given how you express yourself, are a major problem in this country. You spin everything to support your anti-Trump, anti-American narrative. I doubt it would change your mind to learn that the globalists are literally orchestrating everything that is going on, including the man-made COVID-19 which is being used to destroy the US economy and render the population wholly dependent upon the government to feed and take care of them in the aftermath of the virus, after millions, perhaps, die around the world. I, and others like me, have actually spent the last few years buried in research to learn what the hell is going on, and finding who are really the top-level puppeteers. Most Americans think it is just the alt-Left Progressives who are marxists wanting socialism in the USA. That is the narrative the globalists use to distract Americans from understanding who are REALLY behind this disruption going on here and around the world. It is all connected to one agenda, the NWO agenda. Trump was attacked from the beginning not because he was Donald Trump, but because he got elected and interrupted the second important step towards globalism (NWO) Hillary was set to achieve, Obama having set up the means to do that. Anyone not Hillary would have been attacked exactly the same way Trump has been attacked. YOU, Carl, drank the koolaid. Sorry for you. Wake up and see the big picture. If I thought Trump was bad for the country, or that none of this stuff was going on, I would speak out with the truth and facts. I have no allegiance to a lie.

    1. Just like when Obama promised “a civilian force, equal to and as powerful as the military,” and now NY totalitarians want to train a bevy of “tracers” to check if you have a fever. These creeps never give up. Their lust for power over life and death is overwhelming.

    2. What screwball Universe have you been living in since this Covid problem started? Fauci is trying to keep you and your family alive , though given your wacko ideas, I wonder why he is bothering to . Remember , King Donald the Incompetent ignored this Virus as early as January, disregarded all the intelligence Briefings warning him of its spread and has since done everything he could to impede fighting this Virus. His leadership has been inspiring in its continued and sustained ….absence. His continued pushing for Clorox injections and ultraviolet lights up the wazoo should earn him an M.D. ( Master of Dumbness) Degree. degree

      1. you are taking things out of context. I heard. The news cast live. He took quick action while democrats were trying to impeach. Do some fact checking.

  3. The cure for ALL diseases exists, requires NO pharmaceuticals, can be performed by virtually anyone and costs pennies per person. Viral, bacterial, doesn’t matter, it does from radio frequency harmonic distortion. Remember the “is it real or Memorex” commercial? Read The Cure For All Diseases by MD Hulda Ruger Clark or The Cancer Cure That Worked…can’t remember the author as I read it after family members were cured in the 90’s…cancer is also a virus. No money in cures so AMA, FDA, CDC, etc will not allow the safe low-frequency technology to be used. Fire Congress and get these solutions approved. They are real and they work!

    1. I have 10o cases of snake oil – cures everything – that I will sell you for only 10 cents a bottle . Meet me on the Brooklyn Bridge at Midnight. Oh – if you want to buy the Bridge , bring a certified check for $100,000 , and it’s yours. If you buy the Bridge , I’ll throw in the Snake oil for free !

    2. Well, gee.
      We don’t need Congress involved with more life choices. They have messed up enough of our lives, don’t you think?
      I firmly believe the money-medical industry hates cures too, but the CDC and FDA have not ‘prohibited’ the use of natural healing techniques.
      If you sincerely believe it, use it. It’s your choice.
      Belief is also a powerful healer too . . .
      If you are afraid of dying, get on your knees.

  4. Won’t that depend on the results of the Nov. Presidential Election? If Trump wins, the virus will go on for 4 more years and if he loses, it will die a quick death. Miraculously it will have died out. Who would guess such a thing could happen?

    1. Calm down, Blowme. Only the faggots and liberals are going to die. If you’re a conservative, then you have nothing to worry about.

  5. First off, if it comes from Bloomberg it’s probably full of half-truths and inaccuracies.

    The “experts” weren’t too accurate on SARS and MERSA, Ebola or Swine flu.

    Of course, we had a demon in the Whitehouse then, who didn’t do anything about any of his outbreaks until he saw a way to profit or gain control over it. But to his credit, he didn’t shut down the economy over them.
    Trump fell for the contagion prognostication and believed the demon-loyal prognosticators. But he had to weigh what was put before him against reports from China (from the CIA and FBI deep state departments). Fauci and Brix should be quarantined. Fauci has partnered up with the Gates Foundation to develop what they hope to be another billion-dollar vaccine enterprise; so he’s not too keen on getting rid of the “fear” of this Wuhan strain of the coronavirus.

    The whole world has already been exposed, and that is being proved every day. There are also many more ‘studies’ on the antibodies and previously undiagnosed “non-patients”. All come from major ‘respected’ demon-filled universities; so the naysayers can’t complain or point fingers.

    The more proof or spread means a greater number in the exposure “field” of the ‘tabulations margins’, rendering the death-rates at a much lower percentage. The CDC does keep death records, and eventually we will see how little this “pandemic” was in comparison to the common ailments people worry about every spring and fall.
    The common flu still kills more than the Wuhan virus; even with the padded death numbers from New York state. There’s already been proof of hospitals across the rest of the nation “padding” the death rates because they need the federal dollars. New York is a class of it’s own. They’re always needing more money because they can’t manage their finances. The current New York City mayor is nothing but a waste of semen, and the governor needs a daddy with a leash. When there’s money to be made, nothing else matters. Look how fast the dumbass Cuomo turned his opinions around. He told everyone to go out and enjoy themselves weeks after Trump warned; then flip-flopped a couple weeks later. Why? Money. Racking up those federal dollars.

    Everything the “experts” originally prognosticated have been WRONG so far, this ‘study’ is probably wrong also.

    We know from history that the CDC dropped SARS vaccine trials and development within 6 months because SARS, although pandered as a world-killer, died out when the weather warmed up.

    No one knows yet if this Wuhan virus was man made, but there sure is a lot of viral video from researchers in Wuhan that suggest otherwise.

    Sunlight kills it, but the demons want everyone to stay indoors. The demonrat governors and city mayors are holding out letting their constituency go back to work because they’ve become drunk on the draconian power-high. The constitution matters nothing to them.

    Whatever the demons say, go the other way. They’ve cried “Wolf” too often.

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