Fauci Links & Virus-Lab Leaks: Newsweek Report Raises Urgent, Important Questions

Via PeakProsperity.com,

One of the more acutely-asked questions since the covid-19 pandemic broke out has been: Is the virus man-made?

Debate on the matter has been wild and furious. After much investigation, Chris is now weighing in on the heels of an explosive Newsweek report.

Newsweek reveals that as recently as last year, the US funded scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology focused on conducting ‘gain of function’ research on bat coronaviruses.

The source of that funding?

The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease, headed by… (drumroll please)… Dr Anthony Fauci, lead medical expert for America’s Covid-19 presidential task force.

Now, this doesn’t mean the virus was lab-engineered as a bio-weapon. But it does suggest a naturally-occuring bat virus could have been artificially accelerated along certain vectors.

Of course, this raises an awfully lot of urgent and important questions:

So far, Fauci has not commented on the Newsweek report. You can be certain we will be keeping close tabs on developments from here…

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    1. Fauci is good buddies with Bill Gates. Bill Gates is on live interviews stating that the population of the earth needs to be brought down from 8 billion to 350 million people. Gates has been kicked out of Africa for distributing Gates funded free vaccines to all of the black children and the vaccines killed and maimed over 47,000 children! Now, Gates is funding the vaccine research for a COVID19 vaccine to be given to everyone on earth. If you do not get the vaccine then you will not be allowed to participate in the “normal” world! Everyone will be marked some how to distinguish those who are COVID19 free and those who may still be carriers. Gate is tossing about the idea of using smartphones with a special app that will have to be shown in order to go into a grocery store or a mall or any other public place. This COVID 19 is the Trojan horse for the NWO! Wake the h*ll up!!

      1. Gates is a globalist – who believes that there are WAY too many people in the world. The vaccine may include a microchip that may make you traceable EVERYWHERE. If anyone in this world deserves to get CV – it’s Gates.

  1. They want every American vaccinated when they get a vaccine. The hell with that. I’m not getting one. Never got the swine flu,h1n1 flu so screw the government. I’m not getting an injection of any kind. The rest of you can if you wa6. Good luck.

    1. Why no one ask Fauci where are the vaccine for Ebola , H1N1, SARS virus ? The only thing Fauci is famous is raising money for AIDS, I was watching real scientists doctors , specially Dr Raoult and it is stunning how the political world disregard the people’s , specially NewYork, you do not wait to treat a patient you act immediately if they were usinghydroxychloroquine the patient will recover in one week, but politicians and specially that Fauci who was bragging 6 years ago about hydroxychloroquine and suddenly he is pushing another medecine that is friends have incredible investments, this men is no scientist People’s should ask him how many virus did he work on. Trust me not one he is a political leader for big pharmaceutical not for the people’s , it as to be very difficult for the president to work with this bunch knowing who they are also having the media pushing one lie after another

      1. Fauci is working with Bill Gates. Gates is a fugitive from Africa! Gates funded millions of free vaccines to African children and 1000’s of black children get the vaccines. The problem was that over 47,000 black children either died or were permanently maimed by the vaccines. He has been banned from Africa ever since. Gates is an admitted genocidal maniac! He is on live news video stating that he wants to reduce the population of the earth from 8 billion people to 350 million people. Gates and Fauci stand to make trillions off a vaccine, Gates is funding the research for the COVID19 vaccine. Gate’s goal to eliminate all those billions of people will come through the NEW vaccine. Every one on earth will be required to take it or they cannot participate in “normal” life activities. You will be required to have some sort of mark or ID to verify that you are COVID free. Pass this info on. By the way, The info I just posted is available on the internet. Just do a general search for Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci friend ship.

  2. In several recent comments made in blogs like this one, I outlined a series of “dots” that I believe show that Dr. Fauci is NOT an expert, but rather a deep state operative working diligently to take down President Trump (I’ve called it “Get Trump 3.0”). Fauci should not be allowed to dictate the handling of the virus in this country for one more minute. He should be investigated and handled according to the findings of that investigation. The least that should happen to him is to be fired (jail time and execution should also be on the table). He is fast buddies with the Clinton’s, Soros and Gates (not one of these is a Trump fan), he owns the patent on the worthless vaccine he is touting (it improves outcomes 31%, according to the testing), he discourages the use of hydroxychloroquine (which he recommended for the H1N1 pandemic, because there were approved drugs) and every action he has suggested has reduced the chances of Trump’s 2020 victory. It is good to see that others have also began to notice.

  3. Everyone around the World is using CQC to treat the Wuhan virus and having success with it. The drug is cheap and plentiful, so big Pharma doesn’t like it because they can’t fleece us with an expensive useless drug. Fake NEWS is suppressing the CQC success. I think we need to open the Nation back up and if someone gets sick with the Wuhan virus they should elect to be treated with CQC. TRUMP HATERS, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and Traitor Fauci GFY’s! Let’s get back to work.

  4. There is no doubt that Fauchi, whom I can’t call a good word: “doctor,” is the father of COVID-19 in America. He paid good money to the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan to send us and the rest of the world this rather expensive “gift” , called – COVID-19. Thanks – Fauci!

  5. Another piece of scuttle butt deals with “the chip”. And connected this, unsurprisingly is the name GATES. If not immediately, quite possibly in the not too distant future it would be possible to have one of those micro miniaturized integrated circuits floating in a dose of vaccine. Is the technology here to power such a tiny transmitter that would reveal your 24-7 whereabouts? If I as a 21st century “commoner” i can ask this question, how capable can our Elitist meglomaniacs of the world be in phrasing such and moreover financing it into their world of RULER REALITY? Maybe only thorough academic learning and moral training in the name of a loving GOD can we keep the voracious disciples of sATAN at bay with Freedom and Sovereignty for as many as we can assist.

  6. There is an old adage, “follow the money” that applies here. If a virus can’t survive in heat, why don’t they heat up the oxygenated air they are pumping down to the lungs with the respiratory ventilators? Because there is no $ in this procedure? I lost my wife to this virus and have been searching for answers as to what could be done differently
    One has to ask why we shut down the whole nation? Wouldn’t it have been more productive to instruct that all GP’s (general practicioner)review their files and notify those with compromised immune systems, undergoing cancer treatment, COPD, Obesity, dialysis and other known issues that make one more prone to catch this virus to take precautions and stay out of the public and notify everyone else to use caution but go to work and resume normal activity. I think the administration has over=reacted and has been gas-lighted by those with political and monetary advantages.

  7. As of May 1, I have ended any sort of quarantine that I may have been abiding by, No longer will I be told where I can and cannot go or what I can or cannot do, Fauci and the government can kiss my 64 year old white uninfected a$$ !!! If the government or Fauci doesn’t like anything I do, they can TRY to stop me, but, I would suggest they think long and hard before taking me and my kind on, they will LOSE !!! REMEMBER, TRUMP JUST GAVE ME ENOUGH MONEY TO ARM MYSELF PRETTY WELL, AS IF I WEREN’T WELL ARMED ENOUGH IN THE FIRST PLACE !!!

    1. Be wise, we have to protect ourselves another way, so don’t do anything you may regret. President Trump will advise us what to do soon. Take care, pray as we all have been and God will see us through this.

  8. A Bioscience lab with licensed pharmaceutical technology has the means to transmit a spectrum of Ultraviolet A Healight, through an endotracheal medical device. That was what President Trump was sharing, when the media mocked him. According to the article ” the U. V. healight technology,” can disinfect an infected lung, remove bacteria, a virus and even the coronavirus. It’s new, but tested. A 5 nation spy team has investigated, the Communist China, Wahun ,Viral Lab’s physician, scientist Dr. Shi. An The Australian Daily Telegraph searched for copies of the Dossier, which shares, that at least 1 of the 50 viral species in her lab matches the COVID-19. Check out all the industries China bought under the Obama administration and add this to it.

  9. What’s challenging is the fact that many of our viruses come from Communist China. During Obama’s last term 2012-2016, China bought our Smithfield Meat Plant, 145,000 farm acres and made a deal with agribusiness farmers and Tryson. They process some of the frozen chickens. I agree with President Trump, we need to take possession of our industries and make every effort to bring others home. Add Hillary Clinton with WHO in 2013, Dr. Fauci funding the Lab in 2015, Bill Gates and Socialist George Soros to this mix, and we see the people behind the trouble that we’ve had. Hillary and Dr. Fauci have associations with Dr. Tedros of WHO, as she participated in the 2013 Norway WHO convention praising China for their Advanced Health Care System. Do we see pieces of the puzzle coming together?

  10. I agree with every comment on the subject of Fauci and the rest of the liberal left. Everything being done is to take down THE GREATEST PRESIDENT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER HAD!

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