White House Shelves Detailed CDC Guide To Reopening Country: “Will Never See Light Of Day”

Weeks after President Trump tweeted messages to “Liberate” various states like Michigan, whose governor has come under fire for imposing some of the most draconian ‘stay at home’ and lockdown measures nationwide, the White House has shelved a detailed Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guide providing directives for opening up the country again.

The AP obtained a copy of the unreleased report, which further comes after the administration’s own “Opening Up America Again” — though the new CDC unpublished report is said to be more specific and detailed. AP describes:

The 17-page report by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention team, titled “Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework,” was researched and written to help faith leaders, business owners, educators and state and local officials as they begin to reopen.

It was supposed to be published last Friday, but agency scientists were told the guidance “would never see the light of day,” according to a CDC official.

That is hasn’t been cleared for public release either by the White House or CDC leadership underscores the continuing debate and struggle between those wanting a “scientifically accurate” one-size-fits-all centralized policy for reopening vs. Trump’s desire to leave specifics to the states, given the pandemic has impacted various regions of the country differently.

For example the South has been far less impacted than predictions in March suggested, while some states in the central parts of the country have chafed at what many see as the dangerous trend of the entire country’s fate being determined by hard-hit cities and areas on the East and West coasts, especially the tri-state area.

“We’ve consulted individually with states, but as I said, it’s (a) governor-led effort. It’s a state-led effort on … which the federal government will consult. And we do so each and every day, the White House spokesperson said in a COVID-19 briefing Wednesday.

But the administration has come under severe criticism for not making CDC recommendations easily available in the form of centralized information or daily briefings, preferring not to federalize what could be perceived as a blanket policy. The AP summarizes the new CDC document’s guidelines as follows:

The rejected reopening guidance was described by one of the federal officials as a touchstone document that was to be used as a blueprint for other groups inside the CDC who are creating the same type of instructional materials for other facilities.

The guidance contained detailed advice for making site-specific decisions related to reopening schools, restaurants, summer camps, churches, day care centers and other institutions. It had been widely shared within the CDC and included detailed “decision trees,” flow charts to be used by local officials to think through different scenarios. One page of the document can be found on the CDC website via search engines, but it did not appear to be linked to any other CDC pages.

And further, it contains details recommended by scientists which are not currently found on any official CDC web pages:

For example, the report suggested restaurants and bars should install sneeze guards at cash registers and avoid having buffets, salad bars and drink stations. Similar tips appear on the CDC’s site and a Food and Drug Administration page.

But the shelved report also said that as restaurants start seating diners again, they should space tables at least 6 feet (1.8 meters) apart and try to use phone app technology to alert a patron when their table is ready to avoid touching and use of buzzers. That’s not on the CDC’s site now.

Page from the new but still not officially released CDC document:

Chief medical officer of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, Dr. Marcus Plescia, explained the controversy over release of the guidelines to the AP further: “You can say that restaurants can open and you need to follow social distancing guidelines. But restaurants want to know, ‘What does that look like?’ States would like more guidance,” he said.

Still, CDC officials are said to be working “behind the scenes” in getting as much of their recommendations as they can to state and local officials, as the ‘information battle’ and inter-admin debate over reopening continues.

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  1. Fauci the NIH ,and Redfield with the CDC ,along with Rod Rosenstein’s wife at the CDC, and Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundation, and the evil Tedros out of the WHO are the very people that orchestrated this whole scam demic. They all belong in GITMO along with the MSM coconspirators that are bought and paid for by the NWO corporate elite that are determined to destroy 99% of the world’s population so that they, the global corporate elite, can rule the world with their totalitarian Communist agenda. Wake up America. The CDC and AMA and Big Pharma and the FDA are all bought and paid for by these NWO totalitarian Eugenics freaks. And they also control our Universities and Hollywood and Silicon Valley and the DOE and the DOD and DOJ and Pentagon and the NSA and NASA and Raytheon and Lockheed Martin and Boeing and Dupont and Merck and Pfizer and Monsanto and Bayer and Johnson and Johnson and Cargill and Syngenta and more. We cannot trust AT&T or T Mobile or Edison or Verizon. There is a direct link to 5G roll out and the lethality of the Covid-19. We must drain the swamps in our Universities and Silicon Valley and in the Dept of Energy and in both the Congress and the Senate. We must go after Bill Gates and his lethal vaccines developed with Dr. Fauci and Redfield and Birxs and Tedros and we must close down these bioweapons labs at our Universities nationwide. If we do not act now we are all lost.

  2. The ‘officeials’ who are telling us what to do, aren’t doing what they tell us to do themselves.

    When the truth about this new virus strain is actually found out, and it will eventually be published like the original SARS virus (most likely by accident or lax oversight or once the government figures out how to scrape the egg off their faces) the Conservatives and probably most Independents who enjoy their independence will be outraged all over again.
    Everything that has been involved with this ‘COVID-19’ pandemic concoction has been to further the left’s reign of terror, and to further instill communism in America. Every time they can nudge a toe under the door, they take it; so Socialism doesn’t seem so bad.
    As Vlademiere Lennen once said, our dumbed-down populous are “just usful idiots”.
    The left encourages all the sheeple and whinners of our society to believe they are better off as victims, and that they are protected by a benevolent government who will guide them through life like a parent.
    They don’t learn anything useful in the schools; now the children are digitally “learning at home” (well, at least some are). Most children and their dummy-class parents are treating the ‘shut-down’ as a vacation. They are too comfortable with the notion the government will not allow them to starve; because they have paid their fees to be a member of the new order (they VOTED).

    Every one of the government ‘officials’ who have told us what we need to do, and have curtailed our movements, desires, theologies, or who have insisted we stay indoors “to get better” HAVE LIED! They’ve known the truth that this virus was no different except that it was more contagious in certain aspects than prior strains of the coronavirus genome.

    The blue state tyrants DO NOT honnor their own mandates. They did not ‘shelter-in’ or watch what they did around others. They went out to the hairdresser, went to the gym, went to their summer home, went to the beach, went to the park across town, went to the bars, visit their mistress. We’ve seen these folks on TV. We’ve seen their excuses, or them walking away from reporters. We have to do what they say, but they don’t.

    It’s because there is something about this virus they’re not telling. All the prognostications, tabulations, daily counts, and future outlooks have been WRONG. Consistently WRONG. COVID-19 is STILL less than the average seasonal flu in contagion, infection, and death rates.
    The prognosticators scared the crap out of the nation for nothing.
    All the “Health” officials had to do was inform, and allow us to make our own decisions. But that wouldn’t allow them to hurt Trump.
    This virus has been around since 2013 in Wuhan (proven). The CIA and WHO and NIHA have been knoledgeable about it since, and even supported the reseach or given money, or education.

    The president ‘shelved’ the CDC guidelines because they are straight out of the Socialist handbook, where the one-size fits all rule is supposed to work.

    When the news breaks about the Wuhan coverup, there will be outrage.
    There may be rioting and civil unrest.

    We’ve seen how upset some constituants have been in the blue states that refuse to open up (give up their draconian power). Can you immagine what the rest of the nation will do when they find out all they’ve lost is simply for a controlled experiment, and a tool to hurt the President?

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