YouTube Deletes Viral Video Claiming Dr. Fauci Spewing 'Absolute Propaganda' About COVID-19

YouTube Deletes Viral Video Claiming Dr. Fauci Spewing ‘Absolute Propaganda’ About COVID-19

One thing that should be abundantly clear by now is that any thoughts, opinions, or speculation which challenges the official narratives regarding COVID-19 will be promptly silenced by Silicon Valley, under the guise of protecting the public – which apparently can’t be trusted to absorb information and form their own opinions.

The most recent example of censored wrongthink is a new documentary, Plandemic, which features former chronic fatigue researcher Judy Milkovits, who claims that Dr. Anthony Fauci – head of the  National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) – is spewing ‘absolute propaganda’ about COVID-19.

In the video, Mikovits claimed Fauci perpetrated propaganda that led to the deaths of millions of people in the past. She also raised questions about how COVID-19 deaths are being counted.

However, one of her biggest beefs against Fauci dates to the battles for credit over the discovery of HIV in the early 1980s.

In the video, Mikovits claimed she isolated HIV from the saliva and blood of patients in France but that Fauci was involved in delaying research so a friend could take credit, which allowed the HIV virus to spread. These claims are not proven. They were also disseminated in April by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Kennedy alleged on the Children’s Health Defense website (where he is chairman) –Heavy

Google’s YouTube is currently playing whack-a-mole with a 25 minute promotional vignette for the documentary which has gone viral – deleting new versions seemingly as fast as they pop up. The original version had over 1.6 million views when it was censored.

Facebook, however, hasn’t deleted it (yet):

As noted by Heavy‘s Jessica McBride, Mikovits has a new book out, Plague of Corrpution, which currently has 4.5 / 5 stars on Amazon.

Mikovits, who has a new book out, was featured in the first vignette released to promote the movie. Her controversial career in the scientific community has been punctuated by an arrest, lawsuit, retracted research study, allegations against Fauci and clashes with the founders of the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease, which is located in Reno, Nevada. -Heavy

Mikovits has claimed that she published a “blockbuster” study which revealed that “the common use of animal and human fetal tissues were unleashing devastating plagues of chronic diseases,” and that the “minions of Big Pharma” have been waging war against her to destroy her “good name, career and personal life.”

In the Plandemic video, Mikovits makes other claims, including that patents are a conflict of interest, and she criticizes the concept of mass vaccines. “They will kill millions, as they already have with their vaccines,” she said, stressing she was not anti-vaccine. She claims there is a financial incentive in COVID-19 strategies to not use natural remedies in order to push people to use vaccines.

Mikovits co-wrote a book called Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases and claims 30% of vaccines are contaminated with retroviruses. The book contains a forward from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The book was No. 2 on the Amazon bestseller list on May 6. -Heavy

Plandemic has received both praise and criticism, however Google thinks it’s best if you leave the thinking to them.

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  1. Fauci should be arrested for what HE HAS DONE to this Country and others.
    Btw, Fauci and others are not my Daddy or God and has NO CONTROL over me.
    Nor the City I live in or the State. Our Constitutional rights does not allow TYRANNY. People better wake up as you are losing your rights.

      1. How DARE Dr. Fauci explain the Pandemic in medical and scientific terms , with documentation when All you need to know is what Trump tells you ? Maybe True Believers should inject Clorox or stick a UV lamp up their wazoo to show solidarity with “Doctor” ( of Fakeology) Trump. (I don’t advocate it , but hey – you’re a Patriot…) What do you have to lose ? Whatever happens to you won’t hurt Trump in the least.

        1. Your a stupid sheeple and you believe everything your masters tell you! After my little rant here, go look up the evidence on Google or Yahoo. Fauci and Bill Gates are close friends. Gates was kicked out of Africa back in the 90’s for pushing free vaccines for African children. over 47,000 black African children were killed by the vaccines! Gates is on video being interviewed on his stance of the population of the world. Gate stated that the population of the world needs to be reduced from 8 billion to 350 million people and the way to do that is with vaccines!! Gates is the main funding vessel for the COVID19 vaccine and every person on earth will be required to get it or they cannot participate in “normal” life! Your bulls**T in your post proves that you are a stupid puppet for the main stream conspiracy news media and you dare not do any research on your own! Stupid idiot!!

    1. Fauci and his lot are worse than Nazis. They have the cures for ALL diseases and keep them locked up. Viruses and bacterial diseases were PROVEN cured in 1934 by a team of M.D.s under the sanction of the U. Of So.Cal. They used breakthrough technology that only required pennies worth of electricity. It was inexpensive, no side effects, no pain or recurring illness it was unacceptable to the AMA, FDA, who were in the process of building the $4 trillion dollar it is today in the U.S. alone. The butcher’s who supressed the technology are responsible for every cancer and other disease death the world has had since. Royal Rife, who invented the technology was a saint, yet was treated by the powers that be like a criminal. Read the amazing story of this man, the creation of the most amazing devices in medical history. The Cancer Cure That Worked by Barry Lynes. Big pharma needs to be taken down along with these other groups.

  2. IMO! KUNG FLU VIRUS WAS CREATED BY demoRACIST,soros,china,un, deepstate,media..etc! The dems struck a deal w/china years ago w/their bs trade agreement so that “THEY”(not AMERICA) can “ALL” prosper, (“THAT PRES. TRUMP WILL STOP!”) Tarriffs put on them was interfering w/”THEIR”(NOT AMERICA)take..The start of “DELUSIONAL COLLUSION” and phony impeachment (“COUP”) BOTH found PRES TRUMP “NOT GUILTY!” Today: “KUNGFLU” virus to be used by “THEM”(not AMERICA)to murder(GENOCIDE)millions of the baby boomer population(most likely vote REPUBLICAN)to regain/TURN AMERICA INTO SOCIALIST/COMMUNISM/NAZI/demoRACIST DICTATORSHIP!

    1. Good God ! You are one truly sick and delusional individual. You should either join Trump’s Covid Task Force or get a lobotomy. No wait – get the lobotomy first. That way you will be the most intellectual member of the task force when you join.

  3. They deleted it because it is LIES. Dr. Fauci is attempting to tell the truth, even when it means he has to contradict the BIG LIAR, TRUMP. Trump lies constantly (everybody knows this). whereas scientists can’t lie or they would be blackballed. By the very nature of science, only provable FACTS matter.

    1. Have you lost your dam mind ??? Never in the history of the USA have perfectly healthy people been required to quarantine themselves under penalty of law, ONLY DISEASED OR INFECTED PEOPLE ARE PUT IN QUARANTINE !!! FAUCI IS A FRAUD !!! Open your eyes, it’s obvious that we are being used as his LAB RATS for an experiment that has failed !!!YOUR HATRED FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS TOTALLY CORRUPTED YOUR JUDGEMENT, IF YOU EVER HAD ANY !! TAKE YOUR HATE FILLED PROPAGANDA SOMEWHERE ELSE, WE ARE WELL EDUCATED ADULTS HERE AND WILL NOT CONDONE YOUR IGNORANCE !! We can see what is being done and will not go along with it !!

      1. Wow ! Where to start ? I guess maybe you should prove your devotion to Trump, follow your beliefs and get out there and join the 70,000+ innocent lives who have died because of rants like yours. I don’t recommend or advocate it , but what do you have to lose ? Your mind? Too late.

        1. Maybe you should prove your devotion to your demon masters and never go outside again. Just lock yourself away from the rest of society and do the normal people a huge favor.
          As comrade Cuomo had to admit “Wow, people are dying from staying indoors!”.
          EVERYTHING we have been told has only been to control us, and treat people with contempt for enjoyiung liberty and freedom.

          It’s people like you who obviously have never given to society, served in combat, or learned in school that don’t understand the ramifications of the notion of FREEDOM, and what it takes to keep it. It does not come to you freely.

          Go try to learn some political science and the history of the United States, and learn how may people had to die to get YOU where YOU are today.

          Then maybe you will also have a mind to lose?

          How is it you are SO entitled? Why are you here, in a country you obviously don’t like; unless Socialism is allowed to grow, and you get everything for free, and sex in the streets with minors is no big deal . . .

          America is the ONLY nation in the whole world where people who hate it refuse to leave it. There are people all over the world killing themselves to come here, but we have spoiled entitled brats whinning about how bad it is to be here . . .

    2. This must be one of those Chinese students paid to propogandize wherever they can find an open site. It’s gone by several handles, but keeps saying all the demonrat mantra disinformation and flip-flopped memes just to incite conflict. This is the reason I would support the President in ousting all Chinese nationals and student residents, and nationalizing all Chinese-owned businesses.
      Notice how the standardized demonrat mantra (Trump lies!) is repeated, but they NEVER give an example?
      It’s sad when someone would rather give up their liberties and freedoms for ‘protection’ and “safety”.

      If this poster were a truely left-leaning dummycrat, it would be singing songs of praise for what Robert F. Kennedy Jr did for the author. Kennedy is NOT known as anything remotely near Conservative. His family has been slowly educating the public toward Socialism since his great uncle was president.

      “whereas scientists can’t lie or they would be blackballed. By the very nature of science, only provable FACTS matter”

      Someone really needs more education. There’s quite a difference in proving and publishing FACTS. Poilitics DO get in the way, so your point is ill informed.

      Fuaci has been proven “narrowly-focused” on simply the virus itself, and not being able to “see the bigger picture” — SO MANY TIMES.
      He IS NOT CONCERNED with what the virus DOES to society at large. His only concern is understanding the virus — so a profit can be made.
      You are SO benevolent toward a man who is partnerted up with the Gates Foundation, trying to score a vaccine pattent, which could be worth billions.

      Get your head out of the sand . . .

  4. WHY would they delete this Video, too much damning evidence. WHY not let her be heard, that’s against her 1st Amendment RIGHTS. Silencing her only confirms to me they are hiding something/everything!!!!!!
    Fauci does have connections to WHO, CDC, CHINA, Clinton Foundation and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!!! Just look it up!

    1. I agree somethings must be true or why would they keep taking it down. They are afraid of something I feel too.

  5. FAUCI IS A FRAUD !!! He professes to be an “EXPERT”, I have NEVER heard of an “EXPERT” that would EVER deal in speculation, but Fauci has and does !!! Just look at his past statements, first he said that this virus was of no concern, then he said that 2.2 million people “could” be killed in the US, then he revised his “ESTIMATE” to 800,000, then he re-revised his “ESTIMATE” to 250,000, then he re-re-revised his “ESTIMATE” to 100,000 to 150,000 !!! I don’t know about you, but every “expert” that I have EVER known would never have speculated in this manner !!! WE ARE BEING USED AS FAUCI’S UNWILLING LAB RATS FOR HIS OBVIOUSLY FAILED EXPERIMENT !! FAUCI SHOULD BE JAILED FOR LYING TO US ALL ABOUT HIS “EXPERT” STATUS AND HIS INTENTIONS TO ASSIST THE SOCIALIST DESIRES OF THE ONE WORLD ORDER ZELOTS !!!

  6. When they deleted this And I knew they would It tells me a lot This lady is been through a lot even put in jail to silence her.Putting her life on the line For you !!She’s trying to warn you and you’re not listening .The government is corrupt Don’t care about you.Open your eyes use your brain Before it’s too late.The government trying to control us .They don’t want this virus killed cause they caused it.Jackup numbers for the dead Put it on their death certificate As covic 19 And they died from other causes Think about that folks..If We don’t Fight back now There will be no freedom America will be dead.Think about your children Do you want them to grow up In this American now No freedom.No Free speech and controlled

  7. The media is keeping dead silent about Bill Gates – George Soros and Barack Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – funding that Wuhan lab too. To make it worse Barry used U.S. taxpayer dollars to do “his” funding.

  8. Not brainwashed ,huh , talk about an oxy – moron , keep drinking the DemocRATS kool aid JEEEEEEEEEESH

  9. The media is also jumping to defend China and the W.H.O. Why? When you look at who funds the W.H.O. and how much they give it is surprising. The #1 contributor was – before Trump cut the funding – the U.S. with about $560,000,000 – #2 is BILL GATES with about $535,000,000. There is a huge drop to #3 which is Germany with about $260,000,000. To find China you have to drop all the way down to 6th from the bottom. China contributes $70,000,000. Much smaller countries like Japan and Denmark contribute much more than China. Now why would anyone side with a country that give so little and piss of your top donor? That does not make any sense at all.

  10. There are ways to take our country back, by massive protests across the nation and in Washington,also by the ballot box, or by seceding from the union union which some say is impossible. But a few million people making their voice’s known. could make a difference. We have taken this crap from our elected officials for to long now is the time to stand up for our right’s

  11. I already saved the video a couple days ago and recorded it on my personal recorder. YouTube, Facebook and the rest of the owners of these sleazy media should be arrested and imprisoned for the rest of their lives

    1. so did I, lol funny they think they can wipe it away just like that. lol In case you missed it, it’s called Communism. Trump 2020

  12. Allen, you are correct & Carl is an idiot. Just because the guy has a Dr in front of his name & has been in the system for 40 years does not mean that he is correct or that he has not been compromised by money or power.

  13. Judy Mikovits is a brilliant scientific researcher, and I would believe her over Fauci anytime. Fauci deserves to be in jail for falsely having her put in jail. Corruption!

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