US Says China Stepping Up Virus Disinformation Push

US Says China Stepping Up Virus Disinformation Push

China has stepped up a campaign to shift blame for the coronavirus pandemic by using fake social media accounts to promote conspiracy theories about the source of the virus, the State Department said, as Beijing increasingly adopts Russian-style disinformation techniques.

Analysts with the State Department’s Global Engagement Center have found evidence of a campaign linked to the ruling Communist Party in which accounts run by Chinese ambassadors and other Foreign Ministry officials gained hundreds of new followers a day. Many were newly created accounts that the U.S. suspects are part of an automated bot network.

The evidence points to “an artificial network to follow and amplify messages from Chinese diplomats and Foreign Ministry officials,” Lea Gabrielle, coordinator of the Global Engagement Center, told reporters on Friday. She said the campaign was part of an effort “to make the world see China as the global leader in the response rather than the source of the pandemic.”

Twitter, however, cast doubt on the claim. An initial review of 5,000 accounts found some belonging to nongovernmental organizations, journalists, and government entities, including Canada, according to a Twitter representative. There’s no indication the accounts were “unduly deferential or supportive of Chinese positions,” and some were actually opposed, the representative said.

Gabrielle portrayed the move as part of an effort by China to emulate Russian tactics that came to light during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. While Gabrielle declined to detail the extent of Russian and Chinese coordination, she said the two countries’ narratives have converged and “echo each other.”

A May 7 report by the Center for a New American Security warned of an emerging “loose tactical division of labor” between Russia and China as they seek to sow disinformation weakening liberal democracies and alliances.

In early March, Gabrielle testified that Russia was spreading virus-related narratives to advance its interests. Later that month, she told reporters that China was spreading a false claim that the virus originated in the U.S. and another about the “supremacy” of China in handling the crisis.

While Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has led U.S. efforts to blame China for failing to reveal what it knows about the origin of the pandemic, China’s ambassador to Washington, Cui Tiankai, called this week for an end to the “blame game.”

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    They arrogantly think China will allow them to continue being kings and queens after the U.S. falls to China’s domination, because they’ve made a deal or signed contracts with the Communist Government of China. They refuse to believe China’s past history of killing off collaborators after their usefulness is no longer needed. China owns all their ‘proprietary’ info and patents. After they take over, only the Communist leaders will enjoy a cushy life. The people (serfs / slaves) can starve for all they care; as proven many, many times in their past. The tech giants and social media owners are just fooling themselves because their immediate power and wealth is much more important than the future.
    China did wrong. They know everyone around the world knows it. They need to continue defending themselves to stop a revolt within their own country. They do not have the military might to control every province and district. They are still trying to play the waiting game, and stalling on admitting anything; just like they are stalling on Trump’s trade issues until after November. They’re hoping against all that some weak demonrat like Uncle Joe will become president and they can scrap all what Trump has put in place, and their world domination can continue.

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