Did Obama Defense Deputy Lie To Protect Her Fraudulent Russiagate Sources?

Did Obama Defense Deputy Lie To Protect Her Fraudulent Russiagate Sources?

Newly declassified congressional transcripts from the Russia investigation include testimony from former Obama administration defense official, Evelyn Farkas, who testified under oath that she lied in an MSNBC interview when she claimed to have evidence of “the Trump staff dealing with Russians,” and said that the Obama administration was “trying to also get information to the hill” because the incoming Trump administration would try to hide the (nonexistent) evidence.

During closed-door testimony on June 26, 2017, however, Farkas – who was the Clinton campaign’s senior foreign policy adviser – admitted she had nothing.

In an exchange with former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Farkas is pressed on why she said ‘we’ when she said ‘if they found out how we knew what we knew about their staff dealing with Russians.’

Farkas’ response: I didn’t know anything.

In fact, Farkas shouldn’t have known anything, because she resigned from the Obama administration in September 2015.

…how did this non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and former deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, gain knowledge of intelligence regarding members of Trump’s team and their relations with Russia, when she was the senior foreign policy advisor for Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton?

Farkas was the prime driver behind the anti-Russia phobia inside the Pentagon during the Obama years — shilling hard for the Ukraine — requesting that the President send them anti-tank missiles — which, essentially, would mean outright war with Russia. –iBankCoin

Given all we now know, Occam’s razor suggests that Farkas, while working for the Clinton campaign, was fully aware of the work of Christopher Steele – the former UK spy paid by the Clinton campaign (through their lawyers and Fusion GPS) to fabricate the infamous dossier used by US intelligence to paint Donald Trump as an agent of Russia.

That said, who exactly did she mean by “we” during that interview? And who was scrambling to leak evidence to the hill?

Based on the MSNBC interview, Farkas obviously knew something. But instead of going down that particular rabbit hole during congressional testimony, she thought the best option was to simply say she lied.

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    1. The media is sure in protect Obama mode. Speaking of someone who should go to prison. It’s hard to remain upbeat with Obama and his cabal actively spying and trying to overthrow an election and knowing that the government will probably not prosecute them. I guarantee you that if we did what they did we’d never see the light of day again

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  1. Treason, Treason ! Obama, Biden, Clinton, Rice, Clapper, Brennan, Comey and all their underlings should be tried, convicted and sentenced to either 20 years or life in prison. Never again in America can a coup attempt like this ever occur without this type of justice. Hopefully , General Flynn and Roger Stone is on the jury. Sweet revenge.

    1. And maybe delay sentencing just long enough to get over COVID 19 so they are not released early because of virus.

    2. They need one of those 3 AM “come as you are” parties for all of them like they pulled with the police while trying to snuff Trump. The difference is that each of the listed people is guilty.

    3. Yes but now the demwits want AG Barr impeached because he released an innocent man, Hollywood is all a Tweeter, calling the release of ,Flynn, treason. these scum sucking anti-American pos are aiding China ,they aided Iran, they need to be removed, any one voting demorat is a traitor.


  3. The Democrats operate too much like the communists. (The end justifies the means, A useful lie is better than a harmful truth) They may as well be honest and call themselves CPUSA. Moderate Democrats would then be either Libertarians, Republicans, or independents.

  4. “But say to the Wicked, your Destruction is sure. You, too, will get what you Deserve. Your well earned punishment is on the Way.” (Isaiah 2:11) “The LORD cannot simply ignore their sins.” (Isaiah) I send These WORDS of GOD to MANIFEST Continuously throughout this Obama administration and all connected-partnered with all evil strongman-ruler spirits that are operating this ungodly coup, conspiracies, unseen plots, schemes, deception, cover ups, money laundering, lies, and all that is in Opposition against GOD’S PLANS-AGENDA FOR THE WHITE HOUSE PRES TRUMP-AMERICA AND US GENUINE LOYAL AMERICANS AND US GENUINE LOYAL PEOPLE OF ALMIGHTY GOD. “The arrogance of all of you will be brought low. Their Pride will lie in the dust. You all will not be able to ESCAPE the terror of THE LORD AND THE GLORY OF HIS MAJESTY.” (Isaiah 2) I send these WORDS of GOD to MANIFEST to all who are involved, connected-partnered with these Obama administration wicked works and actions. No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper, I PLEAD THE BLOOD of JESUS over us. FOR THE MOUTH OF THE LORD HAVE SPOKEN! I decree in JESUS NAME AND AUTHORITY.

  5. It is time for the Dems to face the American people at election time IN Nov 2020. We need to tell everyone you know to vote Republican in all phases of govt. We need to get every dem out of power to restore American back. Dems are liers, power hungry,and they will cut their mothers throat to get power. VOTE Republican!!

  6. Nothing surprises me about what the obama government has been doing, it never stopped and is still working to undermine the only straight up president we have had in a long, long time. To young people falling for socialism, I hope you fail. I didn’t emigrate to the USA just to live like the EU. FREEDOM IS BETTER THAN “FREE” HEALTHCARE, FOOLS.

  7. Stepping out of the “box” and scanning backward the “dots” are connectable…and America and Britain, the two most formidable allies in the world, were literally destroyed from within…Nationalism and Patriotism bludgeoned Christianity profaned…the emergence of the rot, that is now becoming “gangrenous”, was ably abetted by the Main Stream Media that adopted a calumnious and propaganda driven bent about forty years ago and discarded the truth and journalism in the conduction of their affairs…Hence the general public who turn on their tv, radio or purchase their favourite “rag” are generally mal/mis informed and are literally ignorant…as they virtually NEVER personally witness the events being reported on and accept the “spin” versions proffered by the MSM as “gospel”…

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