Critic: ABC News Interviewing Biden But Didn't Cover Tara Reade

Critic: ABC News Interviewing Biden But Didn’t Cover Tara Reade

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos will interview presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday morning, as a media analyst says the network is the only one not to acknowledge the Megan Kelly interview of his former staffer Tara Reade, who has accused him of sexual assault.

Steve Krakauer, the founder of the Fourth Watch media newsletter, posted on Twitter:

“It’s…interesting that the only network morning show that didn’t cover @MegynKelly’s Tara Reade interview gets the exclusive with Joe Biden tomorrow. CBS and NBC each aired a clip from the interview on Friday morning.”

Stephanopoulos has also interviewed Biden in recent weeks, but did not ask him about Reade’s allegations he had assaulted her back in 1993.

Biden addressed Reade’s claims in a May 1 appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and denied her allegations.

The Biden campaign, meanwhile, pointed out in a statement, there have been several “inconsistencies in Reade’s claims.

“Women must receive the benefit of the doubt,” Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said. “They must be able to come forward and share their stories without fear of retribution or harm, and we all have a responsibility to ensure that. At the same time, we can never sacrifice the truth. And, the truth is that these allegations are false and that the material that has been presented to back them up, under scrutiny, keeps proving their falsity.”

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  1. ABC (A Butthole Corporation) wouldn’t know how to conduct a fair a balanced interview if Jesus was on the set. Corrupt beyond repair. Stopped watching all the MSM in 2008 when they flat out refused to vet both Obama and Biden. They would have never been elected if these corrupt corporation told us the truth about these two losers. If it weren’t for Trump bashing they might all be out of business.

  2. Of course, abc wouldn’t have a real man interview biden. It’s little boy george the hillary ass kisser. Hypocrisy and double standards are an UNDERSTATEMENT for the despicable anti American democrat pukes!!

  3. Think 🤔 one minute If this were someone the left wingers do not like. They go back before the person was born to fine dirt on them. Americans really look 👀 now it is one of their own they look 👀 the other way.! They blame the accuser of evil doings. While champion the repeat.! Saying things like it was not rape, rape WTH is that! Me too movement is a tool only for brain 🧠 dead left wing Liberals to use against conservatives when needed left is lower then sea dirt.

  4. Tara Reade is, or at least should be, the very least of anyone’s concern! The lecher Sleepy Joe Biden is, and has been, damaged goods, Y’all! For quite some time now! Quite visible to any eyes that have been watching and ears that have been listening! If there ever WAS an -8-cylinder organ within his brain housing, only 3.5 of them would be sputtering! If that many! Damn! As another example of the lying MSM, it is entirely ignored and just pushed away! Their agenda of carrying water for the DNC, and getting their confused candidate into the WH, is to get the VP that they will pick in as well! For they know, better than anyone, that Sleepy Joe will more than likely wind up in a padded room within the proverbial “1st hundred days”! Should that unthinkable scenario take place, this CCP-virus, (their gift to the world) will be comparable to a Sunday picnic!! May God have mercy!!

  5. we are lucky to have trump at the wheel of state-he proved he can pump life into a dead economy
    and he is the man we will need to bring the life back to this country after this virus crap dies down-
    the democrats have not even a clue -they will run us down the same road as venezuela

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