Pelosi Panics, As Poll Shows Republican Winning CA-25

Pelosi Panics, As Poll Shows Republican Winning CA-25

With a just-completed “1892 Poll” showing Republican Mike Garcia with a small-but-solid lead in the special U.S. House election Tuesday in California’s 25th District, national Democrats are clearly in a panic.

On Tuesday morning, no less a Democrat than Nancy Pelosi sent out a final appeal. Acknowledging that Democratic Assemblywoman Christy Smith is “neck-and-neck with Trump’s Republican [Garcia] in the polls,” Pelosi emailed reliable Democratic contributors calling on them “to help Democrats protect and expland our Majority nationwide.”

According to “1892,” first-time candidate and former U.S. Navy pilot Garcia leads Smith among likely voters districtwide by 43 to 39 per cent.

Much of Garcia’s appeal in the Los Angeles County district, the survey found, is based on his background as a fighter pilot. Among those who know he was a fighter pilot and served in the military, Garcia leads Smith by 69 to 26 percent.

Sensing a win, Republicans in and outside the 25th District have been queuing up to volunteer for Garcia in the twilight hours of the race. All of the volunteers for Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel’s campaign for Congress from the Orange County-based 48th District have been calling voters to turn out since Friday.

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  1. Garcia WON!
    D-25 dummycrats and demonrats are gnashing their teeth and crying in the streets. Their wailing can be heard from the moon . . .

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