Seattle Cop Prepares To Be Fired After Refusing To Remove Viral Video Reminding Officers Not To Obey 'Tyrannical Orders'

Seattle Cop Prepares To Be Fired After Refusing To Remove Viral Video Reminding Officers Not To Obey ‘Tyrannical Orders’

A Port of Seattle Police Officer has been placed on administrative leave after refusing to delete a viral video reminding police officers that they don’t have unlimited powers.

“I have seen officers around the country enforcing tyrannical orders; I was hoping it was a minority of officers, anymore, I am not so sure,” said Officer Greg Anderson, a Special Forces veteran.

Anderson took to Instagram on Tuesday to explain that he will likely be fired for refusing to remove the video, as it is considered insubordination.

GoFundMe has been established for Anderson which has already raised over $250,000 as of this writing, exceeding its original goal of $50,000.

As KTTH‘s Todd Herman writes: “As this officer fights for his career, Gov. Jay Inlslee is releasing violent felons who have gone on to commit new crimes.”

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  1. They wouldn’t be able to do it if we had more officers like you that hold up the oath they made your a true patriot

  2. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  3. typical democratic tactics. lie, cheat, steal and abuse power. If push comes to shove, we will stand with the police of this country who will honor their oath to uphold the laws of this country. why would anyone with half a brain vote for any democrat??????? They all want to ruin this country. They want our economy to collapse and the dollar to collapse. they want total power and control over all of it’s citizens. the democrats always want to increase taxes, grow government, slowly take away constitutional rights and rewards non citizens with open borders and free health care and free money. I am concerned for the everyday citizen. If the previous administration can stage a coup against a duly elected President of this country, where is the elected government in bringing those people to justice???????????

  4. The captain of this police station who made this decision must be getting paid good money to be an anti-american cop like so many others these days. They took an oath to protect the citizens not the govenor. The Captain should take a good look in the mirror

  5. Granderson 33 – you are a man of integrity that stands for what you believe. Not too many people like you. I am glad that you believe in the constitution of the US. I want to wish blessings for you and your family. We need more man like you – not people that follow instructions blindly. I am proud of you!!

  6. The dopey governor and Durkan should be the ones FIRED for not doing there jobs , not the police who try too do theirs ,but are constantly told too stand down. I wish this officer and his fellow officers the best .

  7. Here is a genuine police officer. It is obvious he has had military training. This person I would trust. The ACLJ needs to be called this man needs to keep his job!!!!

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