California Woman Infected With COVID-19 Second Time Survives

California Woman Infected With COVID-19 Second Time Survives

Janice Brown, 66, was the first COVID-19 positive patient at Desert Valley Hospital in Victorville, California, in late March.

Now, she is the first two-time coronavirus patient hospitalized at Desert Valley.

“I thought it was over,” Brown told the Los Angeles Times in a recent interview. “Everybody thought it was over.”

Brown survived her first round with coronavirus after a four-week stay in the hospital. She went back two weeks later when her blood pressure dropped and her temperature spiked. She tested positive again.

“[Brown] was the first patient that came back to the hospital that tested positive again,” Dr. Imran Siddiqui said. “Is it a reinfection or the same infection? We don’t know.”

More than 160 South Koreans tested positive for a second time for COVID-19 in April, weeks after being discharged, though health officials there did not label them as reinfections. Korean doctors instead say those patients likely had lower levels of the virus that diagnostic polymerase chain reaction tests failed to pick up.

Most scientists say people who have had the virus gain some immunity, though they do not know how long that protection lasts.

Brown left the hospital for a second time last week.

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  1. I made this point in an earlier post, I am 71 and believe if it is your time to die there’s nothing you can do, I almost died twice in major surgery in 2015 but I am still here and this lady is a prime example, it was not her time because she is still here, so go out and enjoy every day because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone, sunshine, fresh air and exercise because life is to short to stress about dying we are born to die so enjoy yourself and get the hell out of the house, I am thankful for every day and do what I want, nobody has the right to stop me from going outside, or you either!!!

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