Chinese Ambassador To Israel Found Dead In Home, Sparking Avalanche Of Rumors Amid Tensions With US

Chinese Ambassador To Israel Found Dead In Home, Sparking Avalanche Of Rumors Amid Tensions With US

China’s Ambassador to Israel has been found dead inside his home near Tel Aviv Sunday morning, Israel’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed.

57-year old ambassador Du Wei had only assumed his post in February 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, due to which he entered a two week mandatory self-quarantine upon his arrival. He’d previously been China’s envoy to Ukraine and is survived by his wife and son, who were not yet in the country.

Police were reported outside his residence in Herzliya, which lies just north of the Israeli capital, conducting an investigation but have told the media Wei’s death isn’t being treated as suspicious. However, a number of commentators are highlighting the context of tensions between the US and China inside Israel as being essentially in a state of behind-the-scenes diplomatic war after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit there last week.

Pompeo sought to urge the Israelis against trading or investing with China, especially the agreement for China to start operating Haifa Port in 2021. As multiple reports underscored:

On Wednesday, Mr Pompeo denounced Chinese investments in Israel and accused China of withholding information about the coronavirus outbreak.

Washington has sought to strip China of ability to exercise influence in this strategically key part of the Mediterranean where the US Navy’s 6th fleet often docks and restocks.

Chinese Embassy in Tel Aviv, Wiki Commons.
Chinese Embassy in Tel Aviv, Wiki Commons.

Du Wei reportedly specifically condemned Pompeo’s anti-China rhetoric on its official website days ago.

While there was no immediately forthcoming statement on the ambassador’s death out of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, it is likely Beijing has yet to rule anything out in terms of the suspicious timing of it all.

Meanwhile, Israeli newspapers were quick to underscore that the immediate rapid spread of the news across global press almost immediately after the discovery of the death was accompanied by widespread rumors and speculation.

“The level of conspiracies and anti-China comments after the death of the ambassador reached a crescendo on Sunday afternoon,” Jerusalem Post wrote. This is also due to it being rare that an ambassador dies while on the job, as multiple reports have noted.

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      1. Hate comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and races. It will be with us until the creation of the New Heaven and New Earth. Good response to their hate comments.

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      3. You are absolute correct Diane in all of your statements! It’s a shame that there is so much hatred in our Country, especially when it comes from so much the “Fake Media”, our own “Democrat Party”, especially “Pelosi”, and now to add the worst enemy, our former “President Obama” with all of his lies, accusations, threats, etc. towards our present “President Donald Trump”!!!!!! This man should be arrested, tried, prosecuted and confined to Prison for the rest of his life!!!!! He resents highly all that Pres. Trump has done for Israel and the United States, as well as the fantastic relationship that Pres. Trump has with Israel (which no other President has ever had in the past)! If this sort of measures were taken during “Obama’s Terms”, those in question would have been prosecuted immediately and either given “the death or prison sentence”!!!!!!

  1. China kills millions and gets bent out of shape when another communist dies. This is much ado about nothing. We don’t know how he died but it muast have bee the carona virus.

  2. We’ll never know…maybe he ‘lost face’ & committed sideways or made to look that way. To quote a joke from a few years ago: “Som Ting Wong”

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  4. i hope there is a good autopsy done to determine a cause of death. otherwise, rumors and accusations will continue to swirl around this death. condolences to his family.

  5. the truth of the matter will be revealed when it is known how long he had been
    chinese ambassador to the ukraine–it would seem that there is a biden tie in here since biden is known to have received large sums of money from both the ukraine and china–could the dead man be the go between for those monetary arrangements-another mysterious death-suicide???

  6. Sounds like a hit job to me. However, I can also see another fake news or better false accusation coming from China and their Democrat friends. The really sad news is a wife and kids without a father.
    Vet & Patriot

  7. I feel sorry for his family. Any time someone dies and they don’t know how or why it’s truly a shame. Remember even if he was a communist he was still a child of God even if they don’t believe in God. May his soul rest in peace and his family members find peace with his death.
    The Chinese might have killed him but let’s find out the facts first. Then see who gets blamed or they will tell the truth about his death

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  10. It’s very sad to see how this Chinese Ambassador died. Especially for his family who will be without a breadwinner nor a father to his children. But, it gives me some thoughts about his untimely death. There have been so many deaths in China since this virus was developed. Very suspicious how the Chinese government tried to cover them up without any explanation on why these lab workers were eliminated. But then we know why for they would have told the world what happened in their lab. And that is not allowed in that totalitarian Chinese regime.

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